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Get the IT Pro Advantage with Free Network Monitoring and Help Desk Software from Spiceworks

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Most IT professionals struggle with efficiency brought by using separate tools or sticking to the old ways of manually performing specific functions, such as a routine network monitoring and PC audit.

Managing your network and performing a variety of tasks such as keeping track of all network activities, software installs, and hardware and peripheral changes can be tedious. However, these tasks can be done flawlessly with the help of the right network monitoring suite like Spiceworks‘ free network monitoring software, a robust tool for IT professionals and SysAdmins.

Spiceworks’ free network monitoring software allows you to easily monitor individual devices within your network simply by setting certain parameters such as available disk space, offline and online mode, and more. Once you have gathered information on a particular PC using a desired parameter, it can easily be monitored without any hassle.

While your network monitoring software runs in the background, you can track even the tiniest details on what has been going on with your system via alerts that are set-up across your environment. Normally, they are delivered into your email as it happens, like for example, whenever there’s new software installed or when something is altered. Also, managing email space on Spiceworks can be a breeze including Rackspace-hosted email accounts.

Network monitoring wouldn’t be justified without the ability to analyze bandwidth use which can be viewed via its user interface.

This software is indeed remarkable despite the fact that it was distributed freely on the internet for users in the IT industry to take advantage of. It has not failed my expectations and for a free network monitoring tool, I think it has covered all the basic features any software of its kind should have.

See Spiceworks Free Network Monitoring Software in action below.

Help Desk Software to Further Simplify IT

More than just monitoring a bunch of networks, Spiceworks also allows IT pros to address technical inquiries and requests. In order to gather these support cases all in one place, Spiceworks offers help desk software as part of their complete IT management software suite. The help desk feature makes it possible for IT pros and their corresponding teams or departments to manage their technical support issues and solve each submitted case.

This free help desk software allows IT personnel to receive, assign, create, and track support tickets or queries across different channels. In fact, Spiceworks expands its capability to create a web portal to manage tasks for trouble ticket handling. Likewise, it shares contact information and other announcements like maintenance schedules a whole lot more.

Like most help ticketing platforms, support queries can be answered quickly through emails (either manually or automated). That way, Spiceworks leverages mobile functionality to respond to support queries via smart phones for on-the-go resolution.

See Spiceworks Free Help Desk Software in action below.

Free IT for You and Me

It seems pretty clear that Spiceworks’ free network monitoring and help desk software is innovative. However, its most of all cost-effective since it is free!

With network monitoring and help desk along with a plethora of other features like warranty tracking, virtualization management, troubleshooting, and software audit tools, Spiceworks definitely raises the bar in software development by coming up with effective and highly useful tools for today and tomorrow’s IT pro.

For more information about the Spiceworks IT management desktop, visit

Does Noise Reduction Software Work on VoIPs?

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Recently, I have been testing the functionality of noise reduction software on several VoIP clients including Skype and Yahoo Voice via Yahoo Messenger IM client and it was quite surprising that behind the popularity of VoIPs, add-ons still have a long way to go before it could potentially drive users.

I tested SoliCall noise reduction software for VoIPs on both Skype and Yahoo Voice to determine if this kind of tool really works. This software according to its developer was also designed to work on Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk.


On Skype, the integration was very simple which can be done only by changing the Audio Settings (if you’re using the latest version) to SoliCall but that’s when it’s completely installed. This software also allows call recording on mp3 (mono/stereo) and wav format.

Saving the changes on Skype only happens after clicking the Save button however, once you try to get back to your settings, it returns to the way it was. So basically, you can’t really test how it performs on Skype. By the way, I’m using version

For Yahoo, the same things goes, it must be integrated first on Calling & Devices option within Preferences by selecting SoliCall then clicking on Save. Fortunately, it worked on Yahoo which means that I can do a test call and record it at the same time and I did.

The test call I’ve made was pretty short and it’s a bit better although I couldn’t say that it was perfect or good because I’m still hearing some background noise. I must say that it does some very slight improvements but those were not that too distinct just so you wouldn’t expect that much.

Overall, it still needs some work to do. Well, it’s still in beta but I was hoping that at least it should have worked on both my IM clients.

Do you think it’s worth trying out at this point? You be the judge.

If you know any similar type of software, please let me know. You can download SoliCall for free via this link.

Win $400 worth of Quality Video Training from TrainingVOD

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of TrainingVOD. All opinions are 100% mine.

Online training videos have never been so compelling and precise that it’s almost perfect to tell that watching every single course on TrainingVOD is crafted to surpass viewer expectations.

I have seen countless business training videos on every single website on the internet including those that have been adopted offline by some companies. But, I have never found an amazing resource of remarkable corporate and personal training videos that are concise, enticing and very informative as TrainingVOD.

With over 50 years of solid experience, business experts and consultants from Fortune 500 companies and start-ups gather together to create stunningly intelligent videos at small business prices for as low as $19.99 a month which allows you to gain access to over hundreds of business videos and 500 software courses, when you need it and where you need it.

Compared to typical how-to or training type videos, TrainingVOD video courses are optimized for maximum execution which means that it discusses each topic concisely and directly while at the same time considering your attention span so you wouldn’t feel bored or sleepy while viewing. After watching a course about setting Smart Goals, I have proven that it could almost make you feel like you’re part of a big training event. In fact, it even keeps you wanting to watch for more.

The videos are top-notch and are presented professionally, a caliber that only the best and the brightest trainers, not just ordinary video creators are behind each course.

Training DVDs and other online courses costs as much as $300-1,000 per DVD which is contrary to the cost-effective solution offered by TrainingVOD for most small and medium-sized businesses per course, topic, or both.

If you’re a business owner or somebody who’s planning to start a new venture or just simply wanting to get some free business skills training, then you are in for a draw to win $400 worth of free one year membership access to all business skills courses at TrainingVOD.

All you have to do is share this post on Twitter and/or Facebook and leave a comment below if you have done so. Each action entitles you an entry for the drawing wherein the winner will be announced on this page after a month. Every nationality can join. Regular paid membership to TrainingVOD however, is open only for US residents at the moment.

You may visit the site via this link to take a quick video tour on what the site has to offer and feel free to browse through a 45 second preview on each of the courses that you find interesting.

Visit my sponsor: TrainingVOD

This contest has officially ended and a winner has been announced. A blogger from Texas named John Sullivan of gets the prize of $400 worth of video training from

Cloud File Sharing from HostedFTP Invades the Blogosphere

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Who would have thought that you can also maximize the power of cloud servers for file sharing? Yes, you’ve read it right. File sharing in the cloud using Amazon Web Services Cloud.

This giant leap in file sharing is miles better than the over-hyped Dropbox and the costly services available today. File sharing has never been this good. In fact, it’s blazing fast and you could see that files are being transferred in just a blink of an eye.

I’ve tried it myself and it was definitely amazing. You’ll love it. Want some more?

HostedFTP is a privately owned corporation based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada which provides businesses with reliable, secure and easy-to-use file sharing services hosted purely in the cloud.

Powered by Amazon Web Services Cloud servers, HostedFTP is going to knock you down with its speed which no other file sharing services can match.

An account with HostedFTP includes a FTP server hosting in the cloud as mentioned above, a file sharing plugin which you can brand, customize and implement to your website, and finally, the cloud storage which you can assign with specific drivers or folders with prior privacy protection and added security such as TLS/SSL connections.

A personal account with HostedFTP usually costs $10 per month for 10GB storage; group or multi-user account costs $40 per month while enterprise or multi-user/group accounts costs 80 per month.

These prices are fairly understandable because of the cost of cloud servers which were also evident on Cloud Web Hosting.

HostedFTP has chosen Software Critics to be one of the few sites to offer an exclusive lifetime discount of 10% for its readers. Yes, you’ve read it right. No expiration. Simply use promo code SOC upon check-out.

HostedFTP wouldn’t want you to just buy without trying their service so they are offering a 30-day free trial. You can sign-up here for your 30-day trial.

But wait, there’s absolutely more!

You wouldn’t believe this but HostedFTP, in cooperation with Software Critics, sponsors a grand giveaway of 1 (one) Full Year of Free accounts on both Enterprise and Group accounts and 2 (two) personal accounts worth over $1,680 in prizes.

To join, simply come-up with a blog post along with your answer to this question,

“Why do you think cloud file sharing is the future?”

Use HostedFTP as your keyword and link to Don’t forget to link to Cloud File Sharing Contest Giveaway: June 16th – July 16th 2010 (opens in new window) at the bottom of your entry then, paste the URL of your blog post at the comment field below.

Your blog post is equivalent to 5 entry points. For those who don’t have a blog/site, you can still join simply by visiting (opens in new window) and retweeting it, not this post.

One last thing, don’t forget to sign-up for your free trial account here to verify your entry.

Winners will be announced here and on HostedFTP Blog. Good luck.

For questions, please leave it at the comments section

See HostedFTP in action below.

Contest Update: 24June2010

How to participate in the Cloud File Sharing Giveaway Simplified

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Blog post entry participants will be featured on a separate blog post with dofollow links to respective participant’s websites. A win-win situation. So join now!

This contest has ended. Visit this link to the list of winners.

Monetize your iPhone and Earn Rewards with WeReward from IZEA

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Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Who says that mobile applications are only good at taking away your money after downloading them? Well, not anymore!

Things are absolutely changing nowadays at such a rapid pace and with the recent launch of IZEA’s newest venture, has finally changed the way we look at iPhone apps because this time around, it’s your iPhone app that will give you rewards for doing the things you love whenever and wherever there’s an opportunity.

On every check-ins on partner establishments found on your iPhone app or each task you complete earns you a point equivalent to a penny. You can also earn 10% from each of your referrals’ rewards points. In order to get paid, you should have accrued thousands of points on cash out and doing so requires a Paypal account.


WeReward iPhone app easily integrates with your favorite social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare. Updating your status and sharing your experience from your trips is a breeze.

Earn rewards doing the things you love while staying connected with your social circle—all in one place. That’s WeReward iPhone app for you. This requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later in order to work. Download the App now at iTunes for free! See it in action from the video below.

Visit my sponsor: WeReward for iPhone

Quick Fix When Windows “Cannot Safely Remove Hardware” Occurs

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Have you encountered a situation when you cannot remove an external hard drive—flash drives or memory sticks, card readers, portable drives or even gadgets when using the safely remove hardware option in Windows?

I did, on several occasions. There are countless of tips and tricks online that have been written on this topic when you search using Google but none of them has actually made it easier for me. Believe me, I’ve done it all.

There was even a trick that I’ve known wherein you simply have to open Windows Task Manager via CTRL+Alt+Del on your PC, then select explorer.exe and press End Process. Wait for the task bar to disappear then bring back the Task Manager, click on File, click Add New Task, then type explorer.exe in the field and press OK.

Though this trick works sometimes, there was a point when it didn’t and I’ve searched all over the internet to figure out a solution and nothing ever worked until I finally found this nifty software called USB Safely Remove by Crystal Rich, Ltd.

USB Safely Remove software is a light tool that serves as a USB Device Manager for removable drives. USB Safely Remove normally shows the programs which prevent the device from being stopped (which happens when the safely remove hardware on Windows wouldn’t work) and allows you to close these programs or just the files that prevent the normal removal option from working.

USB Safely Remove

It was indeed a saving grace and never would I even go back online and deal with any tricks on the same issue ever.

Aside from what’s mentioned above, short cuts are also available for quicker removable drive stoppage, includes auto run for disconnection/connection, command line usage for safe removal and return device back functionality wherein stopped devices (not unplugged) can be put back to work in one click.

This USB device manager is compatible on Win 2000XP2003VistaWin7 OS, 3264 bit system plus it’s very light at 3.6 MB.

The next time you have problems with Windows’ safely remove hardware, you know where to go. Download it here now!

Web Hosting Reviews, Tips and Blogging All in One Place

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Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

It’s common for technology blogs to discuss web hosting, review some of them and those that they have subscribed with in the past like I used to do and of course, share some tips in blogging.

The most talked about and rather argued topic on most technology blogs and forums evolve around who’s the best web hosting provider or what’s the best web hosting solution to adopt for your online business.

There is absolutely no perfect host as there is no perfect web hosting platform that you could find in the market. However, there are definitely a few service providers that standout and has been in the industry for years.

If you’re someone who’s new into the business of web hosting, you will really have to do some homework before jumping into a service. Reputable hosting companies normally rate highly on web hosting reviews compared to its counterparts.

Visit some forums, web hosting review sites or ask some webmasters for recommendation. Most of the time, positive testimonials from a friend regarding their experiences with a host do a great deal in helping you decide which host to go for.

Most blogs do cover these areas but they are not most of the time updated. Rarely could you find blogs that cover web hosting reviews and tips on a frequent basis like The latter also features the latest trends in web development, web hosting industry news, content management system basics, domain names and a lot more.

WordPress and blogging-related articles are also featured on the site which can be helpful for those planning to start their own or add functionality on existing ones. Tips on blog management, ways to driving traffic and enforcing security measures on servers are always a good read.

Try visiting the site and start reading reviews on most web hosting companies today. Who knows, this might be the best resource you’ve been looking for.

Download Fast PDF Creator by

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Every day we read or print PDF documents while surfing the Internet, at work or school. They are the standard for e-documents. But many of us are not aware that creating PDFs out of any Windows printable format is free and at everyone’s fingertips.

Being able to create PDF files is very useful because of all advantages the PDF format is famous for.

PDFs are standard, cross-platform, portable, easy to print and look the same on every computer no matter how viewed. One fast way of creating PDF documents out of any Windows printable format is by using the FreePDF Creator.

FreePDF Creator is easy to use. After installation, it appears in the list of available printers.FreePDF Creator

Therefore, a simple click on the Print button is the first step in PDF creation. Before the final click on “Create PDF,” it is possible to set up more advanced printing options: output quality, document properties and security.

The whole process lasts less than 2 minutes. Try’s free PDF Creator here: and let me know what you think.

This is a guest post by Dani from

The Healthiest Way to do Contacts

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Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

My female cousin who’s also a blogger and was based in the US suddenly discovered last year that her eyesight was fading from too much computer work. She doesn’t like to wear glasses for extended periods and contacts are such a nuisance and are expensive for her.

However, it may all change because I found a company online that provides daily disposable contact lenses. It is so much better and less irritating to your sensitive cornea not to mention much healthier. features disposable contact lenses that are so soft and comfortable so I know now that my cousin will never think of contact lenses as the same pain in the neck.

You too can feel the difference! Just throw them away after use and put on fresh pair the next day. Less hassle, more gain. Check it out now and see for yourself.

Why Media Enhancement Software Supports Music Lovers

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Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

Sound clarity and punch is definitely a deal breaker when it comes to choosing the right media player—portable or PC-based.

All media consumers agree to this idea and I couldn’t be wrong that sometimes, we often find our media players short to please. Once you get used to the same quality of sound for quite sometime or even for years, you would know the difference once you try using any media player enhancement software for Windows system or iPod.

Media player enhancement software from DFX offers an extensive multi-platform application that changes the way you enjoy your favorite MP3s and videos.

Crispier sound plus exceptional playback quality on your iPod can easily be distinguished once iDFX for iPod application is turned on as your media files play. Your MP3s and videos couldn’t sound any better with DFX audio enhancer plugin for Windows Media Player, Winamp, Real Player and other media players.

I can vouch for the difference that DFX Media player enhancement plugin can do. I’ve been using this plugin for more than a year on my Windows Media Player and I couldn’t be any happier especially when I’ve had the full version of the application. It’s really worth the try and you wouldn’t be disappointed.

DFX plugin for PC media players offers 3D surround sound, stereo ambience, dynamic audio boost, customizable presets, booming hyperbass, high fidelity restoration to eliminate muffled sound, spectrum analyzer, and multiple processing modes plus customizable skins. Also supports 64-bit Windows and Win 7 OS.

Music lovers like you will definitely have a blast each time you play your favorite music but you can’t blame me for that added addiction!

DFX Windows Media Player Plugin

DFX Windows Media Player Plugin using Expensive Hi-Fi Sony Winamp skin

To download DFX for Windows on your favorite media player, visit this link while iPod users can get iDFX here.

Please note that crash issues with DFX for Winamp had been addressed on the latest version. Support queries must be addressed via their support page.