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Why Get the Nokia Lumia 900?

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Nokia has been in the forefront of mobile phone production since I started using one for personal use. I could still remember having my first Nokia phone, a 3210 model, back in 2000 where not everyone owns a mobile phone.
As years pass, more and more Nokia phones came in the Philippine mobile phone market which later phased out most of the “pager” devices and the bulky “walky-talky-like” Motorolla phones.

Then came the day of SMS, MMS and the early days of social networking from Friendster to Twitter then Facebook and now, Smartphones with full blown social media capabilities which allows instant sharing of photos and videos from any mobile device to your favorite social networking sites.

Up to this day, Nokia has lived up to the challenges of the times and is constantly innovating to exceed customer satisfaction and retain life-long advocates. With Nokia’s new line of smartphones powered by Windows OS, each product release has been overwhelmingly embraced by their world-wide fans.

nokia lumia 900Now, Nokia has a new addition to their increasing product line of smartphones and that includes the Nokia Lumia 900. Nokia Lumia 900 is a follow-up to the Nokia Lumia 800 with much anticipated improvements and upgrades. With Lumia 900’s motto, “Live more. Do more”, you can definitely expect larger than life improvements from its predecessor and much much more.

As a Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia 900 is backed-up by Windows mobile technology, while still retaining the valuable Nokia trait—easy-to-use and affordable. This new Lumia 900 boosts a 4.3″ AMOLED ClearBlack glass touchscreen, one-piece polycarbonate body and excellent antenna performance. An 8 MP camera, Carl Zeiss optics, dual LED flash (for dark environments), Auto Focus, and 1 MP front camera for video calling.

Nokia is known for its long-battery life and that’s based on experience. This Nokia Lumia 900 can deliver up to 8 hours talk time and up to 400 hours on standby.

And since everyone is on social networking sites these days, this phone has an integrated Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and chat functionalities aside from the ability to send emails and SMS.

The phone is of course, Wi-fi capable and easily integrates with Microsoft Zune (if you have one) and on a Mac as well. It also has Bluetooth and USB connectivity. While most smartphones nowadays have memory expandability, this phone doesn’t have that. It has an internal memory of 16GB plus SkyDrive cloud storage capability similar to the iPhone and the iPhone’s iCloud.

There’s so much more about this phone and I could go on and on but if you’re question is about apps, well, that’s not a problem, you could find tons of applications for your mobile device from the Ovi Store by Nokia, I’ve seen it myself and tried some.

Want to experience this Nokia Lumia 900? Sign up as a trialist.

Why You Need A Managed IT and Professional Services

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Businesses seek to innovate in the most cost-effective way as possibly as they can while at the same time producing more valuable outputs for their efforts. This day, managing some aspects of your business can be challenging especially IT, manpower, and accounting amongst others.

Progressive companies have their IT support center centrally managed thus giving them more time to focus on their core functions. With a sound IT system, everything can run things smoothly without worries of delays or even downtime due to manpower issues, natural disasters, old-fashioned IT infrastructure, or the absence of a disaster recovery plan.

managed IT servicesAs for Professional services, assisted living marketing strategies formulate tools that are designed to track, log activities, follow-up, and communicate with prospects, families, and referrals any company deals with. There are seven (7) key elements of assisted living marketing that companies has to understand—referral source development, advertising, community outreach and inreach, PR, visits and tours, inquiries and family member communications, and the internet.

While Professional services doesn’t solely deal with the above, there are other core of business where they are much needed like in the social networking aspect such as getting leads from social networks, getting customers engaged with your brand online through these venues and conducting customer support via different channels aside from the traditional phone, snail mail and even email because right now, customers and clients try to engage and ask questions through social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which of course, a search and social media agency can be effective just in case your company does not have that much manpower to handle these areas you’d like to cover.

Embracing change and innovation doesn’t happen overnight but with the proper guidance and training, anything can be achieved. It’s just that…everything has a cost these days.

Make Your Website Mobile-ready and Apps Today

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Having an online presence today isn’t enough compared to the old times. Back then, a website is more than enough to get leads and make your presence felt in the World Wide Web. Today, it’s a totally different battlefield wherein having an online presence is not enough, you also had to have social network presence and of course, mobile presence. This only means that, many people are using their mobile phones to access information and is not anymore limited to the PC.

Tablets and mobile phones now provide a large user-base that consumes information and buys just about anything virtually., a mobile app development company based in Virginia, USA builds iPhone apps using the iOS platform. With iOS, they’re also an ipad application development company. One of their works is the RadarJet, an application built to view dynamic weather changes.

Also as an android phone application development company, they create Android apps for Android fans all over the world.

Not only that they make applications based on iOS and Android, they also make apps for Bada, an OS newly developed by Samsung which sells apps via the Samsung Apps Market.

Mobile Apps development plays a large part of the mobile industry we have today and continues to be one indispensable component. In order to stay competitive, companies must have an online presence, social network visibility and of course, a mobile app.

Shopper Engagement Rules for 2012 and beyond

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The past year highlights a tremendous change brought about by the boom of the digital marketplace which created an offset to the years of economic challenge and uncertainty.

Around the world, companies are always looking forward to the create the most creative and successful campaigns that will surely engage consumers in many different ways while at the same time learning from other companies as well collectively in terms of retail.

shopper engagementWith the advent of social media, companies are still yet to realize that they have not fully utilized these platforms to their advantage.

Some of the examples include facial recognition that is used in Japan on its vending machines that will help tailor fit its contents based on the profile of the person passing by. In London, a bakery uses Twitter to inform their customers when bakery goodies become available fresh from the oven.

In India, a snack brand uses Twitter to know if there are any branches where they are out-of-stock using the tweets sent to them by their followers.

The past year is a turning point of massive change, innovation and word-of-mouth marketing as the best advertising tool.

What every company should learn from these is to stay relevant and adapt to their constantly evolving customer expectations using these helpful shopper engagement rules first, by taking advantage of customer’s knowledge, encouraging users to write reviews which would later on influence shopper’s behavior, using gathered information to improve services, reward loyal customers, strengthen partnerships with suppliers and employees, and extensive research before doing anything.

This year brings a lot of promise but only by taking intelligent measures can help your company achieve its goals.

Corporate Marketing in the time of Social Media Dominance

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Marketing as a term has changed dramatically other the years. With the advent of social media, the term has had different derivatives like social media marketing, internet marketing, and multimedia marketing and so on. Corporate marketing may sound stiff and too formal but remains relevant up to this day.

What does it mean in today’s social network occupied users base? The answer depends on the implementation of marketing strategies and how it relates to the many.

corporate marketingBasic principles of marketing will still continue to push any efforts toward accomplishing goals. Nowadays, keeping your customers engaged in social media and online communities allow you to remain afloat with your customers’ wants and how they want your services and products to satisfy them. This way, you create a positive and tangible brand behavior and allow you to fulfill your brand promise.

It’s common to people to believe in other people who do what they say they do and this works the same way with companies who want to build their brand by creating brand engagement and building brand online communities.

When brands honestly engage with their user base and prospects, they create a deep level of understanding, advocacy and loyalty.

As a company, how would you like to engage?

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Contact Management Software

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Building strong relationships with your customers is the backbone of your business. Success is attributed to keeping your customers intact through support systems and online communities that will keep them engaged.

Using contact management software enables companies to cultivate customer relationships to promote brand awareness and sustainability. These tools will help you strengthen your relationships you’re your customers, streamline business processes and optimize your output.

contact management softwareApplication of Contact Management Software varies depending on the needs of your organization such as its size and complexity. If you haven’t thought of adapting one yet, here are the 5 (five) reasons why you should be getting a contact management software.

To keep you organized
Nothing is more important than a sound organization where all processes are running smoothly and is going to the right channels.

To help you collaborate
Keeps people within the organization on the same page. Keeps everyone focused on tasks with the same goal in mind.

Write business reports easier
Quickly generate business reports since all important data is readily available should it be needed.

Reward people with their efforts
With most companies looking at top performers in their organization, contact management software can best gather information from sales teams and the projects and projections in sales their looking forward to. This makes is easier for employers and /or companies to reward the best guys who are doing their job very well.

To get more profit
A boost in profit is what every company is looking forward to having annually. This keeps organizations afloat despite economic challenges. With contact management software, sales people and everyone in the organization can stay focus on their goals without minding tasks that eats their time thus making them more productive in the long run.

If you find these reasons valuable, then it’s definitely time to start using contact management software in order to make your company do better, work smoother and for your profits to skyrocket in no time.