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Cut Your Phone Bills in Half with Straight Talk

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This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

With a staggered economy, consumers are force to make wise decisions especially when it comes to spending their hard earned money. Having a smartphone maybe a thing of today but along comes with it is the cost of calls, texts and data.

Today, telecom companies battle head to head in terms of customer acquisition so most of the time, it’s these plans or options that they have that drive customers towards them and cost effective plans offer just about everything you need from savvy phones, data plan, texts and calls.

Straight Talk offers just about the same attractive plans that you can find in the market today. Consider the amount of money you can save by using this service. No lock-in periods or contracts, no surprise bills, and no credit checks. It has great nationwide coverage and decent connectivity so you can call a friend from anywhere in the world.

Straight Talk only uses trusted phone manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung. Among its monthly plans include the “All You Need Plan” which gives 1,000 minutes of talk, 1,000 texts and 30 MB of web data. Unlimited monthly service is $45 which includes calls, texts, picture messaging and web. You can also get the same features mentioned for one whole year for just $499.00 with 411 calls included at no extra charge.

Also there are free activation, reactivation and termination fees. You can also take advantage of their International Long Distance service plus a chance to avail any one of the wide variety of phones for as low as $10.

If you’re a student and you want to be hip without throwing money, your mom knows best, ask her. She talks straight.

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Emulate Classic Menus and Toolbars on MS Office 2007/2010 Ribbon

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Many of us don’t easily follow the trends or change our ways of doing things which is normal for various reasons. You cannot, of course, expect a senior to adapt to a certain system or OS for reasons of familiarity and adeptness. Even professionals in many different fields don’t embrace change so openly unless otherwise training is provided by the corporate environment. In other words, it’s not easy to adapt to changes and some even dreads it.

For people who have been using MS Office 2003, 2000, or 98 for years, they may find using MS Office 2007/2010 very complicated. I even have a hard time myself, until now, finding what I need to click while typing or editing documents, inserting icons, or special characters despite having used one since its release, what more for the first-time users?

Demo Shots Word 2007 shortcuts

If you’re so adept in using MS Office version 2003 or older and you find using the newer version difficult and having to learn it reduces your productivity overtime, there’s another way out.

An application has been developed that will Add Office 2007 menus in Ribbon for emulate the look and feel of classic menus and toolbars normally seen on older versions of MS Office to appear on the newer versions of MS Office which are 2007 and 2010.

The objective is using the newer version of MS Office while keeping your familiarity with the old or classic menus and toolbars from the old version intact. Not all people are blessed with so much time for studying a new piece of software when they can be productive with their work instead.

Check out this software ‘cause this might just be the one you’re looking for.

Tired of slow and unresponsive PC? Check this out!

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Thousands of PCs users encounter problems with their PC like hang ups, longer boot times and browsing that takes forever to complete especially with computers that are a bit out dated. You don’t really need a new one each time you have problems with it, it just needs reconditioning to make it work like you first bought it—fast, efficient and boots up quickly.

Speed Up My PC Software can fix these hangups and make your system running like new again. With Speed Up My PC Software, you can improve computer speed up to 500% plus it can protect your privacy using patented security features leaving no room for cyber thieves from getting into your system to steal valuable information.

slow pcThis tool also improves your internet speed dramatically and doing this process is automated so you can be sure to have plenty of time to do other things than just focusing on one task.

With over 4 million users of this software, you can be sure that it has been tried and tested to work. Among its other features include automation that gets rid of junk files, cleans out the registry and defragments disk space in the background while you do other things. A disk optimizer which improves boot up performance , a System Protector that keeps away viruses and spywares at bay, a Driver Updater for checking updates and a Data Recovery tool which will restore accidentally removed or deleted files and a whole bunch of other useful stuff that you couldn’t find on any computer optimization tool.

Go ahead, try it now and see for yourself!

Software to Unlock an iPhone?

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Have you ever thought of the idea of unlocking your iPhone? If other phone models can be unlocked by some type of software, these days, it’s not impossible that an iPhone can’t be. While you can find many software sellers around left and right promising about unlocking your smartphone from Apple, think again. Who knows, you just mind find the right one from this site.

Though I normally don’t post unlock software like this here because I’m not sure of its legality, I took the liberty of doing so and leave it to my reader’s discretion.

Simmy is iTrappedJust a few things to remember, using an Unlock iPhone Software is not for the novice since it may require technical know-how. You don’t want to screw up your phone and leave us responsible for it so use it with caution or ask an expert to do it for you.

The idea of unlocking the iPhone has been around in the market some few years ago and like I said, it’s a bit complicated. When I say complicated, it might as well be difficult. These steps may require users to take their iPhone apart and rebuild it which, again, may cause damage to your phone.

Jailbreaking the iPhone is done when an iPhone user wants to install free iPhone applications that were previously not allowed in the Apple App Store for iPhones. The benefit of Jailbreaking the iPhone 3G/3GS/4 is that you gain full access to the iPhone’s firmware and therefore you are able to change many things that previously weren’t possible to change.

This process however can be performed on the iPhone 5 using the iPhone 5 unlock Software that you can find by clicking on any of the links on this article. Again, as I said, use it and do it with precaution. Reader discretion is advised.

Learning the Basics of SEO for Marketing Efficiency

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The emergence of social media networks validated the need for businesses to build strong customer relationship. While Facebook and Twitter leads the mainstream social media channel, we still cannot discount the fact that searches online are massive and as millions of users around the globe converge on the internet, SEO has just become an enormous battleground for start-ups and existing businesses in order to thrive and survive.

With almost every SEO practitioners striving to get higher search engine rankings on the big three—Google, Yahoo and Bing, the nature and technicality of SEO has been long vague and unexplored. It has remained unravelled up to this time despite unprecedented studies and experiments conducted by various web masters and internet marketing geniuses.

However, knowing the basics from search engine advice give a much clearer view on how to look at SEO from a marketing stand point. Ecommerce website solutions from SEO Dallas provide most of its clients a clear view of what’s needed to be achieved. As Google continues to change its ranking algorithm, the main turning point of SEO practice is to have it aligned to what works and what doesn’t.

Google search results

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enables websites to appear on web search results in a numerically ordered sequence with the first having the closest relevance to a search term or query being made with so many factors affecting each rankings including but not limited to local factors which affects search results depending on establishments of proximity of where the search has been made online, e.g. a user from the United States are more likely to see establishments from the US or near his IP or area if he chose to use “hotel” as a search term also called local search.

Pay per click advertisers; however, utilize the upper portion of search results, normally seen right above the organic search results in Google wherein these establishments or companies pay for a certain amount on a specific keyword and bids on it on Google. The winner with the highest bid takes the first spot for that specific search term.

In normal practice, it is very difficult to achieve the first spot in the organic search results, it even takes years especially on highly competitive keywords such as computers, hotels, cars, etc., the more weight a webmaster gives on long tail specific keywords, the more likely that a webpage gets a spot, at least in the top ten but then, the page’s content gives more weight to make it more relevant to a particular search term or keyword.

Marketers, who know as least, the basics on how to get SEO work to their advantage, the more likely they are to achieve the desired rankings for their business in search results pages (SERP).

Survey Linking Internet Explorer to Low Intelligence: A Hoax

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Last week, software technical support services employees were elated with vindication when a website identifying itself as Canadian web consultancy firm, Aptiquant, released a survey of “100,000 internet users” which showed that those who choose Microsoft’s Internet Explorer over other web browsers were markedly less intelligent. For the majority of tech geeks and web enthusiasts, the findings proved something they’d seemingly known for years: only dummies use the default PC web browser. The survey hit the blogosphere like wildfire and caught the attention of major news networks overnight.

internet explorer iconThere was only one problem: the survey wasn’t real, and neither was the web consultancy firm that had allegedly conducted it.

Despite being one of the first major news organizations to break the story, the BBC looked into the survey a little harder this week after readers started to seriously doubt the validity of the findings. Granted, nobody thought the survey was scientific or a true indicator of Internet-user intelligence, but what the BBC discovered did shock everyone.

It turns out that Aptiquant, the firm that claimed responsibility for the survey, was completely fictitious despite the creator of the hoax going to great lengths to conceal the true nature of the imaginary consultancy. The Aptiquant website included images and data lifted from a French web-development firm.

The firm, which calls itself Central Test, published a press release denying any connection to the incident other than the fact that their website had been mirrored.

Unfortunately, for the countless computer technology connoisseurs who have been forever adamant about the appalling weakness of Internet Explorer, proof that the web browser is linked to low intelligence continues to be under scrutiny.

However, the pseudo-scandal does shed light on the ongoing battle of the web browser. Internet Explorer still struggles with a reputation for being the nitwit’s way to the net. The sentiment is so widespread that it took a week for anyone to bother to validate the claims made by the fictitious Aptiquant. Even though the survey was always viewed as just an elbow to the rib of IE users, it was considered believable that a survey of the habits of 100,000 web-users would result in those who prefer IE having lower intelligence on average.

So for Microsoft, who have been very optimistic about the positive reception of IE 9, the whole story is still depressing even if the survey isn’t true. It means people are willing to believe that Internet Explorer and idiocy go hand-in-hand. Survey or not, the prevalence of that sentiment is what should keep Microsoft’s IE department up at night.