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Making Slideshows Work for You

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Presentations are the cornerstone for any successful business meeting in order to get a specific message across to their employees. However, many businesses do not have the current resources to clearly and concisely put together a professional slide show or other interactive presentation. In an age of increased consumer electronics and short attention spans, computerized presentations are often the norm in large corporations. They help many company employees sell ideas, garner funds, and even display goals they would like their employees to reach. Often, computerized presentations are delivered in slideshow formats for their impressive designs and ease-of-use functionality.

Although most computer slideshows for business use have been around for years, they still remain a popular and highly-sought method to deliver presentations in the workplace. Schools also utilize their functions, delivering lectures and notes needed for a test or homework assignment. Professional computer slideshow designers, like the ones at, often aid professionals develop and design slideshows that work for their unique goals. When delivering a presentation via a slideshow, the photos, videos, font, and overall design will influence how it is perceived by others. This is why so many professionals and teachers alike have been learning more about the inner workings of designing a perfect slideshow.

Although not the sole tool for any business or organization, the use of a professional slideshow does not seem to be going out of style any time soon. Alongside the use of slideshows, virtual conferences via online messenger systems are also making a profound impact on business. Many companies that hold meetings on the Internet with employees and clients will often use slideshows during the meeting to provide a visual component to the meeting, one that virtual conferences will often lack.

When it comes to the corporate world, professional-looking slideshows are more than just a means of communication between employers and employees. It is a way in which employers can display their figures, statistics, diagrams, and projections for the coming year. According to corporate workplace statistics, slideshows are presented a business meetings more often than not, with more and more companies employing this tool as an effective strategy for gaining employer and client attention. Many businesses use slideshows on clients to gain new business, as the slideshows will often represent ideas, video and pictures, as well as relevant information and statistics used to sway the opinion of the client.

Self-Driving Cars: What Could Go Wrong?

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In the 1989 film Batman, a tough as nails Michael Keaton finishes punching out some goons when he hits a switch. A familiar beep sounds, and then we hear that engine gunning. The original was a Cadillac and it’s changed forms a few times since then, but the concept has always been the same. Be like Batman: buy yourself an autonomous car! You can almost see the art-deco posters advertising the wave of the future.

It’s here now, most recently with the signing of SB 1298. Penned by Senator Padilla, signed by Governor Brown the bill orders the DMV of California to come up with provisions that make allowances for self-driving cars.

So what could go wrong?

Cars could Malfunction

Cars already use computer systems to monitor the status of vital parts. GPS tracks your location and tells you where to go. As more of those systems become standard packages in luxury vehicles, there is more leeway for problems to occur.

GPS apps provided by Apple and Google don’t always provide optimal directions. Apple’s maps application often got people lost and may not always offer optimal directions to get somewhere. These systems are based on algorithms that try to account for variances, but sometimes fail miserably.

How many times have you been in a friend’s car with a rolled up window because the window button is malfunctioning? These are expensive fixes, but drive that car into a river and those expensive fixes become life-threatening problems.

Accidents Could Happen

In the event of an accident with an autonomous vehicle, the question has been raised as to who is responsible. Automakers are lobbying hard to have responsibility lifted from them, but the fact is that no one really knows who will be responsible. Self-driving cars can navigate race tracks at high speeds without incident, but accidents are called accidents for a reason. Every recorded accident involving a self-driving car has been with a manually driven car, or during a point in which the self-driving car was switched to manual driving.

Legislation has been quiet about the issue, but with bills like SB 1298, the clock is ticking and answers will need to come.

What About Hacking?

Video at Defcon 21 showed hackers taking apart a Toyota Prius and hacking into the on-board computer systems. It took time, more than a few hours (close to a month actually), but they were able to get into the vehicle’s systems and control everything about it. They could slam on the brakes, turn the steering wheel, even tighten a seat belt’s straps.

The message is that car hacking is not a fantasy, it’s here right alongside the cars themselves. Just like other companies in industries that NEED secure data (banks, governments, etc..), car companies that have centralized control of these vehicles will need cutting edge network security software to keep drivers safe from harm.

There is also risk on the consumers side. Rather than the club or the car alarm, we may have antivirus or aftermarket hardware.

What About Industry?

The BLS says that the trucking industry is set to grow at a faster than average pace over the next 5 to 7 years. The industry may be waiting for the time to test the technology. Advances in green technology already interest truckers, who now compete against the rising cost of diesel. Fortunately there is still a need to transport goods across short distances, something truckers are adept at.

Yay or Nay?

Ultimately, self-driving cars will be a good thing. Barring a few incidents that have the potential to cause harm, cars that use physics calculations to judge distance will help improve the flow of traffic. The transition will be gradual, as with any new technology. Those with the most money will often have the tech first, and it will trickle down to consumer level soon after. Will we all be driving autonomous cars in five, ten or even twenty years away? Only time will tell.

Energy Management Solutions for the Hotel Industry

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Ever checked-in into a hotel room using a keycard? That keycard brings a whole lot of difference into energy management for the hotel industry. Once inserted, the keycard not only opens the assigned guest room but also the lighting and a whole bunch of other stuff inside the room of which, the establishment saves from 30-50% on utility costs. Not only does it add appeal to the guest’s experience, it’s also easier to use and easy to install for hoteliers.

As part of energy management initiative, keycards are outfitted with all of the necessary replacement switches, outlets, and plug-in modules the control lighting and television energy usage in a hotel guest room. It also offers energy saving modes upon room occupancy.

As the guest inserts the keycard into a wall mount, it initiates the control of the lighting, HVAC system, TV, temperature control, etc. when the guest leaves the room and removes the keycard, it then turns off all the lighting, powers down the TV and places the HVAC system into “energy saving” mode.

As more and more hoteliers update their facilities, it’s almost everything is being automated nowadays giving more hoteliers time at the front desk automating check-ins and getting rooms ready for their guests without the hassle of walking them through to their rooms.

State of the art energy management solutions are easier deployed nowadays plus the costs are not higher than it first started due to the presence of many competitors. One of the programming capabilities allows customization on each lighting and temperature which can also include future expansion of existing systems such as LCD room lighting and automation line.

Keycard, being an integral part of today’s energy management initiatives, is not just cost-efficient but also enhances guest’s experience. Aside from the mentioned lighting controls and temperature specification automations, it can also facilitate in customer housekeeping and privacy requests seamlessly.

Clinical Studies Software in the Cloud

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As in industries in the pharmaceuticals, medical device manufacturers and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) face a herculean task of ensuring data integrity each day plus the requirements of regulatory standards becoming more and more of a way of life, the question remains, can eclinical software live up of the challenges of the present?

As environmental measures come into play, the use of paper in managing clinical studies has been proven costlier. It’s because the nature of physical documents not only consume trees cut down to make paper but is also labor intensive and shipment can become an added burden. With shipping physical documents comes time and lack of security.

While traditional installed Electronic Data Capture (EDC) offers a unified database for clinical information and studies, the downside is that it’s expensive due to licensing costs, maintenance and upgrade fees, requires IT manpower and lack flexibility for clinical study managers because of the need for a programmer intervention in terms of control.

Eclinical Software as a service or software in the cloud, such as those of Medrio, offers a fully hosted Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system that promotes faster study timelines and lesser costs even adding more control for study managers without any programming necessary with little to only a few days deployment.

With the cloud model or SaaS (Software as a Service), it’s a web-based platform which means it can be controlled anywhere and anytime via a web browser that is connected to the internet.

As a cloud service, it functions on pay as you go basis with no IT resources or manpower needed, is highly cost-efficient, and is security compliant.

Custom Wiring and Cable Solutions for SMEs

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Industry manufacturers and distributors of wires, cables, heat shrink tubing, and many others not only rely on their products but also on their customer service and flexibility.

An extensive inventory usually solidifies market viability especially for commercial, industrial, and military clients.

Some players in the industry like Jaguar Industries rely on inventory but still recognize small clients in their priority list.

Companies that market wires, cables and tubing—in order to remain competitive, makes customer satisfaction a core-value specifically when answering customer inquiries, complaints, and technical requests.

With industries of today having different needs, custom wires and cables play a big part in keeping customers with very specific needs for sizes, temperature and other specifications thus custom cutting and stripping services are a must.

Like most customer requirements, quality of products and services with a good reputation often comes ahead of the pack, however prices can also come into play when it matters.

At the moment, one of the most sought after products include high temperature wire for electrical use including insulation, military spec wires, heat shrink tubing and coaxial cables for televisions and computers.
Other services may include stripping—a process involving addition of one or more spiral stripes of different color to distinguish differences.

Cutting and stripping, twisting or cabling for multiple conductor cables, dyeing, terminate and crimp services, jacketing of cables, respooling, braiding and shielding, marking, and testing using lab equipment in order to insure that customer specifications are met.

The challenges are always part of getting the most value out of your investment and assuring that these will go a long away especially in today’s tough economy so it’s important to really seek the advice and help of the leaders in the industry prior to making purchasing decisions.