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My post about how to Mippin-ize your site for mobile browsers discusses the benefits of mobilizing your site for the mobile web and along with that is a follow-up post for bloggers with a self-hosted WordPress blog using the Mippin WordPress plugin for easy blog mobilization without any configuration required.

Monetizing your mobilized blogs is what I’m going to share on this post. Although there are a lot of mobile advertising platforms out there, I’d say that the first one I have ever tried was Admob. Admob’s mobile advertising model is pretty simple.

Admob Mobile Advertising Network

Admob Mobile Advertising Network

If we’re going to focus on monetization of your mobile traffic, you can get the easiest implementation process with Admob plus relevant ads to your target audience along side a fast and multiple payment options. You can even deposit your own earnings to buy ads for your own campaign. On top of that, you can get access to your traffic metrics in real-time to see how your site is performing.

I opted to choose Admob because it works seamlessly along side Mippin. All you need to have is an Admob site ID and connect it with your mobile site on Mippin. Once you enable Admob ads on your mobile site, you’ll start earning right away. It’s that easy. If you’re thinking about affiliate income, unfortunately they don’t have it this time.

Getting into Admob is as easy as creating an account, adding your site’s mobile URL and in this case, mine’s Installing the code isn’t really necessary because once you get the Admob site ID connected to your mobile site on Mippin, then you’re good and you can just wait for the revenue to come in.

Admob’s minimum payout is $20.00USD payable via Paypal or check. So, if you’re looking at monetizing your mobile traffic, go ahead and try Admob. Joining is free and earning is easy.

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