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The Advantages of Recurring Billing Software

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Whether you are a newly established web 2.0 site, or a SaaS company with reputable online presence, the billing aspect of your business can always have its challenges. Firstly, it can be very time consuming.

You could be focusing on any one aspect of the business you’re running but billing issues will constantly come in the way of it and ruin your focus. Don’t allow this to happen.

recurring billing softwareRecurring Billing Software can help you focus on your business by taking care of the billing solutions along with your subscription management.

Services like Chargify allow smooth integration of recurring billing software to your website with the ability to create customized branded payment page at sign-up. Other services like API integration offers seamless integration to applications such as those used on a mobile device.

As the software’s name suggests, it can also process one-time only payments, free trial periods, promotions, refunds, and dunning.

Contrary to common knowledge, most recurring billing software has its easy-to-use online accessibility which means it can be access from anywhere there’s internet connectivity. The absence of hardware installation keeps it safe from any physical interference. It also protects against hardware failures caused by natural calamities.

With the added remote capability, businesses can manage billing in minutes, set up subscription plans and have the ability to search across plans, transactions, and even customer groups for easy trends tracking.

Why you need a portable solar generator

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Okay, since the Mayans were wrong about predicting the end of the world, what are we supposed to do now? Clearly, every country in the world has their fair share of tropical disturbances all-year-round. In most storm stricken countries, blackouts happen very often, leaving people helpless and crawling in the dark with no powered lights, no charged phones and useless battery drained laptops.

portable solar generatorThese climate disturbances leave us powerless. A portable solar generator could be our saving grace during these difficult times when local electrical services are down during a storm. You definitely need a charged phone when calling for a rescue. You also know how important light is when moving around the house during bad weather.

A portable solar generator provides the convenience of having electricity to light up your home, and recharge your phone and gadgets during troubled weather through the power of the sun.

While these are some scenarios used during an emergency, in non-emergency situations, you can use these portable solar generators to run your household appliances like your fridge, TV, washers or dyers, and a whole lot more.

Clearly, you can get the most out of your investment on these portable solar generators during power outages and in most emergency cases. However, it’s still advisable to keep an emergency survival kit in your home, be informed of the current weather news, and work with your community during these times.

Adopting NetApp Storage Systems

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Most companies all over the world especially those with online resources strive hard to secure their vital information—their data. Protecting valuable data has been an on-going challenge and fortunately there are solutions like NetApp that lives up to this calling and continues to provide innovative software and product-storage solutions unparalleled in the industry while at the same time considering affordable cost to clients.

Comm Solutions, as a NetApp partner, provides its clients with robust technology that can deliver high percentage of ROI (Return on Investment) through data center transformations, increased storage capacity, performance boost of storage systems and 50 percent data center footprint reduction.

netapp storageNetApp can handle different types of files and data from different sources which support Fibre Channel, and iSCSI SANs, NFS and CIFS NAS in the same box.

It also simplifies your data management, boost reliability, and provides scalability through a portfolio of network-attached storage solutions for added flexibility, efficient archiving, among others.
One of the many challenges of growth is maintaining performance while retaining budget costs, thus, NetApp SAN solutions help optimize storage space, reduction of duplicate data and efficient utilization.
Of course, adopting NetApp includes Data ONTAP 8 Operating System which delivers on-demand, hugely efficient, and highly flexible single storage system for efficient data management, application and the ability to cope up with infrastructure growth overtime.

Data ONTAP 7G software on the other hand provides a virtualized data environment giving you the ability to create virtual storage volumes, quick changes and achieve superb storage utilization.

The benefits of hosted online video communication platforms

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The way we communicate has evolved over the years due to technological advancements in VOIP, smartphones, tablets and social media networks. Platforms such as Skype, or TeamViewer are just one of the many mediums out there that makes possible for organizations to communicate internally. While adopting these easy-to-use readily available technology may be convenient, a security focused enterprise may take a different route and create its own secure private networks for their internal communications needs, talent pool trainings, and digital display.

video platform onlineSome enterprise media platforms can be distributed over Internet Content Delivery Networks, Satellite Networks or Corporate Wide Area Networks which maybe combined to provide wider reach not limited to computers, TVs, and mobile devices anywhere in the world in real-time.

In this regard, businesses can provide distance-learning programs or remote trainings to its employees.

In this smartphone age, live and on-demand streaming media is already common not to forget tablet computers. While online access is the way to go, offline interactive training via mobile devices is a plus.

These enterprise video communication solutions does not limit itself between viewer and presenter alone but provides interactivity or viewer-to-presenter engagement plus group chat activities during live broadcasts and may also allow viewers to share their own video content.

Performance metrics of systems is an intangible part of businesses in order to establish which platforms work well that delivers their expectations, thus, analytics is in place. Network efficiency is measured, data gathered and accounted for.

While these are just some of the many enterprise solutions that you can get from video platform online, choosing the right provider is the challenge in order to get your desired results.

Monitor Your Employees’ Internet Activities with PearlSoftware

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Productivity is just one of the many basic work ethics that businesses always aspire to be at its peak during operations. It’s something that employers always strive for their employees to practice at all times while at work.

Although employers always want to achieve one hundred percent productivity from their workforce, there will always be challenges and one of those are distractions such the internet. Employees with internet access are normally subjected to this distraction because idle moments still exist during work hours like break times, lunch hours and so on.

employee monitoringWhile these break hours legitimate, every employee is still expected to use its technology on activities that are still in connection to their work and not browsing social media sites and forums.

Internet access maybe regulated such that emails, chats, and internet browsing activities will be all aligned to company activities and business processes but not abused. Unregulated access will take away precious moments from employees to stay productive thus losing their focus. In this cases, employee monitoring software like that of Pearl Software Internet Monitoring and Web Filtering Solutions come into play.

Taking control of employees’ online activities such as email, browsing, instant messaging, and other internet programs will heavily weed-out problem areas and increase business focus and productivity on employees since their attention will not be diverted if they have no access to Facebook or Twitter from the company’s computer systems.

Visit PearlSoftware’s website to find out how you can fully use their services for your company’s productivity boost.

Jumpstart your business in 2013 with ERP Software Solutions

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We may all be busy with the holidays just around the corner but after which comes the New Year ahead that brings a lot of promise. If your business is really struggling to survive barely making it this year, in 2013, you might want to look at other strategies that will improve your business. Who knows, that missing piece could be an improved enterprise resources planning.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a system that integrates both internal and external management information across an entire organization. It helps businesses increase profit and productivity while running smoothly.


Renaissance Business Systems, Inc., a Cleveland Ohio inventory software specialist on ERP implementation can help businesses of any form.

ERP normally provides robust financial applications that help in collecting receivables, managing cash flow, reconciling bank accounts, managing requisitions and purchases including management of multicurrency multi-company transactions.

Distribution management of inventory, multiple customer orders and shipping in one single transaction, credit card processing and sales tax calculations, and order tracking are also among the benefits you can get from embracing ERP solutions.

Manufacturing industries can also benefit from ERP through tracking and control of manufacturing processes from scheduled planning and production, cost estimation of raw materials and work orders including actual versus estimate cost tracking plus web-based and mobile-based timesheet and expenses tracking.

If you think that ERP software solutions are just limited to the above applications, ERP can also take care of your HR needs but not limited to payroll, attendance, performance, and training.

For more information about how ERP Software Solutions can really help you boost your business’ performance in the year ahead, visit, nothing can go wrong with reliable ERP solutions.

The Basics of VPN (Virtual Private Network)

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The first very basic of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is to encrypt and protect personal data online from unscrupulous privacy violations of ISPs and network admins.

It’s not that VPN tolerates bad online activities, it’s just a matter of helping individuals exercise their right to privacy and protecting their personal information mostly from terms and conditions of ISPs that are usually vague which customers have no access to.

virtual private network

VPN services help you protect your online identity by providing stealth IP address to conceal your personal IP address thus enabling you to switch from your real self to someone from the US just by changing your IP address. The reason why IP is being protected by a VPN is that IP addresses provide location and personal information plus records of websites that you visit each time you use the internet.

And while you’ve been wondering if it’s just the ISPs businesses to check and record IP addresses, think again because search engines like Google and Bing might have been doing it for a long time whenever you use their services on your browser through customized or personalized searches.

It’s not new for everyone to have access to the internet from Wi-fi spots so keeping your data secure is also important thus VPN also comes into play allowing you to enjoy your free internet-on-the-go using military grade VPN encryption offered by some trusted VPN service providers.

While accessing some websites online maybe limited to selected geographical locations like Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora among others, a VPN can make this possible depending on the available IPs in your country of choice. However, access to financial accounts like Paypal via a VPN may cause your account to be blocked or suspended. These kinds of websites provide unparalleled security to ensure their customers safety.

A VPN is not recommended or advised to use when creating accounts on geographically limited websites as this may cause legal consequences on your end which service providers don’t want to get involved with.

How to choose the right power supply for your system

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Choosing the right power supply can be daunting especially with the many factors to be considered like brands, form, sizes, connectors and prices.

Buying power supplies on a rush can lead to adverse consequences you don’t want yourself to get into as most malfunctions and failure comes from lower-end units.

In this regard, the following tips will help you make educated purchases in the future.

power cableMake sure that the dimensions such as width, length, and height of the power supply unit fits your enclosure or at least nearly identical to the one you’re looking for. For accuracy, consider checking your manuals for specifications.

As much as we don’t want to be brand focused, sometimes, brands spell a whole lot difference in terms of reliability and performance. Trusted brands that you may have experience using in the past will always be first in line.

Thirdly, you must pay attention to any devices you have that may require special power because you cannot apply the one-size-fits-all policy on some devices not to mention 24-pin versus 20-pin ATX connectors.

You must always go for the maximum power rating which highly exceeds your total drain from all your devices. This allows room for any additional device that you may add in the future.

Noise are normally reduced by power supply dampeners and shock absorbers thus reducing vibration-related noise associated with the unit shaking its attachment.

While price can be a factor also, always go for better performing brands and as your power supply goes hand-in-hand with your system, always make sure you also have a spare of reliable power cables for your system. It goes well with highly performing power supply to give you a smooth performing system every now and then.