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How to Maximize Your Real Estate Spaces with Scheduling Software

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When it comes to maximizing the ROI from your investments, choosing the right tool gives your business a good head start.

There’s so much that you can actually do from your real estate spaces such as when you own a conference or a venue, or an events place where people and businesses gather to come up with the meeting of the minds.

Just when you thought there are not enough solutions to maximize that potential, scheduling software can be the key to effectively run your business without compromising processes and raising costs while still getting the most productive results out of your efforts.

A scheduling software, that like of PeopleCube’s, offer flexible; robust and low-risk workspace scheduling system that resolves most of the challenges underlining spaces; resources and services management especially in scheduling conference rooms; and video conferencing and other related facilities.

As a subscription service, scheduling software can easily adapt to different and multiple work environments, integrate with existing applications, implement consistent workflow company-wide, and support sustainability efforts aside from all those mentioned above.

The mobile interface of scheduling software makes it easy to search and schedule a room, or a resource, or even cancel a reservation with all the actions done on mobile being in synched with the system.

Laptop and Tablet Stands You Can’t Miss

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Laptop desk and tablet stands are the by far the most comforting aids for computing needs. I myself own a laptop desk stand and it really gives me so much comfort that I can do my computing jobs while on the bed or sitting at the sofa.

The comfort of being able to bring your laptop to eye level gives so much convenience than having to hunch over your screen. Goldtouch adjustable Laptop and tablet stands offer up to 6 unique height adjustments that will help you find your desired and most comfortable viewing position.

Typing comfort follows when you have the ideal viewing position. It won’t tire your wrists and arms due to prolonged typing.

Plus, having a portable laptop, notebook or tablet stand gives you so much control wherever you are in finding the most comfortable position for typing and working all day.

There are two primary products that Goldtouch offers: the Goldtouch Go! Travel Notebook & iPad Stand and the Goldtouch Go! Travel Notebook and Tablet Stand.

If you’re also looking for ergonomic mice, keypads, keyboards, wrist rest and mouse pad accessories and solutions for your office or home, Goldtouch is the brand to reckon.

Goldtouch is a global leader in quality computer accessories that focus on comfort and productivity both at home and in the office.

You really can’t go wrong with it however, choosing the best brand that’s been around for years and with a reputable name can lead you to getting the best value for your investment.

Radio Advertising in a Social Network Era

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The radio has been around for many years even before the first TV set entered the ordinary household. Over the years, the radio has evolved from the normal source of news to radio talk shows, drama, live events broadcast to just playing plain old music, the radio has in deed never lost its charisma to the listening public.

The boom of the internet has in deed shaken the mainstream media but the radio has been adept to the changes when the iPod first came to the scene. While it’s good to have mp3 players and playlists that the radio cannot provide, radio listeners still want the simplicity and the straightforwardness of the radio over other musical device.

A radio listener only needs to tune-in to his/her desired radio station and viola, problem solved.

As radio listeners get lured into paying music over iTunes or Xbox Music or Google Play, radio finds it ways of living through advertisements.

On-air advertisements right after a tune is their way of living. Internet radio makes this possible for radio stations to survive through internet streaming and of course, graphic ads through their website.

Radio advertising is inevitable. While a radio listener may be discouraged with ads on-air, they should understand that in order for their favorite radio station to survive and continue providing good music—radio companies have to mention their sponsors on-air whether their listeners like it or not.

Radio advertising however has changed as well over the years and the ads on-air have been unique as well. RadioActive Media, a radio advertising agency, has a unique way of relaying advertisement that the listeners will not find annoying and distracting to their listening pleasure.

Compelling radio ads that do not sound pushy and loud make a difference while still keeping in mind the overall listening experience a top priority.

How Web Based Call Management Systems Can Boost Your Business

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We all know that businesses in order to be effective relies on communication channels that they provide their customers whether its via social network such as Twitter or Facebook, or email, physical address but most importantly, the oldest method of communication—via phone call.

Businesses with free-to-call communication lines are the most admired by consumers because it provides them the security they need that when something goes wrong, they have a number to call to ask for help or assistance and they don’t even have to spend a dime to get one.

Web-based call management systems are a growing trend in call management operations today. It allows businesses to manage calls on where they should go, when, and how they are managed.

Hosted online management allows users to login and set-up call routing instantly. Diverting calls to alternate target numbers are made easy if a call cannot be answered right away or if the line is busy.

Diverting to a landline or mobile phone is a no-brainer. Even call diverts can be managed on scheduled hours of the day especially when businesses operate only during daytime office hours.

Diverted calls can be sent via voicemail into an email recipient. Number of rings can be set as well before any call is diverted.

Web-based call management systems have disaster recovery feature such that calls are diverted online when a phone line goes down or awry.

There many other features not mentioned here though, so if you’re looking to boost your business by strengthening your call management operations, visit for more information.

Leads Generation through Localized Search

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Generating leads is one of the most important factor in measuring online marketing efforts and success. Being next to conversion, as the ultimate goal, leads determine user interest and must be valued as a first step to conversion.
Online presence can be affected by many factors—effectiveness of online marketing efforts, social networking efforts, and search engine optimization goals.

For businesses who’s focused more on the local market than the international market, local SEO services providers can help focus your search engine presence to local search.
Localized search is a filtered but focused search engine marketing that determines user location in rendering search results queries and this makes local businesses a priority in the results.

Internet browsers nowadays normally determine geo-location in rendering search results from a user’s query. Businesses normally appearing in localized searches have maps and pertinent contact information. If your business’ contact information appears on a local search result, chances are, you are one step ahead of the competition.

Services like LeadsbyWeb provides businesses a hand in making their online efforts work for them with strategies such as search engine optimization, paid advertising campaign, local map optimization, and dedicated account management.

These services also tells you which keywords users often use when making a search, helps with building content that Google likes, local map listing for Google, build a leadsite where people can contact you, pay-per-click campaign creation, and refinement of some of your existing programs to get more leads.

TripLocale Empowers You to Travel

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The most recent project that I have put out online is TripLocale, a travel website with an integrated blog that empowers people to travel. This is built with the idea in mind that traveling should be fun and that some people needs a little boost of empowerment to overcome their fear of traveling.

The challenge of putting up a website like this is tremendous especially with the massive number of travel websites and blogs on the internet. I think what sets apart TripLocale from the rest is that is speaks about proven travel advices and tips coming from my travel agency background.

Yours truly has worked in the travel business as an outsourced travel specialist and airline reservations agent for two and a half years before embarking into web development.

Working in the travel industry is very exciting and it’s a fast paced environment.

TripLocale Blog is the output of my travel agency experience where you can read all my travel tips based on facts and real-life situations encountered by travelers that call the outsourced hotline.

I think it’s the most practical and genuine in every sense of the word. Not just something that any writer just made up or fabricated.

I’m very proud of the website and how it turned out after working on it for more than a month designing its layout and content among other things.

At the moment, TripLocale has affiliations with the biggest names in the travel industry—Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, Lufthansa, British Airways, Emirates, Radisson, and many others.

I would definitely be delighted if you would come and visit the website at
You can also like our Facebook page:
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I look forward to seeing the readers of this blog over at the travel website. Thank you so much for being with me over the years.



Create an Online Store with CommerceSpace

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Businesses nowadays simply don’t rely now on the physical side of the business where having a local store is enough. With technology, social media and the internet, businesses start to enter into the realm of the future.

Having said that, we can now definitely see our favorite brands—having their own ecommerce store, online shops, an ordering system or a booking system. Some professionals having their own appointment system so it’s definitely the way of the future and how marketing and selling has evolved over the years.

CommerceSpaceAn ecommerce store has so many advantages and it levels-up the playing field for everyone because of the internet. Someone as small as your neighborhood bakery can compete with a large company, for a share of the internet profit using the right online ecommerce solution, like that of, CommerceSpace.

CommerceSpace provides a fully customizable storefront design with social media integration. With today’s cost of hiring developers and programmers to do the job, if you’re in a tight budget and just simply want to get your business out there, it’s the one that fits the bill.

Like most ecommerce sites that has payment module, integrating payment gateway can be costly too but with CommerceSpace, it’s all in there in the package. Shopping carts, secured card processing and Paypal integration are among the many benefits you could get. You can even implement your in-house sale and promotions to attract more customers.

Having an online store has its tremendous rewards, just having the right tools and the adequate support from your chosen service provider or developer; you’ll be in to a great start.