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SPARQCode: Mobile Engagement Made Easy

February 12, 2011 | By | 2 Replies More

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Most smartphones have the capability to read barcodes or what otherwise known as QR matrix code which normally resembles a graphical representation of an information that is made readable for mobiles and may contain information such as websites, social media network URLs, contact information, etc.

There are a bunch of providers on the web offering this web application and over a short span of time along with the boom of the smartphone market, these QR codes have come into play in generating user or fans for various purposes like getting leads, Facebook fans, community members and the like.

With the help of a qr code generator like the one’s provided by SPARQCode, businesses and social media networks are getting as much leverage from the growing mobile internet users and through this, it enables a whole new way of engagement with the brand, prospects or users of these existing establishments or networks who have embraced the idea.

Using the barcode scanner on smartphones, these QR Codes returns the information in a form of links accessible from any mobile phone browser. And these QR codes can be distributed in countless ways including but not limited to publishing on websites, blogs, apparel, t-shirts, paper and many others and being black, this blends well with any color in its surroundings.

Get yours now from SPARQCode! It’s free.

Software Critics Turns Two!

February 11, 2011 | By | 2 Replies More

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This post was three days overdue but then, I still opted to put into writing the milestones that this blog has accomplished over the past years. This tech blog may be young but over the short span of time, it has come into a point where its accomplishments are worth being proud of.

Tennis-themed birthday cakeI was thankful when I started this site back in 2008, technically domain turned two years old last February 8, 2011, it marks two brilliant years of survival in the blogosphere and still making progress and going strong despite less updates because yours truly’s busy schedule.

I want to thank the many readers of this site and the bloggers who were always there and never forget to visit. I also would like to thank the advertisers who have been part of this site and those who were soon to come. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In two years time, this blog has been recognized by the local blogging community for twice in a row including last year’s Philippine Blog Awards nomination for Best Technology Blog for 2010 although I never tasted victory in the last couple of years, I’m still honoured to be nominated.

There’s no need to brag about how this site has been doing in terms of revenue but a constant stream of Google Adsense payout after every two months would be enough as a measure not including the revenue generating sponsored posts coming from different sources monthly.

This is just the beginning of something big to come and hopefully more years of existence in the blogosphere. Join me in celebrating this victory and it’s you my readers who have made this all possible.