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How to start your eCommerce Store and start selling online

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While some businesses still find the internet a hard and vast space to penetrate, the advantages of getting started at it is just one vital part to hurdle but it goes a long way from there especially when you start selling and making profit.

Starting an online ecommerce business and selling is not as easy as anyone thinks but in due time with consistent efforts and sincere desire to serve customers can make wonders. But how exactly can you start an online store?

Firstly, you need to register a domain name which reflects the type of business or products you are trying to offer. One you get your domain name registered, you have to find a decent web hosting company to help you get the domain name up and running and ready for web software installation.

When it comes to web platforms, there are many to choose from e.g. OSCommerce, some use Joomla, Drupal and even WordPress.

1shoppingcartOnce your desired platform is installed to your server (webhost), next thing to do is design your website and fill it with the contents and pages you’d like to have. For ecommerce sites, the next step would be finding a reputable online store software that easily integrates with any web platform just in case you may change platforms in the future just to make the transitions smooth.

After picking up your desired ecommerce solution, you simply need to populate it with your product information then you’re good to go. Marketing comes next and this is where your patience will be tested. Of course with SEO and social media factors to consider, selling and making a profit is a huge part of the challenge.

What are the disadvantages of Outsourced Medical Billing?

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As the medical billing industry started to boom, many advantages have already been cited like in August 2012 we have featured why medical billing forms matter in today’s growing healthcare industry demands.

Since medical billing is tedious, small medical practices had been in the firing line. That’s why many physicians or specialists opt to outsourcing their medical billing to professional medical billing companies.

Considering that this action may lessen the burden of the medical professionals, there are still considerable risks or disadvantages of doing so especially in the outsourcing process.

Because the jobs are outsourced, you have absolutely no control over the employees of the outsourcing company. As their client, you have to trust them (the outsourcing company) that your tasks are undertaken.

While outsourcing can help you focus more on other things, it can lessen your interaction with your patients thus losing that “personal touch” since you’ve passed them along to the medical billing company to settle their bills.

medical claim formYou may also consider running into the risk of any possible disclosure of patient health information as you outsource your billing requirements.

And because your medical billing is outsourced, there may be possible hidden costs that may arise that could be charged to your clients by the outsourcing company so you have to tackle this in contracts. There is also flexibility issues that may arise especially during critical seasons as patient numbers double at certain times of the year so since the medical billing is outsourced, your hands are tied to their own deadlines and hours of operation.

Limitations in information can matter so better discuss with your outsourcing company what they would need from your patients when they speak with them.

Lastly, communicate to avoid contractual misunderstandings. Make sure both parties understand what’s agreed upon in the contract.

Basically, be able to assure that you’ve weigh in all options before outsourcing your medical billing tasks.

Defend your PC from threats with Bitdefender Total Security 2013

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bitdefender for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

With more and more people using the internet for daily functions, we sometimes forget that using the internet as a medium for engagement in social media, banking activities and information sharing, we are putting ourselves at a greater risk.

Believe or not, many have had their funds stolen from their bank accounts just by using the internet. Some even had their online accounts hacked stealing their valuable information and data. Given these circumstances, don’t be very lenient when it comes to defending yourself from online threats.
In this regard, Bitdefender Total Security comes to the aid of keeping your network secure and blocking threats to sensitive information even while you’re asleep.
As CNET Editor’s Choice and PCMag Editor’s Choice ranked number 1 antivirus software, Bitdefender came out with a much stronger line of defense in its arsenal with new features such as Bitdefender Safepay which helps keep your purchases online safe and secure especially if you’re like me who most often buy stuff on the internet.
Bitdefender Autopilot, of course, keeps your protection always on the go for your safety 24/7 without any interruptions even while you’re working on your PC.
Bitdefender Anti-Theft protects you from online threats including tracking stolen and lost devices. This feature is something I’ve never seen yet from any upcoming or even existing antivirus software in the market today.
Social Network Protection, also a new feature, scans links from social networks such as Twitter and Facebook and monitors your privacy settings. For guardians, Parental Control Options blocks inappropriate content, internet access on chosen hours especially during kids study hours while at the same time allows you to monitor your kid’s internet activities.
Using internet technology has opened a lot of opportunities for all of us and the convenience attached to it makes our lives easier however, with the power of the internet, it makes us susceptible to threats. In this regard, it is all up to us to safeguard ourselves and our valuable pieces of information.
Don’t fall into the hand of cyber criminals. Protect yourself now. Visit their website now to make your purchase.
You can also own a brand new laptop with Bitdefender Total Security installed via this link

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Ademero Document Management Software: A Google Docs Alternative

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ademero for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


Document management via web-based tools has been the trend and is increasing getting so much attraction to this day. While we all know that Google Docs has somewhat pioneered this trend, new players are eventually coming out to get a piece of the market share and attract a new user base
Ademero document management software is coming out as a strong alternative to Google Docs. More than just document sharing and editing, Ademero offers a more sophisticated array of features and functionalities that clearly defines it as a more robust Google Docs alternative.
Ademero document management software works via the Content Central which provides a wide array of document process management and workflow solution. Like Google Docs, Content Central is accessible through your favorite web browser with every operations occurring within.
Administrators can install Content Central on Windows, Mac and Linux computers on the network.
You can create documents using PDF-based electronic forms which can be captured from document scanners, network folders, email accounts, or user interaction. Content Central converts scanned images into PDF files which are searchable using keywords. Integrated email and fax tools allow smooth distribution of documents without the need of external software.
Content Central document management and workflow solutions offer approval processing for document workflows determined by users or administrators. These documents may undergo a workflow path that can be defined automatically such as email notifications, auto response and many others depending on the stages or paths defined in the workflow.
Electronic capture defines document type used in Content Central while paper capture processes digital images of paper documents from most scanners and these can be imported as well.
Like most documents, these are mainly distributed via email however, its built-in fax allow another alternative distribution solution.
Editing and forms processing come in handy as well similarly to Google Docs and these are indexed within the system.
While having a web-accessible document management system is convenient, there are still risks involved so security, encryption and user authentication and password verification makes the server safe and less vulnerable to security threats.
Since web access provides convenience, admins have the option to remote server solutions or make an in-house server system for content storage. Support and Assistance is also available 24 hours.
Workflow in Content Central automates document and content-related tasks while running in the background. Workflow triggers determine workflow rule and how every workflow process should start. Workflow actions happen after the rule and workflow service operates around the clock processing multiple events simultaneously as scheduled.
This powerful document management tool and workflow solution definitely challenges Google Docs in every way and this means small and medium sized businesses can make use of this software to their advantage.
Again, to sum it up, Ademero Document Management Software pretty much makes document management a breeze especially with online access, fax document solution, in-the-background operation while you sleep and seamless workflow service 24-7.

There is so much you can do with Ademero Document Management Software and it’s up to you now to find out for yourself. So why don’t you visit their website now and give it a try. You can never go wrong if you have an alternative!

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Ever heard of secure social network?

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Most of us who are into social networks have already experienced so much information overload especially on Facebook and Twitter, right? Not only that, we are more often than not bombarded by not-so-important updates from our friends and companies we’re subscribed with.

Well, if you’re just into checking some of your colleague’s whereabouts, then you can simply ask your company to have a more secure social network of your own. Yes, I’m saying you can and with the right security in place, you can be sure than only those you know and work with can contact you and handle your information on database.

sharetronix dashboardI’m talking about Sharetronix. It’s a social business networking platform where you can engage with your company, co-workers, etc. on a business, social and more secure filtered environment with no unnecessary updates to view.

In this platform, with the aid of knowledge management tools, you can organize your group discussions or communication with your team, create profiles of your own, post status updates like your project milestones, voice opinions on company updates via thumbs up/down voting and mention specific person using the @ sign like Twitter.

You can even create a community of your own or even manage one or direct administrative access to a subordinate or coworker in the same unit or department.

And if you think you’re missing out a lot in social networks like Facebook and Twitter, you can actually integrate your group or community with feeds from Facebook and Twitter or vice versa.

See, there’s so much you can do with a Sharetronix social business platform.