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Keeping track of our online reputation nowadays is very important especially when we engage in social networks such as Facebook on a daily basis. Countless stories have been reported about people losing their careers and/or reputation as a result of mishandling sensitive information of which in most cases include photos.

Photos of ourselves that is posted publicly in social media sites do have impact to us as people creates their perception of us based on what they see. Drinking sessions, clubbing, and racy photos are just one of many risky photos we don’t want published online because these may result in mostly unwanted circumstances.

Although sometimes we simply cannot avoid these situations as some of our friends might accidentally post them, these however are the kinds of photos we don’t want ourselves “tagged” into.

Tagging is that part of Facebook where we can “tag” or label our friends that is on the photo. While this feature helps our other friends identify who we are with, negative photos can create adverse effects when seen by our employers, prospective employers, clients, or any person who might judge us differently and impose a red flag.

PhotoBoxAs most social networks go mobile, iPhone users in particular can make use of applications than can access their social networking profile and manage it from there. While there are many apps available in the App Store, PhotoBox for Facebook is a cut from the rest because it’s the first and only app that allows you to “untag” photos of yourself thus giving you the much needed control over your images on Facebook.

With PhotoBox, anyone can browse their own photos (and those they’re tagged on), edit, add effects, share and many more with just a few taps.

Still not convinced? It’s definitely FREE, so try it out now!
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