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How Website Heat Map Works

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If you are a newbie blogging, chances are, you’d definitely become interested in time with website metrics. These metrics includes your web visitor statistics—uniques, and returning or regular visitors. Of course this is natural because you’d want to think if someone is reading your blog. In the event that in the future you’d like to earn some money from your blogging efforts, you’ll be more than just interested in stats but also in the engagement of users into your website such as where they usually scroll and clicks.

These movements in your website are called website heat maps. These determine how users are engaging with your content. There four types of website heat maps that you can look into—scroll heatmaps, click heatmaps, mouse movement heatmaps, and live click heatmaps.

website heat mapAs web visitors come into a web page, user engagement is already measured other than the usual number of visits in a day, length of visit, browser used and geolocation among others.

Tracking user engagement and measuring results varies depending on the purpose the web owner wants to achieve.

For the general part, web owners would be more interested in determining which sections of their web pages receive the most clicks via click heatmaps. Since most of these sections might have ad placements, the data from these clicks measure which sections produce more revenue and high CTR. Ad placement success is crucial to websites running contextual and graphical ads such as Google Adsense, Chitika, and other CPC ad platforms.

Scroll heatmaps, however, tells if any webpage needs revisions. These data are produced in real-time thus allow web developers to find out if there’s any particularly changes that needs to be done on a page like headlines location, posts and other important sections of a website that needs proper attention. As you see the page scrolling, you will know if a certain post is getting the attention it needs and if there are some that needs to be broken down into smaller chunks.

Mousemovement heatmaps on the otherhand allow web owners to clearly see which sections of the site attracts the attention of visitors through color codes with white being the hottest color getting the most attraction, this heatmap type determine which keywords, images and or buttons get the most attention.

Live Click heatmaps however pays more attention to areas of a website where users click in real-time and is mostly useful when launching new campaigns and landing pages.

Vipre Antivirus Software: A Venomous Malware Killer

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of GFI for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

For the past several years of maintaining this site, I have already used and featured several antivirus software some of which I use personally until now. More than just security features, I’m also concerned about its resource consumption while it runs in the background and of course, user interface.

While most antivirus software runs locally, there are also new aged tools that came out running on the cloud, and I mean cloud servers.

Coming across VIPRE Internet Security 2013 software, it certainly changes the way you see at antivirus tools as complicated and more often than not bulky and slows down system performance. Fortunately, the Vipre seems different than most I’ve seen.

Vipre Antivirus software has a clean UI and is very simple and so easy to use. Unlike most of its kind, this tool is user-friendly, not complicated and runs smoothly. You cannot feel any slowdown while running in the background plus it doesn’t include any junk files that come with the installation. And speaking of installation, it’s fast and easy, it downloads in minutes and click run when done. Vipre Antivirus Software

The developers did not even attempt to sell anything or any software during the installation process like most other software trying to make money on the side thus eating more space in your system.

Vipre Antivirus only shows simple coherent data after every scan results. The only thing I’ve noticed is that updates installation is somewhat slow but tolerable and considering that it’s a new player in the market, it will just get better in time.

Though I’ve been using AVG for years, I could say that Vipre Antivirus software already had its place in my security arsenal. In fact, my other PC runs it now and is doing really well.

Shall I recommend this software, yes! Go ahead and try this software, Download a free 30-day trial of VIPRE Internet Security 2013 you cannot go wrong with it. For more information regarding this tool, visit their website at or socialize through their community of users at their fanpage at

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A Look into Fraud Detection thru Phone Authentication and Verification

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Have you ever come across a website that requires you to hand-in your phone number upon signing-up? If so, then you’re trying to access a secured website that requires it’s users to be genuine. These kinds of websites utilizes high-end fraud detection mechanisms in order to insure that each sign-up is legitimate.

Through mobile phone authentication and verification, their security system can determine whether to accept or reject a sign-up. A mobile number is secure information; traceable and only legit individuals share this data so a company can be assured that most if not all of their sign-ups are genuine.

This can be accomplished by sending a phone call or a text message to a user with a one-time pin code which forces the user to give a traceable piece of information and creates an audit trail. The information passed back into the system is the phone type—landline, mobile, VOIP, Toll-Free, restricted (911,411) and geographic information.

phone authenticationMost global web properties uses mobile authentication and verification like social networks such as Facebook, Skype uses this for phone number addition in user accounts as caller ID, cloud services, payment processors, online gaming, domain registrants, lead generation brokers, eCommerce sites, fraud prevention providers, and advertisers and directories.

Most verification happen in an instant so there’s no need to leave the website during verification while the sign-up page remains open. Integration of these services is normally administered by the web developers through provider documentation but personalized assistance is also given.

When adopting this security feature, always go for the REST API because REST can be transported over an HTTP or HTTPS (secured) connection and is compatible with most web programming languages and technologies.

And if you think that phone verification is only limited to the US shores, worry not because you can use it to verify phone numbers anywhere in the world plus multi-language set-up and message customization.

As more and more users utilize the internet everyday for almost all transactions, large companies have adopted tighter security measures to prevent fraud. While this method works quite well for most, for the meantime, it still remains a challenge for the growing internet community to totally annihilate internet security threats.

Why medical billing forms matter?

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As far as I can remember, I have once created a client website catering to their medical billing services. At that time I have not much of an idea what it was until I came into some really important facts about it.

Based on a new study recently released by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), three-quarters of all health insurance claims are now being submitted electronically, of course using medical billing forms with a massive increase from 24 percent in 1995 to 75 percent today.medical billing form

Insurance claims submitted electronically reduce administrative costs while significantly speeding up payments to hospitals and doctors.

The proportion of insurance claims submitted to health plans electronically has more than tripled in the last decade, reducing administrative costs and significantly speeding up payments to doctors and hospitals.

Paper claims, on the other hand, are proven to have significant delay before health insurance plans receive claims from health care providers mostly due to incorrect or incomplete information adding nine days more to the process.

And to add, paper claims are costly than electronic claims.

In today’s age, automated technology must be utilized for getting insurance claims payment however not all providers can afford to thus making outsourcing of the claims process an alternative.

Telephone Headset: Advantages and Setup

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Gone are the days when people normally pick up a bulky telephone handset in offices although in some, they still do but in environments where there are multiple phone lines, multiple calls are handled using telephone units connected to phone headsets which call centers, telemarketers and helpdesks use on a frequent basis.

These call-driven industries take advantage of telephone headsets for improved mobility, convenience and low maintenance cost.

Other than that, studies have shown that a person spending more than 2 hours a day can benefit from using a telephone headset because it reduces muscle tension that leads to neck pain by 31% and back pain by 16%. Also, this proves reduction in headaches producing a more fluid workforce due to low absenteeism.

HB Maynard & Co carried out a study of more than 2000 telephone calls found out that headsets increase productivity by as much as 43% due to reduced time while taking information from callers, less number of errors caused by typing, writing and fatigue. And of course, the ability to attend to more number of calls compared to a conventional handset.

Setting up a headset is as easy as unplugging the coiled receiver cord from your phone base, plugging in the flat back connector cord that is already plugged into your headset base into the jack where you just unplugged your telephone headset then plugging the loose coiled receiver cord into the base of your headset and voila! You’re good to go. Just remember that there could be different ways to do this depending on your unit so always check the manual for installation or ask for assistance.

What’s up with USB Sticks?

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Flash drive, USB sticks, portable memory stick, whatever you call it points to the same thing, the small stick that stores data which you can insert on your PC to access stored information or operate certain portable software from it.

USB sticks largely cover the data storage market today in terms of portability. While you can bring your 1 Terabyte external HD anywhere, it still remains bulky compared to a readily accessible and minute USB flash drive. Other than that, USB sticks are very promising as gifts and are found aplenty just about anywhere.usb stick

While USB sticks can come in different memory sizes, pricing also varies and of course design. However, let’s not forget that durability is also important since some USB sticks can get corrupted and once it happens, there’s a big chance of losing your valuable data.

Most companies offer promotional USB sticks but there’s always a catch so don’t be fooled by discounts and bulk prices, instead stick to your brand. Only your experience with a brand makes it easier for you to pick the apple from the oranges.

There are tons of USB sticks available in the market today, at times, it can be confusing to pick one, but again, understanding its purpose should not be overshadowed by fancy designs and drop dead prices.

Small Business Budgeting Outright

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Small business owners often encounter a whole bunch of paper works come tax payment dues—spreadsheets, data entry and the like.

Imagine having to do all these all the time. It can be tedious. But would it be great if you can do all these small business accounting paper works on autopilot? This definitely gives you more time to focus on other things that matter to you other than your business but your family as well.

outrightBeing able to organize your data into one place making it easily accessible when needed puts you into a winning situation where you can spend your time wisely worry-free.

Outright budgeting software takes this job seriously by allowing you to do all these things such as data importing from bank and credit card accounts, organizing and filtering data, interpreting data into understandable graphs, keeps track of your budget, and of course, keeps you on top of your tax deadlines.

While there are many web-based financial management tools available today, it’s still important to note the reliability of the provider you choose. It must be safe and secure mostly with 256-bit SSL security which is the same used by most major U.S. banks with service monitored and verified through TRUSTe and McAfee, has online backup system, and is widely used with a solid customer support.

Why Small Retail Stores Need A Credit Card Terminal?

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Okay, this sounds pretty basic for some Small and Medium Size Businesses in developed countries but in my country (the Philippines), you’ll be amazed at how some SME’s still don’t have one.

I get to encounter many times how some small meatshop and convenient store don’t happen to have one despite a growing number of Filipino consumers are already using the plastic money as a means of payment.wireless portable credit card terminal

I’m not going to touch on the subject of payment and application this involves locally but on the positive impact this could have in one’s business.

A verifone portable credit card terminal which is prominently used in the UK allow sellers to accept credit card payments for consumer purchases despite retailer environment conditions.

It’s regarded are the smallest wireless credit card terminal but like any of its kind, it makes your business capable of getting the chunk out of the profit from customers who use the plastic money instead of cash and even those who don’t have one. It makes your business appear savvy and convenient to transact with.

A Bluetooth communication station makes possible for the wireless portable credit card terminal to work. Again, minus the wires so it’s pretty convenient and easy to set-up anywhere in your shop where it can reach the Bluetooth signal.
Imagine if all merchants here in the Philippines have a credit card terminal in their shops, would it be nice to shop when you know that your money can’t be stolen and it’s all in your handy plastic card?

Understanding Data Center Maintenance and Repair

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As mentioned in previous posts from this site, data center serves a critical role in making sure that information online are delivered in a timely manner and is safe and secure. Since data centers house large and complex computer servers, it is highly important to keep track of its surroundings, the data center room temperature, humidity, etc. among other factors that’s why web server climate monitors exists.

As these factors are being looked upon, part of keeping data center efficiency is through maintenance and repair which Titan Power proves to deliver significantly in their growing client base. Titan Power understands the need for a back-up power and air protection systems that is integrated to interact smoothly within any facility in order to ensure continuous production during emergency and normal outages.

preventive maintenance servicesProfessionally managed maintenance program is critical and Titan Power understands it. Maintenance service agreements, comprehensive scopes of work and electronic field service reports should be handy when needed.

Today’s working environment calls for the safety of its employees so NFPA 70 E Compliance is must because it means the company is taking seriously the safety of its workforce through safety-training programs related to electric hazards and electrical safety.

It is therefore paramount that companies take the issue of its employees’ safety into consideration at all times not only in the data center environment but in all kinds of industries as well.

Edit PDF Files Easily with Infix

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Working on PDF files can sometimes be gruesome especially when editing typographical errors, editing multiple times on the same file, and filling out forms without the need for printing.

When you are in front of a pile of PDF’s to work on, you definitely need a helping hand from reliable software like Infix, one of the savviest and easiest PDF editor in the market today.

Infix PDF EditorHaving tested this software, I could easily say that it works as it promises. Whether editing a single word, paragraph, or an entire page, Infix generally makes the process smooth, trouble-free and looking well as if nobody has ever touched it. You definitely can’t say it was edited.

Among the attractive features of this software include:

  • Similarity to a Word processor – you can easily familiarize yourself with its user interface like it was your normal word processing tool.
  • Edits just about anything – yes, you read it right. Text, font sizes, images and a whole lot more.
  • Clean Editing – reflows paragraphs and columns automatically.
  • It copies graphics and text between PDF files.
  • Search and replace in one or multiple files.
  • Create PDFs from just about any document via the document printing feature.

Infix is available in three different editions – Professional and Standard Edition and Form-filler (which is free). Learn how these editions compare here.

Infix works on the PC – Windows 2003, XP, Vista or Windows 7 (including 64-bit versions), and requires 512MB RAM, 1GB for Windows Vista/7. 1GHz x86 CPU, 60MB free disk space.

Infix is also compatible with Citrix desktop virtualization.

Mac users however can also enjoy this software on an Intel-based processor running MacOSX 10.5 or above, 200MB free disc space, 1MB RAM, 1GH CPU.

Portable USB version of this tool is also available for those who wish to use this software on multiple computers.

Try it for yourself and see how it could change the way you work on PDF documents. You’ll surely love it!

Data Centers – Where Would We Be Without Them?

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It is hardly a controversial opinion to suggest that data centers are an indispensable part of modern life – it really is impossible to envisage a world without the vast capacity and power that data centers grant the business and information technology sectors – much less a world without Google, eBay and Facebook! But what exactly are the major advantages of a data center that their absence would remove? Let’s take a look…

Firstly, the cost to enterprises of running an in-house own data center is increasingly prohibitive, given the growing size requirements of such facilities. As more and more information is transmitted online and more transactions take place online – just as computing power continues to grow – then a data center needs exponentially more power and more hard disk space. Server racks just keep on getting longer and even keeping them cool enough becomes uneconomically costly for most small, medium or even large-sized enterprises.

data centerSecurity is the second big issue – in a world where cyber-crime and espionage is constantly growing, there needs to be a very robust response to security. Most enterprises just don’t have the time and resources to police their IT operations to the level required, and a good data center can give them the reassurances they need. Technicians can be on hand throughout the 24-hour cycle, not just to ensure that the server racks keep on functioning perfectly and that any problems are swiftly dealt with, but also to ensure that information is kept safe and secure and that hacking or phishing attempts are roundly thwarted.

So, where would we be without data centers? The answer is that we would have a vastly more limited cyber-world, with businesses forced to keep their computer operations artificially scaled back due to cost considerations, with the knock-on effect of a hobbled e-commerce sector. Social networks would be slow, unsafe and prone to disastrous infiltration, while search engines would also be grindingly slow and frustrating to use – welcome back to the late 1990s.

It’s safe to say that data centers are not only here to stay, but will keep getting bigger and better so long as the computer world leads the way.