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The Cloud Has Revolutionized Computing

March 10, 2015 | By | Reply More

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Every few years, new technology comes along that completely changes everything where Internet interaction is concerned. Cloud technology, which relies less on resources on individual computers, has helped revolutionize both business and consumer computing. Some of the biggest names in the industry rely primarily on the cloud to provide services to their customers.

Charles Phillips of Infor is an example of one key person in the technology industry who is shaping cloud computing for the better. One of the challenges that many companies face is having to upgrade their clouds to keep up with the competition. After many companies upgrade, they experience serious growth.

One of the things that people can expect from the cloud is the fact that many applications were released in a way that allows for customization. User-friendly interfaces help make it easier for employees to adapt to the new software. The cloud hosting helps eliminate many of the issues associated with multiple users. What is probably the most important part of cloud applications is that they make the integration easier.

The use of the cloud initially gained attention through the work of many major companies that decided it was a more efficient way to store and deliver content. Once the public became familiar with it through use of the sites that employed its technology, they became comfortable with the concept. Many consumers who used sites that offered cloud storage appreciated the extra space that was available. Once consumers started using cloud storage, the demand for cloud applications increased among hosting providers.

Many companies that use the cloud have found ways to adapt the technology according to their needs. At one time, companies would have relied on generic platforms that did not necessarily suit the needs of the industry. Today’s platforms make it easier for companies to adapt their software interfaces according to special compliance needs or other issues specific to the industry.

One thing that many people are unaware of is that it is possible to integrate everything into the cloud. It isn’t just the secure documents that employees access that goes into the cloud. Supply chain management systems are some of the most important applications in the cloud. The increased security makes importing as much information into the cloud as possible a good idea.

Many people are concerned about the security and stability of a new system when they first try it. In fact, security and stability are two of the most common concerns that make people hold back from upgrading to the cloud. However, it is easy for IT professionals to address both of these issues. In fact, the nature of the cloud itself makes upgrades much easier.

One way in which the cloud has created a better end-user experience is by reducing maintenance and upgrade costs. Because both of these require less work on the part of the staff, it is no longer necessary to pass the costs on to customers. The cloud has created a better experience for both businesses and consumers.