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When to Use Ethernet

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Many new router models today are simply wireless. Think about it. How often do you see an Ethernet router or modem throughout the day? Generally you only see them anymore in businesses or in college dormitories. As a majority of people choose to go wireless, the need for Ethernet cords and routers doesn’t seem to be in as high of demand in regards to personal computers; however, I believe they are still highly useful.

Wireless connections can create all sorts of privacy options. It’s just easier to hack into a wireless internet account than it is a closed system. Ethernet Routers allow you to have that closed system when you don’t need to be wireless, such as in your home. If you always work with your computer at the same desk, there is no need to have a wireless router. You’re just asking for other unwanted users trying to get into your account and use your internet for free.

Home/Office ServerEthernet connections are also still ideal for businesses, because technicians know the systems and are able to easily work on them. They are also able to be easily integrated into already existing systems. Another perk to Ethernet systems on both the personal and professional sides, is that they tend to be less expensive than other more evolved systems. So you basically get the same speed for daily functions like checking email and browsing your website for a reduced rate. Sign me up. I think we could all stand to save a few bucks.

However, Ethernet does have a few downfalls. For large scale companies needing to use their internet for multiple functions at incredibly high speeds, Ethernet isn’t their best option. Ethernet doesn’t support high-speed LANs easily and can sometimes struggle to keep up with high volumes of demands for critical functions. Ethernet has evolved over the last few years though to provide greater functioning levels.

When it comes to internet, I believe that Ethernet really is a good stand-by for any home or business where individuals don’t need to be mobile. It’s easy to use and maintains itself fairly well. If anything does go wrong with your Ethernet modem or router, it’s easy to replace and easy to update. You really couldn’t ask for a more user-friendly system.

Solid State-of-the-Art

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If you’ve ever seen footage of aerospace training where they hurl someone on a centrifuge until they hurl themselves or pass out from the g-forces, then you have an idea of what a traditional disk drive looks like when it’s working. It’s essentially a spinning disk, like a CD-ROM, only at rotary speeds well beyond those of the aforementioned space travel training techniques humans can experience. When a hard drive or any object moving that fast is dropped, the results are usually pretty cool to look at if they weren’t so potentially tragic. Unless there’s a safeguard in the design, most moving hard drives that are dropped are usually destroyed on impact along with all the data on them. For this and other reasons, traditional disk drives are dangerous places to be putting precious pieces of information with no alternative backup storage.

solid state driveComputer and software designers already knew years ago, when disk drives were reaching their zenith, that solid state storage products were ultimately going to replace most hard disk drives in future computers. It’s simply the natural progression of things. Above all there is significant increases in storage safety when the storage device has no moving parts. This reduces the chance of dropping the overall computer or storage unit itself leading to permanent loss of data or damage. You simply can’t count out the possibility of dropping a computer no matter how careful you think you are so that matters a lot. The other important indicator that solid state is primed to take over memory for good is that lack of magnetic interference doing damage to the memory. Traditional disk drives, much like their floppy predecessors, are extremely vulnerable to outside magnetism causing complete memory wipe-out. Storage units sans risk of magnetic destruction are going to matter a lot with the rise of the pocket-size computer.

Which works great considering that solid state storage is a lot smaller than the necessary amount of hard disk space for a comparable amount of data. But the technological breakthroughs of putting so much on so little are not without their costs, literally. Currently a consumer can get a hold of a 1TB hard drive for about $100 bucks. That same amount of storage space costs $4000 if you’re buying a solid state drive. The differential won’t be permanent nor will solid state drives always be so expensive; analysis indicates that solid state prices drop 50% every two years as technology increases. In the meantime the kind of memory needed for large scale projects is a little hard for consumers to attain in solid state form but eventually it’ll be priced accordingly.

Solid state memory is more complex in design compared to traditional hard disk drives but far more simple in structure. The less movement, the better, as far as computer technology goes. Eventually we’ll arrive at a point where all home computing is performed through a single solid drive hub hooked to a household mainframe and accessed by remote devices throughout the day. Until then keep spinning.

Web Hosting for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

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Just when you thought that having customers at your store is enough, think again. With millions of internet users increasing each day, you might want to get a least a decent slice of the eyes of these people. The internet is a vast space and with its large sphere of influence, you can basically spread the word out about your business—your products and or services.

serversFirst thing, you must have a website in order to have your business’ presence felt on the internet. However, in order for you to run your website on the internet, you must have a web server, something that would power your website to become live to millions of people on the internet. It’s like paying your utilities but this time, it’s your website. The company that runs those web servers is your web hosting provider and the process of hosting your website on their servers is called web hosting.

Some mid-sized businesses that have been on the internet for quite some time already operates under managed hosting simply because it gives them more freedom from in-house costs of administering web servers, backing-up and security update monitoring and installation.

Web-based businesses who already own their own servers can take advantage of colocation, wherein existing hardware (servers) is housed in an enterprise-class facility with adequate space, temperature control, and utmost security.

Web hosting can be tricky and with the presence of many new players like cloud, you can easily get bumped into something that you might not really know about and when that happens, always ask for advice.

Accessible Media for Special and Not So Special People

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This post brought to you by Accessible Media Inc.. All opinions are 100% mine.

We have witnessed so many inspiring stories of people with disabilities and special needs who have lived their lives a lot better than most abled people around us. They continue to inspire the many people they encounter each day and with their struggles to keep up and live as examples that despite their condition, it has never been a road block to keep them from bringing out the best in them and enriching their lives and the people around them.

Jeff Berwick is just one of the many living proof that a physical disability is not a hindrance to live productively as part of the society and to nurture a family. Jeff has lost his sense of sight at age 13 but you cannot see him despair over his physical disability.

Watch him throughout his daily grind and how we triumphs over the challenges of his physical condition.

Jeff is just one of the many people taking advantage of the services provided by Accessible Media, a non-profit multimedia organization operating two broadcast services, VoicePrint and The Accessible Channel – TACtv, and a companion website (

AMI serves more than five million Canadians who are visually impaired or blind, print-restricted, deaf or hearing impaired, learning disabled, mobility impaired, or those in need of literacy skills or learning English as a second language, by making print, broadcast and online media accessible.

The next time we see people like Jeff, let’s ask ourselves, if this man’s disability does not make him any less of a better person, what can I do to make mine like him?

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How Intuit Can Help You Build Your Website from Scratch

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Many local businesses have embraced the idea of going online in order to market their products and services. If you are one of the few who has not taken advantage of the online arena, there’s still time and there are a bunch of help that you can get out there but you may have to choose wisely from the many providers of online website development.

Building a website from scratch can be painful at the beginning especially to those who does not have the experience and skills however; there have been wondrous developments on this field designed by experts that help newbies build their own sites in just a few minutes.

Intuit website creation by Homestead can help you build your own website from the ground and up without requiring technical skills like coding HTML, and PHP. With Intuit’s user interface, you can create stunning websites in minutes via drag-and-drop. All you need to have is a little artistic taste and you are good to go on your own.

Intuit Website CreationCustomizing the fonts and the readily available texts from over 2000 professionally designed templates make the task easier plus thousands of beautiful graphics will help you create your ideal website that fits your business image.

Building a website does not have to be rigorous. These days, adopting a contractor or a professional web developer can cost thousands of dollars but with a simple tool like Intuit, there’s no reason why you can’t create your own. Once you have created your website, it’s already a one giant step in making your business known to the world via the internet.