10 Indispensable Utility Apps for Symbian S60 Smartphones

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The use of smartphones is becoming mainstream and its evolution has taken the utility of mobile devices to another level. Smartphones operating on Symbian, which is the name given to a united group of open source operating system along with software platforms especially designed for smartphones, the Symbian S60 series is the most used Symbian OS. The base or the S60 series was created by Nokia, a reputable mobile brand, who has marked its contribution towards the Symbian foundation and one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world adopts the S60 series software in their smartphones including companies like Lenovo, LG Electronics, and Siemens among others.

Symbian S60 series is a complete operating system that supports applications such as C++, Python, and Adobe Flash as well as Java MIDP. The S60 series facilitates installation of registered programs from registered developers which increases the application access in the smartphones. There are several indispensable applications that you can download and use on your Symbian S60 smartphones and the best ones have been compiled just for you.

  1. Google maps. Google map is probably one of the most important applications anyone must have. They act as a guide and a reference when one is out in an unknown area. Google map application helps one to find out the exact location of a place where one is standing. The application works well on the S60 5th edition which is especially designed for smartphones. The application displays both the landscape and portrait mode along with touch-panning of maps in the countries where such facilities are available. Astonishingly, the centric search tool in this application can search for the nearest pizza corner or plumber and even hairdressers.
  2. YouTube for Mobile. Yes, you’ve read it right. YouTube now have its mobile version to make it easier to watch videos directly from your mobile. The flash player installed on the phone helps to play the video. Although certain delays occur when viewing videos due to functioning of the flash player, this application still works equivalently well on facilities with Wi-Fi and 3G but the basic idea is to get a hold of a good connection as fast as possible. Picture quality at some instances may not be crystal clear however; one can manage for a time being with QVGA image quality.YouTube for Mobile
  3. Gmail. The Gmail facility in your smartphone allows you to keep on track with your important emails. It is a java based application which provides you with similar benefits that you can get on a PC. Gmail enables email forwarding, saving and making selections from your mobile.
  4. BBC player. For all entities whether belonging to the corporate world or from the security market. This is one of the most awaited applications in the S60 series as BBC player provides the user with an option access a multiple choice of media in form of TV, Radio, etc. It has come out to be one of the best applications in terms of utility and user interface. The application is precise and very helpful.
  5. Opera mini. The Opera mini application is a compulsion for every internet addict. The application helps an individual to browse the internet faster and that too at a reasonable speed. The opera mini latest version is packed with features like multi-tab browsing, download resume, and bookmarking among other things which enhances the facility of browsing. You may also try Opera Mobile in place of this one.
  6. Quick office v6 (upgrade). This application is common among smartphones regardless if you’re a businessman or a student. The Quick Office V6 helps you manage your presentation and text documents on the go by way of such application. Managing your documents on the go has never been so simple.Quickoffice
  7. AccuWeather. Supported in the Symbian S60 series, this app tells you about the weather forecast and the temperature. When one is not sure about the present conditions, one can definitely make use of this application to get some information with respect to the current climatic condition.
  8. Ovi. Nokia Ovi is one of the latest sensations in the world of Symbian application. Nokia Ovi helps an individual keep a back up of his vital documents and folders that are stored on his smartphone into his Windows PC or Mac. The application reduces worries of the owner in terms of loosing his valuable information and it can accommodate up to 10 GB storage for such purpose.Nokia Ovi
  9. Wireless keyboard. A very vital application which facilitates the use of wireless keyboards in case of full touch screen smartphones. Nokia 5800 is an example of such beautiful creation which has no keypads attached to it so this application allows the use of wireless keyboards. *This functionality can be found on the Nokia E71 and can be helpful when blogging using WordPress app for Nokia.
  10. Fring. How can one forget Fring when it comes to smartphone applications? Fring is a newly released application that uses the integration to Skype to facilitate VoIP on smartphones. The application allows a user to keep in touch with all his friends and colleagues at any time. *In this regard, you may also try Spokn for the E-series and N-series phone since it is easier to use or Skype for Mobile instead. There are a lot of upcoming VoIP apps for mobile phones nowadays so it’s better to really know which one works best.

There you have it, the ten (10) indispensable applications that support Symbian S60 OS. I hope that you’ll find this post very helpful since each of them have functionalities that are very handy and in all cases a necessity for smart smartphone users. Keep locked in and see you next time for more great posts like these.

Mr. Thomas Davies, a versatile application developer, who is currently working on problems relating to streaming video problems and free podcast software. He has spent 25 years of his life for software development and is still working on them with keen dedication to provide the world with something new over and over.

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