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Fight the Flu and Work from Home with VoIP Service

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The only thing worse than coughing and sneezing with a case of the flu, is spreading it around your office. Sometimes you can’t make it into the office, but that doesn’t mean you can afford to let your work pile up. The good news is that thanks to VoIP service, you can continue to conduct business from the comfort of your own home.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that relies on the Internet instead of the traditional phone line to transmit calls. If your office uses a business VoIP provider for Internet telephony, then chances are there are multiple ways in which you can still keep up on your business phone calls from the comfort of your bed.

Find Me Follow Me

voip serviceVoIP providers offer the Find Me Follow Me option on basic plans for no extra cost. This feature lets you program other phones to ring when a caller dials your business VoIP telephone number. With the Find Me Follow Me feature, you can forward calls to your mobile device or even your home landline.

The Find Me Follow Me feature directs those important client or customer calls straight to another phone without your callers knowing that you’re not taking the call in your office.

Voicemail to Email VoIP Feature

Just because you’re bedridden doesn’t always mean you can ignore your voicemails. This Voicemail to Email feature turns your voicemail messages into mp3 files and then sends them to your email address.

This gives you the option of listening to your business voicemails from your computer at home or even from your smartphone.

Mobile VoIP App

Numerous business VoIP companies offer VoIP mobile apps for smartphones. If you use an iPhone or Android, you can download the VoIP mobile app for free on your phone. The app then syncs up with your business VoIP telephone number, allowing you to send and receive calls from that number.

Not only does this mobile app feature allow you to conduct business wherever and whenever you have your mobile device, but it also connects to WiFi for service instead of eating up your cell phone minutes.

Another beneficial aspect of the mobile app is that you can access the same VoIP features that you use on your office phone on your mobile phone. Some of these options include three-way calling, call waiting, and call forwarding.

Virtual Extensions

Businesses that use virtual extensions provide their employees with business telephone numbers that are connected solely to their cell phones. This is a perfect service for an employee who travels frequently or works remotely, like a sales person. These virtual extensions allow for increased employee mobility and flexibility, as callers can reach employees through the regular office PBX, even when the employees work in remote locations.

Chloe Mulliner is a telecom and tech writer in California.

Meet your New Year’s Resolution: Save Money with VoIP in 2013

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Just because it’s already almost a month into the new year doesn’t mean it’s too late to draft up some New Year’s resolutions. And if you’ve found yourself desperately pinching pennies when it comes to your business expenses as tax season approaches, perhaps it’s time to put money saving on that resolution list.

Of course saving money is important when it comes to running a successful company, but your business shouldn’t suffer as a result of all those pennies pinched. There are ways to spend less in certain areas of your business without cutting corners, and switching your traditional phone service over to a VoIP provider is a prime example of this.

typical voipVoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provides a unique way of sending and receiving phone calls in that it uses the Internet instead of the traditional phone line. Businesses that have changed their phone service over to a VoIP provider have experienced savings of anywhere from hundreds to the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So, is it possible that you’re overpaying for a basic utility with traditional phone service? The answer is yes, but with a VoIP company, you can receive the same reliable service with additional benefits for a much cheaper price tag. Here are just a few ways in which switching over to a VoIP provider could save your business big bucks without forgoing great service or reliability.

Free Nationwide Calling

Traditional phone companies often charge you for long distance calls. Whether those are long distance intrastate calls, perhaps from your business in San Diego to your client in San Francisco, or interstate calls, from San Diego to a customer in New York, your traditional phone company may be charging you different per minute for each of those calls. In fact, your service provider may have a complex system of per minute rates that they charge you for your different calls, whether local or international, without you even knowing.

In contrast, business VoIP companies offer free and unlimited nationwide calling. Regardless of whether your business makes long distance statewide calls, or calls to the other side of the country, you won’t incur any per minute charges. Additionally, you won’t be charge for the length of your calls. You can call any number you want and talk as long as you want without worry.

Cheap International Calls

Traditional service providers may also charge astronomically high rates on international calls. It’s not uncommon for a traditional phone provider to charge anywhere from $1.00 to $3.00 per minute for a call outside of the US. Those per minute rates can quickly add up, especially if you’re on the line more than five or ten minutes and make multiple international calls per day.

Top VoIP providers on the other hand charge pennies per minute for international calls. Some charge as low as $0.01/minute for certain international destinations. VoIP provider Axvoice, for instance, charges just $0.015/minute for all calls to Mexico. A full one hour phone call to Mexico with a VoIP company could cost less than the price of a one minute call to Mexico with a traditional phone company.

Free VoIP to VoIP Calls

Another way in which your business could save big time is on in-house calling, or calling between any two extensions within your business. Let’s say your business has a branch in San Diego, but also a branch in Los Angeles. You can use the same hosted PBX VoIP system for each of these offices, and keep all calls in-house, and thereby free.

Any calls between numbers carried by the same VoIP provider are generally free, so you can also enjoy free calling if any of the businesses you regularly call, or any family members use the same VoIP service.

Free Softphone Application

Businesses that set up a cloud-based or hosted business VoIP provider may also get free softphone applications. What this means, is that you can sign into your VoIP account from any laptop, computer, or smartphone. Once you’re logged in, a dial pad softphone will appear on your screen, which allows you to send and receive calls from your business telephone number. More importantly, you can take advantage of those low nationwide rates and free VoIP to VoIP calls from your smartphone.

With this softphone, you can take your work with you and benefit from the money saving VoIP features in your home, hotel, or even in the backseat of a cab.

Chloe Mulliner graduated from James Madison University. She currently writes tech and telecom content in California.

Reel to DVD is the Real Deal

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There’s nothing completely wrong about being old fashioned. Some of us cling to the old stuff being it reminds us of many things especially those that brings us fond memories of yesteryears like our kids when they were still young or when our youngest child finally got married, and many others.

In the past, these precious moments are often captured in photos but aside from that medium, video has been a little prominent especially to those who are in the middle class although not really certain but having reel films in the past is quite of a big deal.

reel videoAs time goes, the use to projectors for reel films had been quite non-traditional as modern technology arises. Now we have BluRays, DVDs, digital format videos, online and live streaming and many others. But, what are you going to do with your ancestral (pun intended) reels? ScanDigital has indeed looked into it and made possible to convert 8mm film reels into DVD copies. Yes, you read it right.

Reel films into DVD copies, hard copy—meaning a physical CD copy and; a soft copy—or video format playable on most media players, on the PC and Mac and it portable via USB or hard drive.

ScanDigital will repair videoe imperfections caused by normal aging process of films by splicing the film back together to obtain a seamless transfer. 8mm or 16mm films are first cleaned and spliced, once they are ready, it’s barcoded and the processing and conversion will commence then moved to either a hard drive or is burned into a DVD.
So there, you don’t have to worry anymore about old reels that carry your family’s treasured moments because…they can now be yours forever.

Got an old Mac that needs some parts fixing?

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Alright, we know you got a Mac, now what? Well, Apple, and not just them, actually updates and keeps on manufacturing newer models of desktop computers and laptops each year that we barely even notice where the old models go.

It’s not that having an old Mac is a bad thing, Apple and not just their phones are very know to have lasting quality but basically if you have an old Mac or something that you got off a garage sale that is already phased out in the market but still works and just needs some parts replaced, where can you actually go to find help?

old MacThere are however existing companies that cater to old and not-so-old Apple computers and Macs like DV Warehouse, a specialized Apple parts store who sells Apple memory, hard-to-find parts, discontinued Apple computer models, refurbished units and services various used Apple computer models that are currently available in the market.

So basically, not having a new Mac isn’t a bad thing after all. In fact, you can save your money for other things than buying the new computer when a new one comes out and keep your Mac for longer. And with companies like DV Warehouse, you will feel secure that your Mac will still work longer than it should.

Expand your business’ reach with Media Streaming

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With today’s highly visualized approaches to engaging customer interaction, the power of videos has turned over the years into one force to be reckoned with especially with how it made some people into overnight superstars.

The mainstream media has been overshadowed by YouTube through its very wide audience share. Although YouTube isn’t a live streaming avenue yet for most people except for live concerts sponsored by them, there are many avenues that focus on live streaming that showcase a wide array of content or topics that people of different interests may find engaging.

media serverWebsites such as LiveStream, Justin.TV, Livestation, and TVW are among the few that offers content creators, media producers, and video bloggers the ability to showcase their work or events for the world to view into their PC or laptop or even through their mobile phones in real-time or as they happen.

In order to accomplish this purpose, a media server is necessary as this will be the medium for video content streaming live which the viewers can access via their PC or Mac, mobile phones or from the streaming sites mentioned above.

A media server software like Wowza Media Server 3.5 does the task of streaming content into a single workflow that lets you stream to any screen simultaneously.

Media streaming has become an intangible park of today’s visually inclined audiences and I certainly believe that it’s not going away at any time in the future especially with more and more people using their mobile phones to access video content.

How to shop for all the cables you’ll ever need

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Okay, so you have the unit—be it a PC and its CPU, a home theatre or video recorder or player (which obviously if you’re using the latest TVs out there, you might need an HDMI cable, a DVI or even your mobile phone, a cable is everything you need which basically makes sense that it helps you interact with your system whatever the purpose is or functionality or value that a cable adds.

Like for instance, network cables allow you to connect with your network so you can simultaneously interact multiple computer systems using the same network service such as the intranet or internet or if more complicated than that your database networks.

The quality of your home or office network cables can play a significant role in your success indirectly without you even thinking of it. Just look at it this way, your network cable investment will give you less overhead cost or maintenance cost thus giving you more time to focus on things that matter to you because you’ve made the right choice.

Professional-grade networking cables help make your connections ultra-fast and stable giving you a reliable and hassle-free experience.

Another important thing to note is that if you know who the good guys are (what I mean by this is dealing with the right people and company who knows what they are doing), you definitely will have less trouble and more peace of mind. It’s best to call the cable company, ask questions and do some research about them so you’re assured that you’re working with the “good guys” that has been in the industry for quite some time and with a good moral standing.

Domain Registration Advice for the New Year

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The New Year brings a lot of optimism and lots of promise. To the webmasters, like me, choosing the cheapest domain name registration service as much as possible is the only way to go. Personally, I have several domains and every year, I register domains at least two or more new ones on the entire course of the year which can be higher in other webmasters, website developers, or internet marketers who wishes to expand their reach on other online endeavors.

I certainly agree on getting the cheapest domain name registration service whoever, there are still several considerations that needs to be studied when getting one. Unlike web hosting, domain registration can be a little easier. All you need to have is a reliable domain registrar with ICANN accreditation and has a reputable customer service plus allows you to transfer your domains to other domain registrars with ease as some may be difficult to work with especially with policies of staying in the same registrar for several years.

Web hosting services also offer domain registrations alongside their hosting package offers in order to lure new customers, while this can be very convenient for starters, if you wish to transfer your domain to other domain registrar, you would have to deal with their policies in terms of domain transfers which can be a bit of a hassle.

As a bit of advice, it is good to have a separate domain name registrar for your domains instead of having your domain registered through your web hosting service provider. This way, you can easily switch web hosting service in the future without going through the hassle of transferring your domains to another host.