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Imac Through the Years

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In 1998, some of the first personal computers were boring, beige boxes with no design appeal. They were purely utilitarian objects meant to increase the user’s work flow and speed up mundane tasks. Apple saw an opportunity to turn these ugly beige boxes into computers with bold design features and a colorful sense of style, and the iMac was born.

When the iMac was first introduced, critics had negative opinions about technology and design features, but opinions quickly changed with the welcome reception from optimistic users. Computer users, especially the younger generation, loved the innovative core technology and creative, stylish design features of the iMac. It didn’t take long for the iMac to become the must-have desktop personal computer.

In 1998, iMac launched the release of the iMac G3 Bondi Blue, an all-in-one personal computer with a stylish look, 233MHz processor speed, 15-inch screen, and easy user features. The G3 looked a bit like a big blue egg, but consumers welcomed the creative, colorful design. This all-in-one computer quickly became the mainstream computer found on millions of tables and desktops in American homes. Over the next few years, Apple improved the G3 with a DV Slot Loading Edition and more innovative technology features that made the G3 user friendly.

In 2002, Apple introduced the iMac G4. It was still an all-in-one computer, but with a radical redesign moving from CRT to LCD technology. Mounted on a novel white hemispherical base, the G4 offered users a 700MHz processor speed and the same 15-inch screen with LCD technology. Over the next couple of years, the iMac G4 was improved with a 20-inch screen, combo drive, super drive and USB2 features.

In 2004, Apple discontinued the iMac G4 and replaced it with the G5, an all-in-one computer with streamlined design features. It was a completely different look compared to the iMac G3 and G4. The G5 design encapsulated the entire machine in a 2-inch thick, 20-inch screen combined with a glossy white cabinet and a stylish aluminum base. From 2004 through 2013, the popular iMac G5 design evolved with its iSight, Intel and Unibody models that offered the same stylish design features and even more advanced technology.

Although the look of the iMac has changed through the years, it’s still a user favorite. Whether you have an older iMac or new laptop, you can find a variety of Apple and macbook pro parts at