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NMEDA: Educates Consumers and Help People Enhance Their Mobility

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Writing about non-profit organizations and their contribution to the society is never new to this site. In fact, it’s my own little way of giving back to the people even to those whom I didn’t know how thankful I am.

Non-profits like NMEDA showcase a great deal of concern to consumers by educating them on purchasing the right mobility enhancement vehicles particularly from those dealers they approve.

NMEDA selflessly promotes safe driving along side quality and reliable equipments for disable people. NMEDA ensures that its members adhere to safety standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in order to be accredited. Dealers are the ones selling the vehicles and implements modifications.

QAP, otherwise known as the Quality Assurance Program for dealers is the only nationally recognized accreditation program for the Adaptive Mobility Equipment Industry which governs the fundamental rule of quality in satisfying customers via proper approach and documentation.

NMEDA dealers provide tailor fit assistance to make sure every handicap person’s needs are addressed in the best way possible so adapted wheelchair vehicles sold online or in catalogs must not be trusted because no disability is exactly identical.

Use the site and find the nearest NMEDA dealer in your area to secure a rewarding investment.

Visit my sponsor: NMEDA

HOW TO: Design Web Banners WYSIWYG Style

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Designing web banners yourself doesn’t have to be tedious; in fact, you don’t even need to spend hundreds of dollars over expensive software, hire people, or get a graphics diploma just to come up with quality looking banners.

Making web banners can be as easy as drag and drop via a WYSIWYG interface which saves you time and cash, DYI style.

Banner Maker Pro makes creating web-based banner ads easily in a matter of minutes including, image ads, web page headers and buttons, animated gifs, logos and other similar web graphics with animation functions which makes it a versatile tool.Banner Maker Pro HomeBanner Maker Pro offers over 800 backgrounds and stand-alone images which you can use however, you can also add your own for a personalized feel.Banner Maker Pro Text TabReadily usable buttons are also included in this banner creation software. What’s also appealing about this tool is it saves your animations for future use aside from the undo and redo functionality.

The Power Preview on the other hand allows you to view hundreds of different combinations of your created images using different backgrounds and fonts to give you a wide array of options to choose from in case you’re not that satisfied with your output image.

Image compression via its built-in jpeg and non-animated gif cruncher is also included in package plus the ability to upload your created files via FTP, send them through email or upload them to, all these can be done right from within Banner Maker Pro menu.

And if you’re not that familiar with HTML, an automatic code creation for banner can be created which you can simple copy-paste on your website minus the coding job plus additional banner rotator code of up to 10 images or you can also include a mouse-over effect.

Banner Maker Pro is an efficient time saver and overall, a cost-effective software investment you can make if you’re into the online business.

Why pay for expensive tools when you can achieve get the same quality for your outputs in less the price?

Unleash the Power of Product and Price Search with Wikio Shopping

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Wikio, Europe’s leading news and blogs search engine has recently unveiled Wikio Shopping, an innovative service that provides the power of product and price search that raises the bar in the online shopping industry.

Wikio simplifies the most gruesome job of digging into hundreds of thousands of products by creating more than 220 categories. Wikio Shopping consistently provides the most relevant search results containing a nifty price comparison for the searched item based on the parameters used for the search.

Wikio Shopping, which currently operates in 5 major European countries and in the US, showcases product reviews, user reviews, forums, photos and videos among the salient components that contribute to a buyer’s decision.

wikio shopping home

Not only that, Wikio Shopping also provides tons of promotional codes and offers from more than 3000 vendors including a cash back service better known as Wikio Deals.

An antivirus software search for example will have to begin through the category name from the sequence, Computers>Software>Antivirus and Security which will then lead us to the results page similar to the one below:

Wikio Shopping Product Search Results

Notice the number of reviews, news, videos and photos on both products labeled above.

If we click on Bitdefender Internet Security 2008, it will open up this product page (shown below).

Wikio Shopping Sample Product page

This includes the seller information, review coverage on the item, videos and other information which basically helps buyers in making an informed decision.

Wikio Shopping indeed redefines the way online product search has become and gave online shopping a fresh new look. In line with this great start, it’s apparent that Wikio is really into some serious business.

Given all the information above, how likely are you to shop online using the Wikio Shopping service?

This Sponsored Post was brought to you by our friends from Wikio Shopping.

Flash Games Avenue Arcade Site Goes Live!

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After a week-long script and design patching, yours truly has finally launched Flash Games Avenue on the web, an arcade site dedicated to providing only the finest handpicked flash games suited for all ages absolutely free.

Flash Games Avenue showcases arcade games from several categories such as Action, Adventure, Board Games, Education, Strategy and Puzzles among many others. It also offers free unlimited gaming for registered users and up to 10 game plays for guest users.Flash Games Avenue HomeFlash Games Avenue utilizes the Facebook API to allow an alternative sign-up and log-in feature for Facebook users including automatic wall postings at random intervals while playing games.

My goals and future plans for Flash Games Avenue can be read on the site news section’s welcome message.

A WordPress powered blog has been installed to boost individual arcade games promotion featuring the most interesting games that Flash Games Avenue Blog readers will enjoy.

I’m very much open to suggestions and criticisms about this new online venture so anything is highly appreciated. This gaming site to start with isn’t a money-maker but is more of a hobby.

Go ahead and visit and experience a whole new avenue of online gaming experience.

Easily Burn DVD Disks on Mac with Daniusoft DVD Creator

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Burning DVD disks on a MAC is no longer a thing of the past because Daniusoft has developed an easy burning software tool, the Daniusoft DVD Creator for Mac which makes the task possible.

Photo slide shows with audio, self-made videos, and those downloaded from YouTube can be ripped using its added YouTube to DVD functionality since videos nowadays are pretty much mainstream and people from all over the world enjoys watching videos online especially on YouTube more than watching television.

This Mac DVD Burning software also transforms your video files like AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, MPEG into high quality DVD for easy playback on your favorite home DVD players.Mac DVD CreatorUnlike any other DVD ripping software for Mac, this one offers extended features such as video editing capability like cropping, clipping, effects rendering such as Gray scale, Emboss, Negative, White Black, Old Film, and image or text watermarking to DVD videos plus customized template adoption with fancy menus for a more personalized look and feel.

Similar to Windows Movie Maker, Daniusoft DVD Creator for Mac allows creation of photo slide shows on the spot through its image import function, slide duration timing including background music implementation into creative output formats such as DVD Disc, DVD Folder, .dvdmedia and ISO File.

Savvy software tools normally have intuitive user interface which makes it easier for its users to navigate within the menus and operate the application on their own without much hassle and Daniusoft has done a great job on this part.

If your Mac has the following specifications, then you’re up to an exciting DVD burning experience.

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.5(Intel version) or above(including Mac OS Snow Leopard) on iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro, etc. supported OS
  • 1G Hz or above Intel processor
  • DVD-ROM or rewritable DVD drives for DVD features
  • 512 MB physical RAM (memory) or more
  • 1024×768 or higher resolution display

Software Critics’ readers can enjoy a 40% discount for purchases via this link for a limited time only. Trial versions however are available for you to test the program on your Mac.

Yours truly wasn’t able to run a full test due to resource restraints but inquiries are welcome in the comments or via their website’s support center.

If you own a Mac and would love to get a fully licensed version of the software, simply retweet this post to your Twitter followers, leave a comment below or give us thumbs up or “Like us” on Facebook. The winner will be chosen randomly and will be posted on this site a month from today.

This exclusive promotion was brought to you by our friends from

How To: Manually Install Favicon Correctly

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Managing multiple sites has taught me the many different tweaks that can be done on a website and one of which was installing favicon to add a distinct identity to your site. So if you start a website a good looking favicon is a great add on.

Favicon or “favorites icon” is usually a tiny graphic which associates your site for display on browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.

FaviconThis icon can be found in the browser’s location field next to the site’s name in a bookmarks list, along with the site’s title in a tab on most browsers or even next to the site’s feed on many feed readers.

There are countless sites on the web that provides an online interface for creating favicons as many as there are blogs that have written topics on how to install a favicon on a website or php file. The later however for a long time has been disappoint as not most blogs have covered the topic succinctly.

Let me get this problem straightened out once and for all with this blog post on how to install favicon correctly on your website.

First thing is to have a favicon file which you have generated online or through some graphic software. The file extension is .ico which means a complete favicon file is “favicon.ico” which can also be in many forms such as youricon, or myicon depending on how you name it as long as the file extension remains at .ico or dot ico (when read).

On this tutorial, I’ll use “favicon.ico” as the file for simplicity.

Next thing to do is locate the root directory on your server e.g., public_html/yoursite.

Depending on the template or theme you’re using for your website, installing the favicon can be as simple as copy pasting a strip of code.

Please note that some scripts already include a favicon.ico file on the root directory of your server so you only need to locate them (if there’s any) and replace it with your own favicon file via FTP (otherwise proceed to your template or theme’s header.php file).

Once you’ve done that, locate your site template’s header.php file and place this code:
<link rel=”shortcut icon” type=”image/ico” href=”/favicon.ico” />

between the <head> and </head> section. Normally, your header.php looks like this:

DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN”

some codes here

<link rel=”shortcut icon” type=”image/ico” href=”/favicon.ico” /> – this is where you have to place the code.

This expression href=”/favicon.ico” shows the path where the favicon.ico file can be found on your server. Here, we can say that it was in the root directory because of the trailing slash before the file name.

The above code therefore can also be written as

<link rel=”shortcut icon” type=”image/ico” href=”URL or location of favicon” />

where “URL or location of favicon” can be found in the media library on WordPress sites’ backend.

That’s it. If you have any questions or anything to add that would make this even simpler, leave it on the comments. If you find this post useful, please share this post.

Ebuzzing Now Accepts Philippine-Based English Blogs

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An independent marketplace established since 2007 widely known as ebuzzing has finally opened its doors to Filipino bloggers with blogs written in the English language.

Ebuzzing is a promising platform where advertisers and bloggers gather together to form a cooperation wherein the latter supports the former in building buzz for their campaigns thus increasing visibility, and traffic in exchange of monetary rewards.

Ebuzzing which is a part of the WIKIO which is a communication group specializing in social media currently employs about 50 collaborators, in France, the UK, Spain, Italy and Germany and is financed by investment funds from Lightspeed and Gemini. This year alone, the group heavily invested in technology and international development.

Ebuzzing’s network of blogs adhere to a number of factors such as the blog’s age, updating frequency, the number and the quality of comments, number of inbound links and pages indexed are among its criteria.

Blog monetisation on Ebuzzing is fairly as simple as communicating your advertiser’s messages to your readers in the form of video campaigns with dedicated players, using syndicated or bannerized videos (with sample images below) or by writing sponsored write-ups.

Ebuzzing dedicated video player

Ebuzzing video banners

Over the years, Ebuzzing has worked with numerous globally recognized brands like Coca-Cola, Intel, MTV, L’Oreal, MasterCard, Toyota, eBay, and Warner Bros among others. They have always remained transparent with their voice as they require bloggers to include disclaimers within their posts while at the same time ensuring hyperlinks “no follow” so that search engines don’t recognize them as “paid links” thus preventing blogs from losing page rank.

So if you want to get the chance to participate on exciting campaigns, get paid for it (of course) and receive product incentives without damaging your blog’s pagerank and reputation plus earn from UK-based blog referrals, then go ahead and register on today!

This Sponsored Post was brought to you by our friends from

Malware on iTunes Gift Certificate Email Notices

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I haven’t bought any gift certificate from iTunes ever so I was fascinated when I came to read an email allegedly coming from iTunes informing me of a purchase for $50 worth of iTunes gift certificate.

It was strange because the email was sent to my personal ISP email address via Outlook Express which I rarely even use for more than two years. The email came from “iTunes Store” ( which looks quite believable because of the domain.

The email reads,


You have received an iTunes Gift Certificate in the amount of $50.00
You can find your certificate code in attachment below.

Then you need to open iTunes. Once you verify your account, $50.00 will be credited to your account, so you can start buying music, games, video right away.

iTunes Store”

The email is really very informal so it’s fishy in other words (see attached screenshot of the email below).

Malware on iTunes Gift Certificate Email Notice

Again, my curiosity hits me so I tried to download the attachments but it was blocked by my Win XP2 OS so I didn’t pursue with the idea.

“Windows normally blocks suspicious emails if your program is running in a strong security mode.”

Most files that contain script or code that could run without your permission will be blocked e.g., files with extensions ending in .exe, .bat, and .js.

The attached file on the email is in .zip format so it’s likely that the hidden file which could be an executable (as most malware does) was compressed into a zip file for easier distribution.

Windows Security Warning

It’s good however that Windows was able to detect the malicious file before it was even downloaded since in Yahoo as I’ve experienced before, although they scan the attachment prior to download using Norton, my post about a Facebook password reset email confirmation containing malware as attached file was not detected until after a few days.

Another lesson learned so far. Always check the veracity of an email before downloading any attachment and if found suspicious, delete them right away. End of story.

Got something similar to share? Let’s talk about it in the comments section.

Remove Dupe Files with Easy Duplicate Finder

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Getting rid of duplicate files on your computer can actually do a lot with improving your system performance by freeing up spaces on your hard drive.

I find this really helpful since I’m blogging on a 13GB HD that’s why every kilobyte matters. And how would you remove those duplicate files on your PC without the hassle of going over each folder?

Easy Duplicate Finder effectively does the job of determining dupe files on your computer so you can free up your computer’s hard drive to achieve a better performance, speed up indexing, and reduce back up size and time.

Easy Duplicate Finder

The duplicate file finder software checks for duplicate photos, documents, spreadsheets, and MP3s among others while at the same time providing the option to users to either remove the files permanently, move them into the recycle bin for future recovery or renaming duplicate files using prefixes in case of testing which files are really intended for deletion.

While moving deleted files into the recycle bin can be useful for accidental file deletion, it doesn’t contribute on freeing up disk space since the physical presence of the file itself is still on the computer.

This software definitely resolves duplicate file problems in less the time and effort plus its intuitive user interface makes it easy to maneuver aside from the fact that it scans faster compared to any software of its kind.

It can be a little tricky at first but like I said, it’s very easy to use and there’s no reason for you to mess up with your files in case you got lost along the way. Download the software here and start cleaning the clutter on your computer today.

“You Gotta See This” Video Contest Winners Revealed

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Incendia Health. All opinions are 100% mine.

After months of waiting, finally, Abbott Medical Optics Inc. (AMO), a global leader in laser vision correction procedure, has announced the winning entries on the “You Gotta See This Video Contest”, an iLASIK Video Contest which was posted on this site back in November 2009. The purpose of the contest is to showcase the results of the iLASIK procedure and how it has dramatically improved their lives through better vision.

The entrants were requested to share their experiences in a video format in order to join the competition for a chance to win cash and prizes including the top prize of five grand which is approximately the cost of an iLASIK procedure.

The Grand Prize of $5,000 is won by Alex whose video creatively and musically portrayed his experience after he’s undergone the vision correction.

According to his video, he used to ride his bike but unfortunately had an accident which damaged his eyes thus, not enabling him to do and enjoy what he used to do until he found out about the laser eye treatment (which was iLASIK) that changed his life forever.

As a result, he no longer wears eye glasses and can now enjoy riding his bike like he used to. The video really captured the main theme of the contest and is really deserving aside from being well put into a fancy and entertaining music video which you can view below.

For the rest of the winning entries, you can find them at You might also wish to register on the site to receive valuable eye care products.

It was indeed a very successful contest and I personally would like to congratulate the winners of this recently concluded iLASIK Video Contest as well as Abbot Medical Optics Inc. You guys did a fantastic job!

Did you enjoy watching the videos like I do? What do you think of the winning videos? Whose story struck you the most and why?


When Local ISP Promotion Turns Into Nightmare

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Reading time: 4 – 6 minutes

Yesterday, I was out to pay the bills for my ISP (Internet Service Provider) subscription and along with me was a feeling of excitement that since my account has turned two years old, I’m eligible for their retention program which would entitle me for a free gift in the form of a rebate, an HP all-in-one printer, or a mobile phone unit.

I was at the Telco’s service center branch at a local mall near us where I spent more than two hours just to get to a service agent. When it was my turn, the service person told me that I can’t avail of the retention freebie because I got a disconnection notice last November 2009 and said that I can only apply for their retention program and get a freebie if I don’t have any disconnection notice within the last six months.

Okay, yesterday was the 30th of April, Philippine Time, today is the 1st of May. The female service agent wanted me to come back in May. I wonder what she’s thinking when in fact, the next day would be a new month. Sounds confusing, right?

I have no outstanding balance and the bill for this month will not be posted online until May 15th. Maybe she was trying to tell me that I have to be back in June after paying this month’s bill.

I had given up complaining and ranting about getting my bills in the mail because they never do it. The last time they did it was time immemorial. I wonder if they’re even paying the local courier to deliver the mails on time.

Given the fact above, I still think that the service agent should have been considerate about the issue. That time when I got a disconnection notice, I was trying to search for a better ISP but couldn’t find any so I stayed with the service.

I wasn’t able to sign up for the retention program that my local ISP was bragging so much about but I’m not sour graping in this case, I even realized that it’s useless after all.

And why did I say it was useless? Talking for a while with the service agent, I was informed that even if I would be eligible to sign-up for the retention program which would basically lock my account with them for another two years just to get a freakin’ freebie—a cheap mobile phone without Bluetooth or an HP all-in-one printer. There’s no promise that I can get any of these mentioned items because according to the lady, they still have to request those from somewhere else, perhaps order them from China or refurbish some trash from industrial dumps. I don’t know.

She even added that applications in March for these freebies haven’t arrived to this date! What more if I apply in June?

But whatever the reason is, why would a loyal customer like me had to apply for their retention program just to get a cheap freebie coming from nowhere when there’s not even a single probability that I would get any of the mentioned stuff?

Loyal customers should be a priority no matter what and the fact that at this point, I still haven’t informed them that I’m extending my contract, they’re continuously profiting from my business!

What’s so hard with searching the database just to get the information on old accounts? Imagine if there are ten thousands of two-year old accounts and there are only a thousand units of cheap cell phones or printers to be given out. They are giving their loyal consumers a false hope.

customer retention failure

Retention programs are designed to basically keep a loyal customer base into your business but placing them in a situation when it seems that they would have to be stressed out just to get a freebie that’s not even worth their loyalty is insane and utterly ridiculous.

This applies not only to ISPs but to all businesses in other industries. Do you have the same experience as mine? If so, let’s start talking.