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Do you consider buying email lists?

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Getting into the inbox of individuals nowadays can be really tough. With the advent of too many marketing schemes and spam that constantly bugs many of us each day, people have become more stingy when it comes to email marketing flyers and mostly don’t opt-in to email newsletters anymore.

This scenario has become a challenge to many marketing professionals and those who are trying to make money from email marketing through affiliate schemes and selling their own products.

email listBut what does it take to successfully convince an individual to sign-up on your email newsletter so you can take it to the next level with your email marketing strategies?

You may, of course, buy email list but make sure it’s from a reliable source. One factor to consider is an up-to-date email list as this can make or break your email marketing strategies. Who would want to spend a dime on non-working email lists when nobody receives your mails when you try to send one?

Also, when buying an email list, determine how the list will be delivered to you after purchase. It can be in hard copy like CD or DVD.

Speed and reliability is important when buying an email list however how factor to consider as well is the payment options available for buyers. Make sure the provider has reliable and secure payment gateways for your own financial security.

Although buying email list have privacy implications for those individuals who were not aware that their emails can be sold, thus a provider must always inform their buyers that their email list consist of consenting individuals.

Benefits of Online Project Management Tools

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Having worked as a project manager for an online company years ago has been monetarily rewarding and professionally boosting experience. However, the demands of taking the post are not as easy as it was today especially with the availability of an appropriate project management tool like Zoho projects that can help each task become simpler and easier.

Online project management software normally has collaboration tools and bug tracking functionality that allows teams to easily collaborate and complete sets of tasks efficiently and effectively.

The right planning and tracking will allow you to complete the project on-time or on schedule while collaboration tools enhances communication within the members of the team.

project management tool

Among the many benefits of adapting an online project management tool includes:

Task management
Monitoring the progress of a project can be divided into milestones which will make it easier.

Time tracking
Recording work hours for time keeping and payout calculations are a must for any project.

Organizing events in calendar
Calendar allows teams to easily set-up a schedule for future meetings, notes, and a lot more.

Integrates with online file sharing apps
Sharing files with team members can’t be any easier when it integrates with online file sharing applications like Dropbox.

Bug fixing and submission
As projects run, bugs can be encountered thus submitting it to the appropriate team for tracking and fixing is essential to avoid any future problems that may arise.

Progress analysis
While project management tools provide milestones and time tracking, graphical representations like Gantt charts makes data easier to grasp and interpret especially during team meetings.

Manage projects on the go
Some project management tools allows users to do their tasks while on the go or using their iPhone. This surely makes project management mobile anytime, anywhere.

There you have it, if you know any project management tools that do something else in one or more ways than those mentioned above, please mention the feature in the comments.

Tips in choosing the right non-geo number for your business

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Small businesses worldwide that are trying to cut costs often face a multitude of challenges when it comes to choosing which aspect of their business can they spend less but get more optimal results in the long haul. With these at hand, business have ventured into adapting cost cutting measures in terms of communication mediums without the need to sacrifice the ability to interact with clients and their customers—this is where non-geo numbers come into play.

Cost reduction in calls plus more flexibility in terms of mobility is one of the best feature that you can get when you buy 0845 number, 08 or any non-geographical phone numbers.

non-geo numbersThe best non-geo number to choose depends on your business needs. The following geo-numbers and their application to businesses might help enlighten your decision making.

0800 – these numbers generally used for marketing and sales purposes. It attracts as free to call your number without charging your customers thus incoming calls are charged to the number owner. A major flaw of this number however does not allow free call from mobiles and may not be called from outside the UK.

0845 – are Lo-Call numbers wherein calls are charged at local rates made from landlines regardless of the caller’s location.
However, the charges on both local and national calls to ordinary geo numbers are no longer different.

0844 – is a revenue generating and/or sharing number wherein both the owner and provider gets a portion of revenue from each call. This number is advisable for use only on specialized services provided by your business.

0870 – is introduced as low cost, revenue sharing numbers as well.

0871 – is similar to 0870 but with higher call charges but also pays a revenue share and is regulated by a certain body and the customer is notified of the cost of the call afterwards.

09xxx are real premium numbers with rates that can be £1+ per minute but with a more specialized used.

There you have it, if any of your businesses functions fall into any of these non-geo numbers, then you can finally decide which one to choose.

Tune up Windows and Clean your Registry with jv16 Power Tools

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It has been a while since we last reviewed a registry cleaning Windows utility tool so I’m quite excited on this one. MaceCraft Software, the maker of jv16 PowerTools 2012, offers its end users the right set of tools to boost Windows PC performance with their wide array of indispensable software that’s fun and easy to use.

jv16 PowerTools 2012 promises to keep your Windows system always running like new. With its various key features, you can never go wrong with it. Among such features are as follows:

Cleaning junk and fixing errors from your PC
Like most utility software, this tool seeks registry errors from your system, junk files, left-over files (those files left from deleted/uninstalled software), and unnecessary log files.

jv16 Power ToolsUninstalls software and delete left over files
Uninstalling a program does not mean it’s totally deleted from your system, some of which leave left-over files or folders that are of no use and eats up hard drive space overtime. It’s necessary thou that we have a special tools like jv16 Power Tools that can permanently eliminate these left-over files during the process of removal.

Optimize and speedup your computer
Part of this utility suite is generally making your system run like new so jv16 PowerTools is designed to replenish Windows performance by altering certain settings and disabling some functions that don’t serve any purpose other than to slow down your computer.

In addition, you can alter star-up programs depending on which ones you’d like to automatically run whenever Windows opens as this may induce longer startup/loading times.

A rare feature that you could find on any utility suite is its ability to immunize your system from malicious websites thus improving your security and privacy. This feature modifies the Windows host file and a list of malicious data is provided by

Part of this software is an Anti-malware tool that verifies if your download is safe to run. Malware that can be detected includes computer viruses, Trojans, rootkit installers, dialers, and system hijackers.

Recover deleted files
While most utility suites can permanently delete files and those that are left-over during the process however, for accidentally deleted files, this tool allows recovery of these files when necessary. If you’re unaware, emptying the Recycle Bin does not totally delete all the files in there that’s why there are recovery tools that can recover deleted files.

jv16 PowerTools 2012 includes 32 other useful tools and several translations in different languages, plus 60 days fully usable trial copy of the software and it only costs $29.95 to buy.

So there you have it, if you’d like to know more about jv16 PowerTools 2012 and how it can be beneficial to maintaining the smooth performance of your PC, give it a try.

Understanding the Pros and Cons of SAN Storage Systems

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As the demands for more data consumption grow bigger because of the internet, storage area networks (SANs) become a fad. Adapting a SAN storage system is not as simple as you think it is. If you are looking for solutions that would cater to huge data storage and consumption without buying large servers, SAN might be it.

Why use a SAN?

If you want better disk utilization

If all your storage is tied together through a centralized storage network, SAN gives you the ability to manage it as one such as slicing up the resources to those that needs it most.

If you need a reliable DR (disaster recovery) solution

Critical servers normally have applications that can’t go down, these requires reliable recovery backups when disaster arises.

If you need better uptime for your applications

Simply, uptime boosts apps and business. Downtime spells tragedy. SAN provides data protection algorithms that make sure data stays consistent.

SANFaster backups

Backing up huge amounts of data is a major advantage in using SAN.

Why not to use a SAN?

Having the right staff, budget and business requirements would make sense in acquiring a SAN system however the following scenarios will tell you if it’s not a good choice.

If you have a few inexpensive servers

SAN is good only for several servers that will hook up on a storage network. You can see the benefits of a SAN when have a bunch of servers to hook up to the storage network. You need to justify the cost of SAN investment since it can be pricey.

If you want to save money

If you’re looking at ROI, you have to make sure that your business is growing fast otherwise you’ll end up spending more.

If you need a disaster recovery solution for a single application

A disaster recovery solution offered by SAN is only good for multiple applications and not for just single apps. As mentioned, this can be costly and adapting one may require a fast WAN connection.

5 Reasons To Get Business Ethernet

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If your business depends on an outside shared network line for its Internet access, that connection may not be as fast or reliable as you think. Slowed productivity can result from congested with traffic jams when shared lines compete for Internet access. The best choice for today’s business is a fast, reliable and secure Internet connection.

1. Handles Online Business Applications Better
As your business grows, you’ll need a flexible computing model that can handle its expansion of sophisticated online applications. Without virtual application flexibility, business productivity may stall. The MegaPath business Ethernet service option provides a stable connection to match all of your online application needs. Your business stays competitive without sacrificing bandwidth agility.

ethernet2. Provides an Exceptional Value
You’ll get the most value for your money with Ethernet compared to other alternatives. To automatically reduce overhead costs, purchase just the amount of bandwidth to match your business needs.

Ethernet also allows your business to save on storage and server merging strategies. A single Ethernet connection works best over multiple storage units and servers. Any troubleshooting will be narrowed down to one area instead of many.

3. Offers a Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line Option
To obtain the best quality in data transfer, consider using a Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL). With SDSL technology, fast upload and download speeds are equal, and data transfer speeds are more evenly consistent throughout the day. By comparison, an Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) is much slower.

4. Gives Unlimited Scalability
Flexible scalability helps your business to reduce its operating costs as it grows. The best Ethernet service packages enable your business to use its existing Customer Premise Equipment (CPE). MegaPath business Ethernet offers Megabits per second (Mbps) scalability options to benefit small, medium, and large businesses.

5. Supplies Secure, Private Data Transfers
Secure point-to-point connectivity for data transfers is what your business and its customers expect. Ethernet is ideal for supporting both simple and complex applications where multiple users are locally or remotely located.

Reliable connections at any time of the day will put both you and your customers at ease.

Ethernet is the clear business choice for Internet access. With it, all business, irrespective of size, immediately benefit from a more secure private connection, higher productivity, lowed operational costs and flexible scalability purchasing. Choose an Ethernet Internet package for your business today, and you’ll stay several steps ahead of the competition.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Non-Geo Numbers

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Recently, I have posted an article about non-geographical phone numbers and if you happen to have missed it, I’d be more than glad to give you a heads up on what’s about non-geo numbers and what makes it interesting.

Non-geo numbers are prefixed numbers normally 0800, 0844, 0845, etc. and they work like normal conventional numbers diverted which means whenever a non-geo number is dialed, it’s electronically intercepted then diverted into any number you’d like within seconds. Non-geo numbers are permanently diverted.

nongeo numbersAs a result, 0845 numbers when dialed automatically diverts calls to the owner of that number regardless of his location and the medium on which he wants to receive the call. This gives more freedom to the user especially when travelling and important calls cannot be missed.

There are many alternative to 0845 numbers to choose from with various features customers can take advantage of like freephone from landlines, low cost to call from mobile phones, low cost to call from landline, etc.

Non-geo numbers allow flexibility for business and users to choose a phone number that your customers can easily remember. With a 0845 number, you can literally choose from a million different combinations to find the right one which you think is best. You can also assign prefixed numbers where you can get a heap of profit for your customer service efforts over the phone in case you have one.

There are drawbacks of course with non-geo numbers but as much as disadvantages are concerned, there are more advantages to it than anyone could ever find.

While you may opt of a 0845 or 0870 number, it’s always to be keen on your service provider. Not all companies that offer these services are equal. Always go after the reputable ones to save yourself from future headaches and over-the-top costs of keeping their services. It’s standard practice to be charged for the number you want but be vigilant on companies charging you even for incoming calls, huge setup fees and per minute charges otherwise you may end up paying for more.

Why Use Non Geo Numbers?

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Non Geo Numbers, if you’ve heard it first here, are telephone numbers that are up for private sale and are not assigned to a particular telephone line or circuit. These kinds of numbers do not provide any indication of geographical location of the user or business when adapted for such. Unlike 01 and 02 numbers, they clearly indicate locality or geographical information relative to the number attached to the series.

Non Geo numbers enables businesses to compete in the market in a national level due to its nonlocal attachment compared to the traditional telephone numbers you can find. Non Geo numbers does not replace your existing telephone number/s even if you relocate. So changing your location does not mean your existing fixed line will be changed as well thus is inspires trust from your customers.

non geo numbersThere are several types of non geo numbers so it’s crucial to purchase a non geo number that is easy to memorize for your customers or something that may sound familiar to them.

There are fixed rate numbers (0844 numbers / 0871 numbers) which charge customers to call your business or you may also op to choose a 0845 telephone number which allows long distance callers to call you from their location at local rates, this in return will give your customers the ability to save themselves against the high cost of calling long distance. All of these types of non geo numbers are very flexible.

A Quick Look at Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

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When we talk about organizational management from the internal to external aspect, we often come across ERP. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, a system that integrates internal and external information across an entire organization.

On a deeper perspective, ERP automates activities that relate to finance or accounting, manufacturing, sales and service, customer relationship management and the likes using an ERP software.

This system streamlines the flow of information between all business functions inside the boundaries of the organization and manages the connection to outside stakeholders.

enterprise resource planningERP systems require a variety of computer hardware and network configurations thus making use of a database as an information repository.

Installing an ERP system may not require an elaborate application or data integration by an IT expert.
Some of the components of an ERP include a transactional database, a management portal or dashboard, a business intelligence system, customizable reporting, external access through web services, search option, document management tools, instant messaging (IM) or chat, a wiki and a workflow management tool.

Most ERP system incorporates “Best practices”. Meaning, the software reflects the vendor’s interpretation of an effective business process.

The use of best practices eases the compliance with local and international industry standards e.g., an electronic funds transfer. Such is a procedure can be readily codified within the ERP software and replicated with confidence across multiple businesses who share the same business requirement.

Monitoring End User Experience for Citrix and Virtual Environments

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Current IT reports predict that the highest-impact trend for IT in 2012 is virtualization which will determine how IT experts manage, deploy, purchase and plan for their upcoming and future strategies. While this can be true, there are various aspects of IT services that need to be considered. Understanding, monitoring and managing end user behavior is crucial in determining their actual experience with complex IT services such as virtual desktop infrastructures.

citrixCitrix monitoring come into play in Citrix environments in order for organizations to get a deeper insight into the true analytics into the end user experience.

Traditional Application Performance Management monitoring tools can help companies understand the health of an overall Citrix application but with more sophisticated demands from IT enterprises, a comprehensive visibility in monitoring Citrix XenDesktops maybe able to effectively measure the impact of virtual technologies on the performance of businesses mainly productivity output.

In terms of understanding the resources required to support multiple users, each running a variety of different applications across virtual desktop servers, the best virtualization tool matter.

Combined virtualization assessment and planning with real-time performance deviation detection promote optimization of guest virtual machine mappings in VDI scenarios resulting to dynamic agility boost for adding new applications and desktops into the VDI pool. This in turn will recreate a requirement for VDI monitoring which may require a comprehensive Frontline Performance Intelligence solution and human resource for planning and support on this emerging environment.

A Look at Online Customer Relationship Manager

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Businesses in order to sustain its market presence embrace strategies that help them manage their market base, attract new customers, retain old ones and strengthen advocacies for their brand.

One of which is the widely implemented model called CRM which is used for managing company communications with customers, clients and sales prospects. An online customer relationship manager however does exactly the same but is more web-based.

all clientsCRM (Customer Relationship Manager) involves the use of technology to streamline business processes such as automation of interactions, organization of contacts, and synchronization of tasks relating to sales activities and customer service.

The main goal of CRM adoption is to find, attract and win new clients or customers, retain loyal customers and entice those who’ve lost contact while at the same time reducing marketing cost and client services for the company.

CRM is a business-wide strategy that includes customer interaction on all levels of the company as it’s critical in measuring and valuing the results of its implementation.

The benefits of adapting Customer Relationship Management system is believed to provide the following advantages:

  • Quality and efficiency
  • Decrease in overall costs
  • Decision support
  • Enterprise ability
  • Customer Attentions
  • Increase profitability
  • Improved planning
  • Improved product development

Just like any system, there are obstacles like inability to interpret and understand large complex data without adequate training. Obviously, everything will not be smooth sailing at first. However, considering all the benefits of using this system still has a lot of potential.

Getting to Know the Risks of Sharing Personal Information Online

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Putting your personal information online can impose a large risk on your privacy, safety and security at this time of day. With more and more people gaining access to gazillions of information from the web, anybody with ulterior motives can easily sneak into your private data and steal vital information that can be detrimental to your security and privacy.

As we all know, the internet sites we engage in most of the time requires us to fill-out information about ourselves before it could allow us to do something on it like for instance, engage ourselves on Facebook through status sharing, Twitter shoutouts and many other types of engagement that we do online.

online reputationWhat we most don’t realize is by divulging more and more information about us, we our putting ourselves into so much risks that may allow cyber criminals to steal our identity, bully or harass us, or steal our financial information. What we say online on social media networks might also backfire on us if we’re not careful enough about the things we say and do online.

Whether you like it or not, some company websites that we engage in may sell our valuable information to others in exchange of profit from their advertisers, or we are being tracked on everything that we do from the comfort of our home through our internet browsers.

You never know how much more information can they get from you that are beyond what your eyes can see. Whereas removing personal information from the internet can be accomplished, it is by far a good move if we want a secure data of ourselves and a good reputation if we have already opened up our identities online.