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Understanding Industrial UPS Systems

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Dealing with Power Interruptions when in rugged environments, such as offshore oil platforms, it is a challenge to ensure the availability of clean and reliable power sources.

Cyberex is a company that has dedicated its efforts to achieving this goal for private sector, government and industry applications. By designing, constructing, installing and maintaining custom-designed products, Cyberex uninterruptible power supply products are seen as industry leaders.

The range of products includes sophisticated standalone inverters, industrial power distribution units, UL Industrial applications, and standalone static transfer switches. Cyberex is one of three leading brands found under the Thomas and Betts Power Solutions umbrella. They are positioned as brand leaders in two primary business segments: enterprise business platforms and surge protection business platforms.

The provision of industrial hardwired surge protection is a goal of the surge protection business segment. For retro-fit, new construction and telecom OEM needs, over 80 years of industry experience allows the best possible fit to each need.

The Enterprise platform is targeted at businesses with critical energy needs. This includes the offshore oil platform, large data centers, particularly in the financial centers, and utility and other industrial applications. With an industry-recognized focus on technology, quality, and functionality, the Cyberex brand is often selected as the most reliable uninterruptible power supply option.

A new focus with the Cyberwave product line addresses new needs and is customizable to applications in the manufacturing, oil and gas, healthcare, utility and petrochemical fields. In fact, Cyberex is the answer to any mission-critical industrial UPS systems or application.

Induce polarization and resistivity with Powersting

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If you have been looking into information regarding a resistivity survey, you are probably already aware of Powersting High External Transmitters that function to induce polarization and resistivity.

The Powersting is a set of very high-power transmitters that carry 5, 10 and 15kW currents for the R8/IP/SP and R1/1P/S2. The system is completely programmable and the current source of voltage can be monitored in real-time.

The machine comes with a SGS generator and wireless repeating box, and can operate wired or wireless. The applications for this product include vertical electrical sounding, 2D electrical imaging, 3D electrical imaging, 3D offset electrical imaging and a 2D survey line over both modes. Multiple power transmitters can be connected to increase the current or output, or to increase the voltage.

The weight of the Powersting is just about 225lbs., which includes shipping. Rounded off to the nearest inch, the dimensions are 27 by 36 by 20. For this and other geophysical resistivity needs, contact the sales department to get exact pricing quotes for the product you’re interested in.

Printed information about this product and others can also be mailed out; the packets contain a detailed product descriptions, their uses and any associated specific technical information.

Understanding Data Mining for Sales Growth

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Companies for several decades have been implementing enterprise software solutions that drive efficiency and lowers cost of operation part of which is the collection of huge amounts of data. As technology progresses, companies continue to find the next generation of solutions that drive competitive advantage.

What companies don’t realize is that with enormous amounts of data they’ve been sitting on for decades may reveal a tremendous amount of insight about what their customers want and how they buy.

In order to be competitive, what companies need to realize is how to mine their data for information about products, customers, and markets. It’s paramount to understand how businesses outperform with PROS sales analytics using PROS big data app because it can drive competitive advantage by providing sales people with opportunities that close, offers that sell, and prices that win.

Mining historical purchasing patterns and identifying its attributes that drive buying behavior is just one of the many features of PROS big data app. Actionable insights that predict customer’s likelihood to make purchases and willingness to pay definitely provides sale people that much needed advantage to know their customer’s well through their buying patterns and knowing what products they want to buy.

Insights on pricing also provides sale people which prices customers are most likely to be attracted to thus improving customer’s buying experience while increasing sales at the same time.

There’s so much companies can do with their data if only they know how to make use of it to their advantage.

5 Tips For Improving Office Communication

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Despite the fact that new technology is being released seemingly every week to improve the efficiency of our communications, many businesses still struggle with sharing information in an effective manner. New and young employees often struggle to fit into existing communication systems in office environments; implementation of new technologies interrupts smoothly running policies; and even veterans in businesses forget to communicate effectively. These are common problems that exist at least to some extent in the majority of business and professional environments. However, they are not beyond solving. Here are five general tips for improving communication skills in the work place.

1. Establish Method

One of the most important things, particularly early in a business relationship, is establishing acceptable methods of communication. This makes it far less likely that messages will go unnoticed or unsent. For example, figure out whether your colleagues and superiors prefer email, texting, etc. for ordinary communications.

2. Establish Expectations

office communicationAdditionally, it is important to establish a thorough understanding on what sorts of communication are necessary. In some working environments, employees prefer a very open communication, with consistent clarification and updates. In others, people are expected to work more independently, only communicating when absolutely necessary. Work with your coworkers to figure out a system of expectations that works for all of you.

3. Establish Security

If you are in a position to have a say on your business’s communication security, it is important to make sure that you have a secure system. Contact a file sharing security company such as Share File to make sure that the emails and files exchanged between employees are at minimum risk for loss, theft, and damage. This is a vital step for any professional environment with a high volume of digital communication.

4. Don’t Abandon Face-To-Face Contact

No matter how much technology provides for efficient and thorough communications, don’t completely abandon face-to-face contact with your coworkers. Every now and then, an in person meeting is the best way to clear the air and make sure that everybody is on the same page, whether in a general sense or with regard to a specific project or issue.

5. Hold Regular Meetings

In addition to considering face-to-face meetings when a specific issue arises, it is also important to establish a regular meeting schedule. Having a monthly meeting is one of the best ways to make sure that you and your coworkers communicate effectively, no matter how busy things get. Even if it seems that there is nothing major to discuss, it helps to get together to give everybody the opportunity to speak or voice concerns if necessary.

Buying and Selling Made Easy Online

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Have you ever tried buying online? What about selling? Selling your used items that you seldom use can be a good thing to clutter-free your home or even your closet. It can also earn you some extra cash when you needed it most. On the other hand, if you’re feeling thrifty, you can buy used items online as well, this way, you can have the item you need while at the same time saving for the rainy days.

Marketing activity online had changed over the years wherein it’s not about just buying directly from a seller like buying computers from a reputable company. Today, many websites provide the opportunity for buyers like you to be a seller at the same time. In fact, you can even post a classified listing for free, yes, you read it right.

Online classifieds has opened an equal playing field for marketers and buyers to offer services ranging from education, trading, jobs to selling and buying a wide range of products. This provides small businesses and entrepreneurs an avenue to market their services and goods without having to pay huge amounts of money on print ads and other advertisements.

Online classifieds can also open a way for meeting people near you wherever you reside.

In order to maximize the use of online classifieds, one must have an account. Most of the time, all you need it a few knowledge on computers and how to open a browser, you’re good to go.

A colorful and clear photo to be posted along with your ad or a video can help bolster your ad’s views. You can also control the title and description of your ad so better consider spicing up your ad’s title. You can also share your ads to your social networking profiles to increase visibility.

Some online classifieds are accessible via smartphones so that makes it easy for tracking in case someone is interested with the item you’re selling.

There are many ways you can take advantage of online classifieds, all you need to do is familiarize yourself with the system and ask if there are things you need to clarify.

Medical Office Two-Way Radios: Why It Matters?

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Medical offices are one busy work place where productivity and efficiency is tantamount. As patients come and go the more effort is exerted by every staff from reception people down to the doctors and specialists who treat the patients.

While hospitals struggle with less manpower against high patient to doctor ratio, each day can be a long day for everyone.

In order to boost efficiency in the medical office, you have to eliminate running back and forth between the waiting room, the doctor’s office, the treatment rooms and the supply room using medical office two way radios which can definitely benefit office managers, nursing and reception staff, and doctors to stay connected and get things done over the airwaves.

As a result, hospital bills can get processed right away, patients wait around less, and employees manage stress a lot better.

Two-way radios for doctors add a more professional image to your staff because patients view the rapid potential response in emergency situations and it adds faith that the hospital prioritizes their clients’ well-being on top of their list than profit.

Eavesdrop proof two-way radios are latest these days to secure utmost privacy on communication. Some even have a built-in anti-microbial protection to the radio unit’s durable, polycarbonate housing. Radio models with anti-microbial protection are formulated to prevent build-up of viruses and bacteria on the radio.

Disinfection and prevention is a top priority for every medical office which shows your nursing staff you’re looking out for their health when you equip your medical office with two-way radios.