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Globe Tattoo Holiday Holdup

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USB Internet can be a life saver especially at times when you need to connect to the internet when you’re in a place that is not a hotspot or when your home wi-fi connection is down and you need to work.

The latter case applies to me so I ended up buying a Globe Tattoo USB dongle last December 21st. My brother bought it for me on a service center located in SM Fairview, Quezon City, Philippines for 1,245 Php (Philippine peso) which is about $28.95USD.

My brother upon buying was told that he cannot return it. What?! No return?! I don’t plan on exchanging it for another dongle, why?! Read on.

Globe Tattoo

What’s with the prior notice when this telco company ‘s product can really deliver? Come to think of it.

I installed the USB dongle. It worked. I loaded the pre-paid dongle with 55.00Php just to make it work.

The next thing I know, I was browsing the internet at such an utterly depressing speed of 0.0-9.0 kbps which is a ton slower than a freakin’ turtle.

Having a presence in social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook, I decided to contact these guys on Twitter @Talk2GLOBE about getting a refund but they never did answer my question instead they offered some workarounds that I don’t even need and if I do, it doesn’t even work on my Windows 7 OS laptop.

They even reasoned out that the effin’ dongle was not compatible with my OS and trying to put words into my mouth, they could almost tell me to wait until Huawei released a software update.

Guys at Globe, come on! You can do better than this but it seems that your customer service via Twitter is just disgusting and useless.

If you guys can walk away with my money and leave me with a useless internet USB, the rest of the world will have to judge which actions matter credit. Despite incompatibility reason with the USB and my OS, it’s not an excuse not to give a due refund to something that is bought but barely even work.

I just couldn’t count how many times the internet connection was cut-off per minute. It was a definite fail.

Telecom holdups happen and when you’ve fallen into their trap of no return, no refund policy, consumer protection is annihilated.

In a world where every single cent matters to a consumer, a good buy is a reward and companies with legitimate customer concern act accordingly but those who does otherwise are best removed on your trust list.

Bad customer service equate to bad business practices. When you do find posts like these, spread the word to protect yourselves and others, being this ugly Globe Tattoo holiday holdup experience is an example, of blunt consumer abuse. So much to my dismay, these bad practices chooses no season, even on holidays when people are expected to share some love…but I got otherwise.

Add Tab Functionality on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with Office Tabs

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We all know that tabbed browsing can be found only on IE, Firefox and other widely used browsers. This functionality makes it easier for us to switch from one webpage to another with ease. While this functionality is normal to almost all existing internet browsers, this may seem to be uncommon on Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Many versions have already been released but it seems that this functionality was never even planned to put into use. While the software giant has no intention of getting this added to future releases, the good thing is that tabbed functionality can now be implemented via an add-in called Office Tab which is designed for Microsoft Office’s Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Office Tab includes three (3) Office add-ins: Workbook Tabs for Excel, Document Tabs for Word and Presentation Tabs for PowerPoint.

With Office Tab, you can open multiple documents in a tabbed window of Microsoft Office 2010, 2007 or 2003 with ease just like browsing on your favorite web browser.

Eliminate minimization of multiple opened documents through this tabbed interface to better manage your documents, save time and increase productivity.

Tabs for Projects, on the other hand, brings tabbed browsing to the Microsoft Project interface within a single window.

Grab this software now and change the way you work with documents. Get easy, get savvy.

Beware of Internet Robbery via ActiveDen Scripts the Envato Way

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“Nineteen days has passed and the verdict was released, but justice wasn’t served…”


These are the words that I could describe such a horrible ordeal that I have faced for the first time when I bought a flash-based script online. I never thought that online thieves can be fiercer than those in the streets.

The real robbers are those that you can’t see face to face, they are the one’s lurking online…faceless…masking behind a virtual space waiting for its prey.

It was nineteen days ago when I purchased something online. A script which I initially thought could make this site look better but I was wrong. I paid a small amount of just $6.00 as described on the page but when I was about to checkout my cart, there was a hidden surcharge of $2.00 which makes it $8.00 total.

My initial response was a bit surprising but I continued buying the item because I thought it could make this site look cooler. What I bought? An AS3 LED NEWS TICKER by nhstudio from ActiveDen, one of Envato’s sites.

I always thought that learning something new was good but at times, it can be a hurdle. But since I have purchased something from the site, I thought that I could get some support but I was wrong. I asked the author on how to install the news ticker on WordPress but to my surprise, he doesn’t know. I asked support on Twitter, and to their defense, they told me this,

“Hi Math, I’m sorry, though we highly encourage author support it is not required or included by default. ^DD” (

Why in the world can somebody selling scripts do not require support for clients? Why can an author forget to instruct prospective users that their scripts cannot be used on certain platforms?!

No matter how you gauge the issue, a customer has to get support from the seller in case there are questions and that a seller or any third-party seller must have the responsibility and the goodwill to provide such, as a courtesy, unless the latter word is not on their vocabulary.

I merely downloaded the script tried using it but never had any results. No support or whatsoever. How am I supposed to use something that I bought when I have no idea how to use it? Maybe I became so excited that I did not make any research on the whereabouts of ActiveDen and Envato Support’s reputation as a seller.

I have been marketing and selling my services online but I am proud that I have never resorted into robbing people’s money with deceit and fraud because I was raised to be good and we Filipinos know how to treat our fellow human being with respect and justice.

I raised a Paypal dispute and escalated the issue for a claim since Envato is not willing at all to give me a refund for grounds that my claim was not due to an item that is bought but not received as it was, or is defective.

My grounds is not being able to use something that I bought and because there is no support to back it up, how am I going to keep it?! That simple.

I am really sad and disappointed that Paypal did not realize that reason. I have been transacting financials with them for almost two years as a Premier Account holder but it seems that they have overlooked that so I ended up losing eight f***ng US dollars from the hands of these unscrupulous online marketers.

Why did I say that ActiveDen and Envato are robbers? Because they steal my money! Stealing is a crime. Not giving my refund and my due is favoring the robbers.

I still have the files; I’m not interested in keeping it anyway. I couldn’t even use it. They can suck it up anytime they want.

Online marketers and web developers like me can earn more than $8 dollars anyway but no matter how small, it’s still money. A hard earned money.

My only advice, never ever deal with neither ActiveDen nor Envato nor any of Envato’s businesses. Why? They don’t give a damn once you buy from them. You can’t guarantee support and no effin’ refund or whatsoever so deal with it.

No use filing a claim on Paypal or a dispute, it won’t work. They will only tell you that your account has been locked because of the dispute or claim and they cannot open it nor do something about it. What a classic alibi from a robber!

I have never experienced this with any online businesses before; web hosting companies don’t do this. Reputable companies don’t do this!!!

I always knew how to be careful when on the streets whenever I have something valuable with me but I never thought that dealing with these kinds of people online is far worse. Call it cyber robbery or anything you feel like it but whatever words you may describe it, it’s still stealing…and stealing is a crime.

The internet is becoming more and more dangerous than ever and I hope that you who are reading this will spread the word and learning something.

Software Critics is Finalist at the Philippine Blog Awards 2010

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The Philippine blogging community yearly recognizes the finest blogs and bloggers all over the country with its annual blog awards dubbed as the Philippine Blog Awards which started since 2007. For two years in a row, Software Critics has been recognized as one of the best in its niche, the technology category, for being a Finalist for two consecutive years including this year’s awards to be held at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium in RCBC Plaza Makati on December 12, 2010, today, at around 7pm.

Amazing blogs and bloggers all over Luzon will converge on this much awaited event. Witness the best and the brightest from the Philippine blogging scene today!

6 Reasons Why Localized Domains Are Better Than Generic TLDs

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Webmasters have long been attracted to the .com and .net TLDs since the web started to boom but as the web evolves and the battle for search engine rankings become highly coveted, online users are coming up with a more specific search criteria that most of the search engine results pages could not perfect and due to the vast amount of online information, the advantage of local domains are taking place.

Bloggers and web developers who are targeting the local audience are considering domain search under the local domain extension such as .ph for Philippines or .ca for Canada and for the UK. Almost every domain name right now has its local counterparts especially with big ecommerce sites and domain name search is becoming much of a burden but regardless, the returns are more appealing because of these reasons:

1. Since local domains are geared toward local users or audiences, small businesses benefit on organic searches and since they are geo-targeted, most results can help users find establishments in the local area being the listing first on the serps.

2. As mentioned earlier, since big businesses have local counterparts, it’s sometimes easier for them to extend scope and gather more eyes since some local directories only accept local domain listings.

3. Geo-location affects search engine results and this impacts the number of clicks a site gets and since local domains are targeted, they get more leads instead.

4. While local domains are geared towards target market, this not only boost business presence but also link popularity. Sites in the same geographical area are more likely to link to a website in the same geographical area thus getting more link juice from local sources.

5. The mere fact that localized domains attract more links, they also have the more powerful internal links. As per SEO value, internal links are helpful in keeping the link juice from flowing within the pages of a site.

6. Though Google favors the .com being a TLD (top-level domain), in terms of today’s search algorithm, a local domain normally outranks a .com site with the same content on local search results pages or local versions of search.

The advantages of localized search are becoming apparent as businesses become more locale and specific. With search results rankings becoming more competitive than ever, the shifting of focus on this area gives much hope for smaller businesses and startups to gain momentum and survive in this sluggish economic conditions.

From Zero to Hero: The Google Pagerank Update 2010

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Unbeknownst to regular web users, webmasters have become keen over the last few years about the stats their web properties are getting especially now that search engine rankings are constantly becoming more of a business than just a competitive part of maintaining online presence.

The impact of Google pagerank still plays a part in any web optimization strategy. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practitioners strive to propel their websites up in the search engine results pages (SERPs), even freelance web developers compete in this industry so the more they’re able to move their websites up in the ranks for targeted keywords, the more credible they become.

Google PagerankI won’t be discussing the nature of Google pagerank in detail here but the simplest would be—Pagerank is achieved when more quality sites link to your website and that for Google is counted as a vote. A rather corporate standpoint of explaining how the relevancy of a site linking to another and the factors affecting a website’s ranking can be read from Google’s Technology overview page.

My previous post about the pagerank drop of this site back in October simply proves that the algorithm changes and that the search engine giant is working at the background.

Positively, just the other day, Software Critics’ pagerank went back to 3 from nil. The green bar is finally back and that means, its harvest time.

The greenbar if you may ask matters to almost every webmasters as it matters more to advertisers. Sponsors pay for links and in return, bloggers or webmasters earn revenue. SEO practitioners get credibility and rates increase when their projects get some PR boost.

While established sites may lose some PR and retain it back at some point, traffic never ceases. It’s a proven fact. For more than a month that this site had lost its pagerank, its traffic never ceased.

Google was right when they pointed out that pagerank is not really something that webmasters should be focused on, instead efforts should be driven on producing quality content. The green bar is just an indicator not an exact measure.

Overtime, there are several metrices that need to be given attention like ROI, click-throughs, traffic, and social media referrals among others depending on the scope and nature of the website or web business.

If the green bar is somewhat giving you some blues, whine not but continue working hard.
Have you checked your site’s pagerank lately? Check it now to find out.

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Up next…what I did to regain my site’s pagerank. Stay tuned.