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YapTime is Facebook Alternative with More Privacy

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This post brought to you by YapTime. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you ever get tired of Facebook’s pseudo friend requests and can’t really be yourself when you want to? Then create yourself some space for a really serious private social network, try YapTime.

YapTime is a free service designed for social groups which promotes privacy within the confines of your social circle giving each member the ability to communicate via YapRooms which boosts privacy on these gathering places exclusive only for selected members’ access.

The members of YapRooms have the ability to set discussions, share photos, videos, and events using group calendars only within the confines of the group. New members can only join via invite from an existing member of the group. Unlike Facebook, you never have to worry about pseudo-friend requests, privacy concerns and newsfeed clutters with senseless posts. All related group communication is located in one secure place with no folders to keep for proper tracking.

YapTime has an enhanced user-interface with easily threaded conversations and a “send-to-all” type of correspondence with nobody left behind.

YapTime is concerned about safer networking so you’ll know who’s friending your kids and the like. YapTime addresses the threat and bigger social issues that are imposed by large and open social networks.

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Why Buy The New HTC 7 Pro?

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If you were enjoying the features and the likeable functionalities of Windows 7 on your PC, then, you’re also going to love it on the HTC 7 Pro mobile phone without question. The HTC Pro being a Windows 7 phone is more than just your regular smartphone with a dedicated slide and a tilt QWERTY keyboard making video viewing, hands-free and typing a pleasant experience.

As a smartphone, the HTC 7 Pro allows viewing and editing of the latest Office docs on your phone, reduce clutter on unread, urgent, or flagged messages in your Outlook inbox. Likewise, use SharePoint® in group or team project collaboration.

Unlike any other cheap mobile phones out there, the HTC 7 Pro boasts a 3.6 inch capacitive WVGA display alongside its large physical keypad complete with a pixel resolution of 480 x 800, a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and 720p HD video capture, Dolby Mobile surround sound and 16GB of storage for all of your files.
Like most smartphones, HTC Hub supports apps that matter to business people like managing your portfolio and a whole lot more.

HTC 7 Pro is a 3G phone with up to 7.2 Mbps and up to 2 Mbps download speed and upload speed, respectively. It has GPRS, G-Sensor, a digital compass, a proximity sensor and an ambient light sensor. The HTC 7 Pro is a Quad band phone weighing 185 grams and has a battery which allows up to 330 minutes of talk-time or 360 hours on standby.

If you’re the type who likes the beauty of slide and tilt screen on a fancy QWERTY keyboard, you’ll definitely enjoy using the HTC 7 Pro mobile phone. Grab reasonably cheap 7 pro deals on now while it lasts.

Banco de Oro Closing Bank Accounts Without Prior Notice!

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I always thought that banking is the safest way to keep your money and manage your finances but when that trust is tarnished by faulty customer retention system, you simply have no one else to depend and rely on.

Online banking transactions had been part of my living since I started engaging online by developing websites and accepting advertisers on this site so my finances are entrusted to banks that should hold greater responsibility and retain my business should they incorporate professionalism and sincerity in their corporate philosophy but it seems it’s all gone in today’s evidently flawed Philippine banking system.

Paypal is the primary payment method I use to accept payments from clients and most Filipino online workers adapt the system as well. Withdrawing Paypal funds directly to bank accounts are often used aside from credit cards. Unionbank’s EON does it with their e-banking service, other banks does it as well simply by using Paypal bank codes connected to a Paypal account. It takes days and bank charges are applied to the expected amount on the card prior to withdrawal on any Visa or Mastercard ATM machine.

I usually withdraw my Paypal funds to my EON account but since last year, for four consecutive weeks, money from my Paypal account took weeks to arrive to my bank account so I decided to use my other bank account, the one with BDO (Banco de Oro).

The transaction happened last Wednesday of this week so I’m expecting that the funds should arrive on my BDO bank account by Friday at least so I called the bank to check since the online banking access is advising “unsuccessful transaction” when I checked.

BDO thumbs downI called BDO Call Center Hotline, the lady told me that my account has been closed. I was stunned. Alright, I know that my account fell-off the required maintaining balance because of the many expenses last holiday season but my question is…why am I not informed prior? Shouldn’t I have the right to be informed that my account is closing before they even tried closing it?

The lady at the call center gave me the branch phone number where I opened my account and nobody’s answering the damn phone. It pushed me to find another way to reach them so I checked their website for the branch’s phone number. The lady at the call center have no way to callout which is effin stupid! How can the bank’s call center agent cannot even callout and connect to the local branch office when I’m on my mobile phone and the bill’s rolling?!

Helpless that I am, I gave the branch office a call. I have to dial twice just to speak with a person. It’s like nobody cares to answer the damn phone. That’s what you call great phone etiquette, as if I wasn’t calling a bank where phonelines should be answered by the second time it rings!

Here I go with a banking personnel, told me the account was closed. No prior notice, not even an email, an SMS, phone call, nada, null. I was wandering how hard it is to send an email nowadays especially from banks! I guess they only send emails for promotional purposes and upselling but in cases like these, it came to my mind that they were saying, “Who cares if a customer leaves? There are new ones coming-in everyday anyway?!”

The lady bank personnel told me that my account has been closed since January 1, 2011. She even asked if this was advised prior to my opening an account. I wasn’t told about it and if I do, I may have forgotten it because I was busy making money so I can make a deposit to their f***ng bank but it’s not an excuse for something that I should know as my right being a customer!

What a way to welcome your customers these New Year, huh BDO?! She said it was automated, meaning the bank’s system had it closed. Fine! I got that, but there should be a system where an auto-generated email is sent when an account is set to close?

I’ve put up a web hosting service back in 2010 so I know that somehow there’s a way to do that. Billing systems for ecommerce sites do that. Power, Telecoms, ISPs, cable TVs do that! How can that be so hard? It should have been programmed. Come on! This is 2011 and this bank still don’t get it!

Now, I’m stuck. I’m not sure when the bank will reverse the Paypal transaction so the fund goes back to my Paypal account. I’m helpless and all that’s left in me is hope that it will despite reading countless horrible experiences online with Paypal to Banco de Oro withdrawal transactions.

Maybe it was my fault that I did not check my bank account prior to withdrawing my Paypal funds but what I was trying to point out here is that, I should have been informed by the bank that my savings account is closing in and I should do something prior to January 1, 2011.

Haven’t they thought of retaining my business? All I can say is, OMG! Banco de Oro sucks like hell!

To you my dear reader, you be the judge. And to other banks out there, please, try to learn something from this and correct the bad practice.

Ever get screwed by your bank? Share your stories.

Online Backup and Sync Redefined by SpiderOak

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Just when you thought that Dropbox is the last resort when it comes to online backup, think again, I have tried them before but wasn’t that happy with their service. Having reviewed several online backup providers in the past, I think I have much to say when it comes to which service does well.

SpiderOak, to those who were not familiar, offers online backup service similar to Dropbox but does it differently when it comes to overall user interface and experience. If you’re familiar with Dropbox, you may find it really simple to use but SpiderOak offers a different approach to backing-up your data.

SpiderOakI just can’t show you how the interface looks because it was on my PC and I’m on a laptop as I write, however, SpiderOak allows auto back-up feature whenever you want. Of course, you may have to set the program to open at start-up. While you do so, you can sync your files from one PC to another, meaning, it allows you to access your files whenever you need it. The only difference though is you can discretely control which folders or data are made accessible.

Also, if you admire their service, you can subscribe for more storage space, thus, allowing you to backup your entire PC and restore them to a new desktop or laptop in case you transferred.

Fast downloads and quick response times are a must nowadays so you can’t be wrong with them, unlike Dropbox, I’d say SpiderOak offers faster upload speeds which won’t depress you.

While most software works on almost all OS, you can definitely assure that SpiderOak is compatible with most existing OSes like Windows, Linux and Mac. Mobile users can also enjoy the benefits of backing up files using SpiderOak’s mobile apps for Android, iPhone and iPad.

Just when you thought that when you lost internet connection or when the power goes out during backup you’re screwed, no, SpiderOak always protects your data.

How about their pricing? Well, most online backups out there can be very expensive but SpiderOak makes it affordable without jeopardizing the quality of service they render.

This post is brought to you by our friends from SpiderOak.