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A Closer Look at WinASO Registry Optimizer

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I have talked about registry optimizers on this blog on numerous occasions but this time, it’s going to be about a shareware known as WinASO Registry Optimizer (Windows Advanced System Optimizer) developed by XMY LLC.

To brush up on our registry software knowledge, these utility tools fixes and restores registry errors caused by leftover files from failed installation or incomplete removal of programs from your computer.

Once these clutter completely clogged the registry, it will then cause major slow downs on startup and shutdown plus sporadic freezing of running programs or executables or crashing of applications while in use.

Registry optimizers will then save the system from collapsing and major trouble by automatically clearing up the registry from dormant files, unwanted and broken links, and missing registry entries thereby replenishing the system’s original performance making it responsive to various operations.

WinASO Registry Optimizer

WinASO Registry Optimizer

Unlike most registry optimizers, WinASo Registry Optimizer provides an advance feature that can help resolve IE problems, privacy cleaner for cleaning up browser history, start-up manager for controlling startup apps from loading, and a built-in defrag functionality.

Given the features above, it only makes optimizing your computer a lot easier because right after cleaning your browsers, folders and registry, it then provides you with the defrag functionality that allows compression of data within your hard disk thereby freeing more space. This latter option then is something that is not mostly found on regular registry cleaners.

Using registry optimizer have a lot of advantages but always remember not to totally delete all registry detected entries unless you back them up and you’re sure of what you’re doing. That’s basically the toughest challenge on registry cleaners because you don’t want to end up scraping out functional registry entries that may leave some of your programs damaged.

You might want to Download WinASO Registry Optimizer trial version for a full run and see if it passes your standard.

Web Talk: Debt Consolidation Review Sites

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If you haven’t noticed recently, I have been discussing review websites from web hosting and cars simply because its part of redefining this blog’s description which includes featuring online resources or websites which I think would be very helpful to my growing number of diverse readers.

This time, I’ll be focusing a little bit about financial matters which I know that every one of us go through each day. I’ve loaned some amount back when I was in the corporate setting. It was quite tough though especially when you’re thinking about paying the premium or worse including the interest every month.

Considering that you have a lot of loans, you can jump into the idea of securing a debt consolidation plan to pay off those multiple loans into one. This measure works on getting a lower interest rate, a fixed interest rate, or to simply manage your loans easily.

While debt consolidation works in getting a secured loan against an asset that serves as collateral, collateralization of the loan allows the user to do a forced sale (e.g. foreclosure for houses) in order to pay back the loan thus resulting to lower interest rates and reduced risks plus transitioning unsecured debts to a secured one.

This debt financial process is not only applicable to loans but also for credit card debts. Third party companies consolidate the payments into one single amount and take care of the correspondence with the lenders.

If you’re looking at the option of getting yourself, family or a friend a consolidation service, you may visit one of the leading debt consolidation sites for shared experiences straight from those people who have acquired the service.

Please be advised that you always have to make intelligent decisions when it comes to financial matters especially when paying off debts.

Are You Hotspot Secured?

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Hotspots are basically the life of laptops. Similar to mobile phones that uses communication signals, laptops on the other hand uses Wi-Fi connection in order to connect to the internet and enable the user to communicate and transmit information across multiple channels.

Most places or locations nowadays that offers shared internet connection over a wireless LAN via a wireless router are called hotspots which are normally found on airports, train stations, fuel/gasoline stations, coffee shops and dining places, military bases and camps, hotels and hospitals, bookstores, and other public places including schools and universities.

steal this connection

Other than laptop users, WiFi phone users are also capable of getting access over the wireless connection (Wi-Fi). Broadband internet subscribers however can offer wireless access through an AP (Access Point) in conjunction with the router that is connected to the internet.

Given these readily accessible hubs for online usage, have you ever thought about how secure these places are? The mere fact that you’re accessing a shared connection wherein multiple devices are connecting to one access point, that only means you are vulnerable to snoopers and hackers lurking in these places.

I couldn’t emphasize more how your security can be utterly compromised unwittingly in these places if you’re device is not properly secured. So, how would you protect yourself from identity thefts and security attacks? Why not install a software that will mask your IP while you’re online to ensure privacy? Hotspot shield allows you to access all internet content and bypass firewalls plus, it also secures web sessions with HTTPS encryption to safeguard sensitive personal data

Hotspot Shield runs well on Vista, XP, 2000, Mac OS X (10.5 Leopard) and Mac OS X (10.4 Tiger). For information about download versions, you may send an email to:
win(at)anchorfree(dot)com for Windows version; and
mac(at)anchorfree(dot)com for Mac version.

If you think this is the right tool for you, visit this link to download.

Do-It-Yourself PC Auditing Software

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How often do you check your hardware for conditioning? Do often download the latest Windows Security updates? Do have all your software license keys intact?

If you answered at least a “no” in any of these questions then you might possibly need some computer auditing. Well, if you’re thinking about the cost of doing such task there’s really a way around it and you don’t have to pay somebody to do it for you.

A free PC auditing software does the trick of keeping you abreast with your current hardware settings and all the software installed. Belarc Advisor is a freeware that builds an HTML profile of your computer system in minutes indicating all installed software and hardware specs, missing Microsoft hotfixes or Security Updates you failed to download, your anti-virus’ status, and CIS (Center for Internet Security) benchmarks.

Belarc Advisor Computer Profile Results

Belarc Advisor Computer Profile Results

All the above information is comprehensively shown on a web page via your default web browser which will open once the program has finished scanning your computer. The results are fairly accurate but it really wouldn’t tell you how to fix your computer is it’s slowing down or crashing. It will only show some salient details which might give you a hint on the areas of your PC that needs some attention.

Like for example, during the course of the Conficker scare, I’ve failed to download one of Microsoft’s Security updates and that caused my computer’s vulnerability to the malware.

Another savvy feature of this program is it allows you to take note of all the license keys you have on each installed software on your system. This way, you can have these vital information for safe keeping just in case you might need to rebuild an OS installation. Of course, it’s easy to download replacement software but you cannot use them fully if you don’t have your keys.

Belarc Advisor is free to use but is limited to a single computer and for personal purposes only. It doesn’t have a portable version which could have been better for servicing IT professionals and computer technicians but otherwise I think the software is really useful.

Go ahead and give it a try, who knows, you might be surprised with what you’ll find out about your PC.


SyncMate Helps You Sync Your Mac to Multiple Devices

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At this of time day, installing individual synchronization tools for every accounts and devices is old school. The average user may have multiple accounts in one or two ways and the ability to sync them all in one setting can seamlessly make the unimaginable burden a breeze.

Most Mac users also have a PC at home and most of the time, they bring with them countless gadgets like a Smartphone or Nokia, a Windows Mobile, a PSP or anything mobile where they can get their hands on to check their account, schedule, contacts, play around, and get their files among many other things and if you’re on the same situation, wouldn’t you want something that would allow you to sync all your devices and accounts all in one place?

That’s what SyncMate does best. SyncMate allows you to synchronize all your office Mac files and data to your home computer, mobile device, PSP, thumb drives, Google account and your online backup data.

SyncMate User Interface

SyncMate User Interface

SyncMate comes with a free and paid version. The SyncMate Free Edition allows you to sync your Mac’s Address Book and iCal entries alongside their analogues in supported devices with the ability to back up files to your Online Storage Account. It also supports Google Contacts and Calendar synchronization.

On the other hand, SyncMate Expert Edition provides users with a full access capabilities to synchronization features such as synching iTunes and Video, iPhoto, Safari and Firefox browser bookmarks, Entourage and mails, notes, To Do lists including separate folders between your Mac and supported devices or accounts plus SMS read, write, send and delete functionality plus .cab file installation to a Windows Mobile device right on your Mac computer.

You can view all sync options for each supported device by visiting this link.

Maс versions from 10.4-10.6 can sync files or data via Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet or Internet and works well with Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1, 6.5 and Nokia S40phones.

SyncMate is an all-in-one sync solution software that will take away all the headaches of installing multiple sync tools just to achieve a totally synchronized way of living with a Mac.

This post is an advertorial brought to you by our friends from SyncMate. You can visit the site for the official download and support requests. SyncMate has promised to giveaway a free license to a lucky Software Critics newsletter subscriber so if you haven’t signed up, simply fill out the form on the left sidebar. Your questions are always welcome.

Spice Up Your Holiday with Free Recipe Software

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This post came in handy for all my readers in the US as they celebrate the festivities with thanks for a great harvest and to show gratitude in general which started way back in 1621 at the site of Plymouth Plantation.

Thanksgiving is celebrated every fourth Thursday of November in the United States and on every second Monday of October in Canada. It is characterized by merry-making and gathering of family members and friends for a Thanksgiving dinner.

Speaking of Thanksgiving dinner, I was able to find a good resource where you can get fancy ideas for a sumptuous dinner.

Free Recipe Software by Recipe Center

Free Recipe Software by Recipe Center offers free Recipe Center 5.2, a freeware application that allows you to create new recipes or even compile your own collection. The free recipe software utilizes IntelliSense which provides keyword suggestions as you type for a more efficient search by multiple recipe name, ingredients, keywords, and a lot more.

Allows recipe downloading from various recipe websites, import or export recipes from Meal Master, recipe card printing and exchange via PDF, text or via the software’s format, seamless recipe encoding and spell checker, recipe resizing for customized cooking needs especially with ingredients measurement and conversion, provides a detailed shopping list ready for printing and lot more uses.

Recipe Center 5.2 works on a PC with Pentium Processor or equivalent, a Windows 2000, XP or Vista OS with 256 MB RAM, 30 MB free hard disk space with readily available .NET Framework 1.1 installed. The free version includes ads within the user interface but is fully functional and they also have a paid version for those wanting to get rid of the ads.

So, if you haven’t prepared yet for a savory thanksgiving dinner, go ahead and downloading this software here. Happy Thanksgiving!

The Buggy Seesmic for Windows

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After the most recent newsletter from Seesmic being able to fix the bug regarding the download link which initially didn’t work, finally I was able to get my hands on this application that has been on the hype since its release.

Seesmic for Windows User Menu

Seesmic for Windows User Menu

Well, Seesmic for Windows is not at all surprising, if you’re familiar with the desktop app and the web app, you really won’t find much of a difference. The interface is very similar—extensible tabs, status update field is there and now with integrated Twitter lists, account activities like mentions, @replies, DMs, RTs and sent items are all there. Don’t be a little excited though because the shrink text feature isn’t there.

The only addition is that it works with Windows 7 but the user interface doesn’t have much to show. I’d rather not use this in place of Seesmic for Desktop and if I’m mobile, I’d surely choose Seesmic Web instead.

Seesmic for Windows is a bit buggy. It freezes occasionally when it updates the tweets and when that happens while you’re typing your status update then you may have to pause and wait until it fixes itself.

A few things I’ve noticed though is that the gear like icon which was supposed to show unfollow and follow feature as well as grouping feature is totally unusable. I don’t know if it was just me but I tried clicking on it on different occasions but to no avail. If you wanted to follow or unfollow somebody, you may have to click the username of the person and the app will open up your browser and you must login to the website in order to complete such a small task.

Opening profiles is rather easy however there’s no place within the profile to send a direct message to the person even though you know that person follows you back or be it a mention to a complete stranger.

It’s not at all very useful if we’re to base the main reason why anyone would want to use this program instead of going to Unless these bugs can be fixed, then users will have the reason to choose either the Adobe Air based desktop app or this Windows based application.

You may or may not have the same observations as mine but your comments are all welcome.

Hosted PBX for Small Businesses Explained

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I have discussed before the benefits small businesses could get out of VoIP services and where to get them. Although I haven’t explained thoroughly the more detailed concepts of VoIP for the sake of just getting the gist out of this technology, let me introduce you to one of the four different PBX phone system option—the hosted PBX.

Hosted PBX is a private business phone service that utilizes the VoIP technology which means the phone service is delivered over the internet. Service providers focusing on this area normally maintains the equipment, hosts the software and runs the upgrades minus the hassle of maintaining PABX equipment with seamless installation and scalability.

Compared to regular telephone lines, hosted PBX offers a cost-effective way of running your business efficiently while keeping your communication lines open. One fancy feature that you could get out of hosted PBX is they are plug-and-play. Any non-tech person can easily setup the phone within minutes through an easy to use online interface connected to a broadband connection.

If you’d like to embrace this technology or would like to know more, visit websites for small business voip solutions with hosted PBX to find out if this is a good fit for your business needs.

Monetize Your Mobilized Blog with Admob

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My post about how to Mippin-ize your site for mobile browsers discusses the benefits of mobilizing your site for the mobile web and along with that is a follow-up post for bloggers with a self-hosted WordPress blog using the Mippin WordPress plugin for easy blog mobilization without any configuration required.

Monetizing your mobilized blogs is what I’m going to share on this post. Although there are a lot of mobile advertising platforms out there, I’d say that the first one I have ever tried was Admob. Admob’s mobile advertising model is pretty simple.

Admob Mobile Advertising Network

Admob Mobile Advertising Network

If we’re going to focus on monetization of your mobile traffic, you can get the easiest implementation process with Admob plus relevant ads to your target audience along side a fast and multiple payment options. You can even deposit your own earnings to buy ads for your own campaign. On top of that, you can get access to your traffic metrics in real-time to see how your site is performing.

I opted to choose Admob because it works seamlessly along side Mippin. All you need to have is an Admob site ID and connect it with your mobile site on Mippin. Once you enable Admob ads on your mobile site, you’ll start earning right away. It’s that easy. If you’re thinking about affiliate income, unfortunately they don’t have it this time.

Getting into Admob is as easy as creating an account, adding your site’s mobile URL and in this case, mine’s Installing the code isn’t really necessary because once you get the Admob site ID connected to your mobile site on Mippin, then you’re good and you can just wait for the revenue to come in.

Admob’s minimum payout is $20.00USD payable via Paypal or check. So, if you’re looking at monetizing your mobile traffic, go ahead and try Admob. Joining is free and earning is easy.

Mobilize Your Blog with Mippin WordPress Plugin

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Last time, I’ve talked about how to completely mobilize your blog with Mippin and how this move could bring in some benefits for you and your online presence not only for blogs but also for static websites and mobile application developers.

The mobile web is going mainstream and if you haven’t jumped into the bandwagon, here’s one great and easy way to do so.

If you’re blogging on a self-hosted WordPress blog, you may have encountered a lot of plugins that allows you to mobilize your content for mobile users. Some does work but considering the benefits of mobilizing your content and getting something in return or should I say, revenue out of your mobile traffic then that’s something different.

I’ve used several plugins before. Some pleased me and the others don’t. What pleased me the most is Mippin’s WordPress Plugin which is a configuration free add-on that renders your blog on any cell phone as they access your URL via its corresponding Mippin URL.

Mippin WordPress Plugin

Mippin WordPress Plugin

Say for example, you’re trying to view Software Critics on your mobile phone by typing, once your phone browser starts looking for the site, it will then renders its corresponding Mippin URL which is on your mobile phone or you can simply type the latter when you browse.

With Mippin WordPress Plugin, you simply have to install then activate it and voila! You’re mobile site goes live. If you find this plugin very helpful, you can download it from here.

For a personalized feel on how you would want your site to render on mobile phones, head on to Mippin’s mobilizer.

Monetizing your Mippin-zed site will be an upcoming post so stay tuned.

Get the Upper Hand in Web Hosting With Upperhost

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of jameslee. All opinions are 100% mine.

Getting the right web hosting solution for your website or blog is not an easy task. I’ve learned it the hard way and having to transfer from several web hosting providers for four times in than less than a year is no joke.

To get a hint about the savviest players in this industry is primarily the first goal you should be having because these are avenues where major web hosting companies are gauged with regard to performance and reliability.

Hosting blunders is something you wouldn’t want to commit unless you’re not serious enough with what you do. Being novice in the virtual world is not an excuse for lack of information since everything is already within your reach.

If you’re someone who’s looking into the option of getting your online business to the next level, web hosting review sites like will certainly make a great deal out of your internet investment because it will show you the ins and outs of web hosting atrocities from rants and failures to benefits and options.

Choosing the most effective and reliable web hosting solution can become a struggle or a gamble but only those who are willing to pay the price often end victorious.


Optimize Your Laptop Battery with BatteryCare

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Laptop users are left with no option whenever their computer runs out of power but what if you have software that does the optimization of energy for your laptop? Would you care to use it?

Let me introduce to you BatteryCare. BatteryCare is a laptop battery optimizer software designed to maximize your laptop’s performance during long hours of usage. It also has the ability to monitor every battery’s discharge cycles, increases autonomy and improve lifetime.



Among the other salient features of the software are automatic power plans switching, greater control over Windows Aero and demanding services, auto-update functionality, and it’s lightweight which means it doesn’t use much disk space.

BatteryCare requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to operate. If you think BatteryCare can cost you money then don’t worry because it’s totally free to use.

Google Notifications for Software Upgrade Now In Webmaster Tools

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It has been a year since Google started providing alerts to webmasters for security holes in their websites that makes it vulnerable to attacks. In fact, the message center within Webmaster tools became their avenue in spreading the word to website owners with potentially hackable sites.

This time around, Google will not only isolate potentially vulnerable software packages, but also notify webmasters about the most recent version releases of the software packages or plugins they’re running on their site which would help webmasters to make informed decisions if they would want to upgrade or not. These notifications will be visible via the message center.


Google sees appending a generator meta tag to specify the software version number help in parsing source code pages that Google will crawl to identify vulnerable sites. Difference in opinions question the security of placing version number in source codes for fear that once worm writers knew it; they would know the type of exploit a website can be susceptible but Google thinks otherwise.

Google blog mentions sending out the first of these messages soon so watch out for it.

Wireless Transfer from Cameras Made Possible By Eye-Fi

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Eye-Fi. All opinions are 100% mine.

Transferring photos and videos from your camera can be a hassle especially if you can’t find the right USB cable at home or somehow forgot to bring it along with you on a leisure trip or conference and you need your photos uploaded online right away for live blogging.

In these situations, you definitely need a medium that would help you do the job efficiently without the added clutter. You don’t necessarily need to be a professional photographer in order to use an Eye-Fi card, a wireless SD memory card that allows seamless transfer of image and video files from your camera to your PC via its built-in Wi-Fi.

Eye-Fi enables streamlined file uploading capability from camera to PC or from camera to file sharing sites like Flickr and social networks like Facebook, respectively without the need of a computer by simply having an SDHC capable camera and a wireless router.

Wireless SD memory cards like this revolutionizes the way data are transferred from one point to another which means that we’ll be saying goodbye to USB cables anytime soon should memory card manufacturers make a 360-degree turn into this development.

Would you spare the cable or adopt the wireless?

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Microsoft Office 2010 (Beta) Download Now Available

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Microsoft has recently launched the beta version of Office 2010 available for download. According to Microsoft, the beta or trial version is made available to the public in order to gather feedback and reports on bugs which are common practice for beta releases.

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta - Free Download

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta - Free Download

Jacob Jaffe, Microsoft’s Information Worker Business Group leader, said during the Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles that they had been planning the package before they released Office 2007.

Among the highlights of the beta release include a new file tab and set of visuals for ease of use plus the ability to save documents directly to Windows Live Skydrive (Microsoft’s online storage), from within the desktop application.

Both 32 and 64-bit formats are supported by the new office app and is compatible with XP (Service Pack 3), Vista, and the new OS—Windows 7.

Normal editions such as Office Professional 2010, Office Home and Business 2010, and Office 2010 Home and Student edition will me made available sometime in the first half of 2010.

Mippin-ize Your Site for Mobile Browsers

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Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

Have you thought about making your blog or website mobile ready? If not, then now’s the time do it. The mobile web which is highly gaining momentum will continue to attract mobile web application developers and mobile web content publishers as mobile apps and web sites continue to penetrate this space.

Mobile web is the virtual space where mobile web apps and websites converge to target mobile users with mobile-friendly and consumable content via mobile browsers of smart phones such as Blackberry Browser, Safari for iPhone OS, Symbian S60 Browser, Internet Explorer Mobile, Android Browser and Opera for mobile with the aid of each smart phones corresponding OS.

Mippin Compatible Handset Selection

Mippin Compatible Handset Selection

Mobile content distribution has become relevant nowadays and a web site’s presence in this arena can help spread the word about your site or business because it syndicates your web assets to the mobile web consisting of hundreds and thousands of users.

Mippin Logo

Mippin Logo

In order to make this goal a reality, has provided the fastest and easiest website content syndication on mobile phones. Content publishers and bloggers can easily make their content readily accessible via mobile phone browsers in minutes via’s mobilizer.

Advertisers can also maximize their profits through Mippin’s advertising platform. Mippin does not only provide mobility for bloggers and webmasters to promote their content on mobile phones, they also allow them to earn 100% of the revenue generated through ads within their content at no hidden cost via Admob’s mobile advertising and monetization model. You can even tweak on how you’d like your content appear on mobile phones with their user-friendly customization feature.

Making websites mobile ready is what Mippin does best and joining them doesn’t cost anything. In fact, the initial day of Software Critics on the mobile web already brought me some revenue.

Why don’t you try it out and see for yourself? It only takes a few minutes.

Hidden Camera Sources for Watchdogs

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How far would you go just to protect your home and property?

At this time of age, protecting your property has been much of a challenge that needs security blanket.

Other than your local convenient store, home security has likewise been crippling and homeowners struggle at some point.

Adopting home security gadgets has almost been a requirement of every household. Countless police reports of theft and kidnapping attributed to household security vulnerability had been documented. In fact, small children and infants had fallen victims of kidnapping by some domestic help in exchange for ransom aside from the most common home break-in incidents.

These unforeseen and uncanny events could have been prevented should every household adopted the use of intangible security measures specifically, covert video recording media.

You can look for online resources to find Hidden Camera devices that can easily be implemented within your homes or offices.

These devices will serve as your watchdog against unscrupulous behavior that may do you harm.

A Mailbox Hidden Camera for example (see image below) is perfect for homes since they capture the action as they happen via sensors that detect body heat of up to 30 ft. away.

Mailbox hidden camera with body heat sensor

Mailbox hidden camera with body heat sensor

So, would you install hidden camera in your home? Why or why not?

No Better Way to Lock Your PC with winKeyLock

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Reading time: 3 – 4 minutes

As an advocate of open source, I normally search for nifty pieces of software that I believe people can make use of without having to spend a single penny.

Open source software being free does fulfill the job but finding a genuine useful tool is also a challenge.

I’ve done today’s call to share with you winKeyLock, an open source utility that allows users to quickly disable computer access by setting up hot keys on the software’s menu.

The hot key combination can be as follows:
Ctrl + (A-Z) or (0-8)
Ctrl + Shift + (A-Z) or (0-8)
Alt + (A-Z) or (0-8)

If winKeyLock is activated, settings such as keyboard, mouse buttons, mouse wheel, and mouse movement are locked depending on your preference.

winKeyLock options

winKeyLock options

Disabling screen saver is something that you might not care about using because even if you enable it and you activate the lock, the screen saver will just disappear. So, it doesn’t serve much purpose.

Whenever the lock is activated, a tray icon can be seen like the one below.

winKeyLock tray icon

winKeyLock tray icon

These icons are changeable via the icon tab options in the menu. If you double click the lock icon, the software or lock is activated which means you have to unlock it using the hot key that you’ve set in the beginning.

Remember your hot keys and set it first before doing anything else if you don’t want to lock yourself out from your own computer.

Normally, you will see the word “None” as default on the hot key fields. Simply press the Backspace button on your keyboard to change the hot key values.

The General tab menu options however is something that you cannot setup at the moment for auto launching the software at Windows startup. I believe that it’s something that has not been improved but overall, winKeyLock is operational and useful.

You may download winKeyLock and get support from here. I’ll entertain questions as well on the comments section.

Update: The salient feature that is not out-rightly showcased on this post is the ability of this program to lock the screen without having to make the screen blank compared to using the usual Windows locking procedure that brings you back to Windows welcome page.

In other words, using this locking software allows you to lock any screen interruptions that maybe caused by keyboard or mouse presses and clicks, respectively while keeping what’s on the screen like an open webpage, media player or while watching an online video.

You literally keep what’s on the screen uninterrupted once the lock is activated even with kids around your computer that can simply sneak-in pressing keys and touching your mouse.

Shopping the Wiki-Way for the Holidays

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Since the holiday is fast approaching, allow to share some web sites online that I came across which I think would be a great help for those guys who were endlessly seeking out for the best deals that they can get for the upcoming holidays.

Online and offline shopping has never been easy especially for the tight budget and the value seeker, however, if you’ll scan through ShopWiki would like to purchase gears for the outdoor savvy family member, then you’ve just made the right turn. ShopWiki also considers the camp savvy son and dad with amazing deals on tents and bags.

Of course, the energetic mom and daughter tandem wouldn’t be left behind with their speedy running shoes courtesy of ShopWiki, the website designed to provide buying tips plus whole new online shopping experience all in one sitting. So, what are you waiting for, check out the site now and see it for yourself.

Spending for the holidays is pretty much grueling and making every wise decision with your money really matters. On top of that, scam and phishing schemes online are very apparent so it’s a must to always keep yourself safe and your valuable information secured.

HOW TO: Make MS 2007 Files Compatible on Older Systems

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Reading time: < 1 minute

My post about making docx files compatible on older MS Office installations makes use of web services or online converters to achieve file extension adoptability on older systems.

This post however will do us otherwise a big favor of keeping MS Office 2007 files compatible with older MS Office applications by simply installing Compatibility Pack for the 2007 Office System.

This move would eventually make all files generated by the Office 2007 usable on say for example MS 2002 install.

So, if you gave a docx file that you’d want to open on a 2002 MS Office application, you can actually do it.

Data Recovery: Are They Always Possible?

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Lost files are just a thing of the past. If you’re fond of watching sci-fi movies and crime related drama, you may have already seen some plots wherein sometime within the event of a crime, traces of evidence were found normally on electronic equipments particularly computers.

You might be surprised that when you’ve deleted unwanted files and cleaned up the recycle bin, you always assume that everything’s clear on your computer. Well, it’s not. Deleting files from the recycle bin does not physically erase data from your computer. They just simply become leftovers in your hard drive which can be retrieved using powerful software.

Accidental deletion of files is not a problem nowadays since data recovery software can do the trick and restore the files you’ve lost. Laptop data retrieval or mac data recovery is something especially designed for Mac PC’s data restoration in case of sudden data loss caused by mechanical damage, natural disasters or virus attacks.

On a larger scale, server data recovery plays an integral part in saving multitudes of data from permanent loss due to occurrences of system failures.

Safeguarding highly confidential information nowadays can be tough but as long as there are avenues where we can get some help in times of a need, then I’m certain that our precious information will remain intact.

Resolving DOC File Incompatibilities with MS Office 2007

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

We all know that DOC file extensions correspond to documents created on earlier versions of Microsoft Word application.

For those using the new MS Office Suite 2007, DOC files are better known to have DOCX extension.


Familiarity with these file extensions can help you get out of confusion however if you are using the current MS Word 2007 for document creation, you might get into some trouble if you ever want your files open on a computer with an old version of MS Word installed because it will only recognize DOC or .doc files.

So, how do you resolve this issue?

There are various resources that can be found online starting off with web-based file converters such as,,, and

However, if internet connection hinders you from using the web, you can download trial versions from to do the job for you.

Just a reminder, some of the websites mentioned above do charge a fee for access depending on the amount of files to be converted.

I may have missed a lot of great web resources for file conversion online so your recommendations and suggestions are very much welcome.

How Confident Are You With Registry Cleaners?

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Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

It has been quite a while since I last featured a registry cleaner on this blog. Brushing up with the facts, registry cleaners are utility software designed to fix and restore Windows registry errors.

Registry cleaners running on a computer normally remove configuration and unnecessary data utilized by the system in an attempt to make the system respond quicker on various operations when required.

The latter scans your Windows registry for leftover files whenever there are failed installations on your computer, dormant files or data no longer used by the system including settings that trigger spyware or malware to operate on your system.

Though registry cleaners offer a great deal of optimizing your computer by automating the process of cleaning up the clutters in your system through removal of broken links, unwanted files, and missing file references from previously removed programs that cause system bloat, some similar software can scrape out old registry entries that are still usable. When that happens, old programs may not function properly and cause crash.

In this case, you may consult registry cleaner reviews to help you choose which utility tool best serves your requirement. Genuine feedback from users will provide you with an idea on how to gauge which software outperforms the rest in its kind.

Newsletter Subscriber Recall

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Before this blog went offline almost three weeks ago, my newsletter subscriber count was fair enough to conduct my first email dump however due to some disagreeable hosting scenario, my email list was gone along with the hosting account that was suddenly closed without notice leaving me with nothing.

I know that some of you knows it and for those who have received a free Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2009 license during my first few months when I started gathering newsletter subscribers know that ever since then, I haven’t sent yet any newsletter.

So, I’m calling you guys to reinstate your newsletter subscription so I can gather all your names and count you in for something special that I’ll be working on for the upcoming holidays.

I Love You

I understand that this could be an inconvenience for everyone but I hope for your genuine understanding.

If you haven’t subscribed yet to my newsletter, then I must say that this is the right time to do it. Simply fill out the form found on the left sidebar and hit submit. Once everything goes back to normal, I’ll let you know what’s up. Thanks.

Text-To-Speech Now On Google Translate

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Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

I have once featured Google Translate compared against Transposh WordPress plugin sometime in October wherein I’ve made use of both translation mediums to determine which one out performs the other.

Irrespective of who gets my vote, I’ve decided to install Google Translate on this blog to minimize plugin usage, reduce server load and increase page load time.

Google Translate gadget isn’t resource hungry after all.

Recently, Google Translate has raised the bar and introduced additional savvy features that users will find helpful.

Among the new additions include instant translation which allows words being translated as you type. The Romanization feature however translates Chinese/Han characters into English phonetically which also supports Hebrew, Arabic and Persian.

The most attractive feature though is the text-to-speech integration which allows translation of English words or texts being pronounced. This way, familiarity with pronunciation would be helpful especially for those trying to learn the English language however the pronunciation of words cannot be expected as standard but at least getting a hint does matter for a starter.

Aside from text translations, Google Translate allows webpage translations simply by typing the URL of the website you’re trying to read and understand then it will automatically translate the website for you.

I’d be stunned if Google could implement auto-translation of web pages (in all possible languages) depending on where in the world your website is being rendered or viewed. Of course, it would be better if the user’s browser settings have full control over the experience. Isn’t it amazing?

Purchasing Localized Domain Extensions

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Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

Currency can sometimes play a factor in acquiring Domain Name Registration for a website you’re planning to build up. Users of a particular geographic area will most likely prefer buying a domain and hosting using their local currency for ease of use.

Domain extensions having signify that a site is geographically targeting users in the United Kingdom but that doesn’t mean that domain registrars would not accept or register other domain extensions which cater to a global audience like .com, .net or .org.

The main reason why geo-targeting for domains is a value-added factor is because it allows businesses to rank high on searches online within the targeted location. Google once pointed out that certain domain extensions like .ca,, .be, etc. are automatically prioritized for searches within that geo-location.

Local businesses who wish to established brand strength and online presence in their own country must go after localized domain extensions in order to appear more relevant on localized searchers.

If you’re planning about purchasing a domain name, it’s always advisable that you should consider your target audience or market. If you end up focusing on the local arena and somehow got lucky with your business and wanted to expand internationally, then buying a generic domain extension would be ideal.

HOW TO: Speed Up DNS Propagation after Changing Host

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Reading time: 3 – 5 minutes

One of the things that you would encounter once you changed hosting is for DNS propagation to resolve quickly in order for your website to be back online. At some point, you may want to do something to make it a little faster but there are certain factors that hinder it from occurring.

Before you can appreciate how DNS propagation works, you must first understand that DNS (stands for Domain Name Server) is something that your web hosting provider creates particularly a Master DNS record for your domain. Your domain registrar (the company where you paid to own your domain) then points to your web host’s DNS servers and once the update is completed, outside sources can view your site online the moment they find your site’s corresponding IP address via your web host as the master authority of your domain.

Web hosting environments actually set TTL (Tweaking Time-To-Live) values on their end so as not to overuse the servers from too many requests. Your local ISP (Internet Server Provider) also caches their DNS records in order for them to render webpage requests locally than looking them up online each time thus resulting for a faster web surfing experience.

This caching system however is the reason why your website doesn’t immediately show up online after any hosting transfer. Most of the time, ISP’s cached DNS records are only updated after every few days that’s why you would always have to expect that when you transfer hosting, you’ll be advised that it will take 48-72 hours before you can view your site online.

The time is takes for your ISP’s DNS server cache to update is called propagation. Once it resolves, you can already view your website online.

In my case, it didn’t actually take an entire day before I was able to see my site back online not even longer than 12 hours!

In case you will encounter the same scenario, here’s how you do it:

1. In windows, click Start > Run and type in cmd (a command window will open).

2. Type in ipconfig /flushdns then press Return/Enter.

If the above solution doesn’t work, you may use a frequently updating DNS service like OpenDNS, a fast and intelligent DNS service for free.

To give you a faster result than your ISP server, you can set up OpenDNS using the following servers:

Preferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:

These DNS servers can easily be setup in your computer’s TCP/IP settings or router. This step works most of the time like it did for me because this resolves website inaccessibility due to DNS propagation time lag (see XP setup screenshot below).

OpenDNS server settings in WindowsXP

OpenDNS server settings in WindowsXP

Here’s how you set it up on WindowsXP:

1. Press Start> click Control Panel> choose Network and Internet Connections> then click Network Connections> choose LAN connection, right-click then choose Properties.

2. Double click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) then fill out “Use the following DNS server addresses” with the ones taken from OpenDNS then save your settings.

For more instructions on how to set up OpenDNS on different routers and OS, visit this link.

Web Hosting Sites You Can’t Trust

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Reading time: 6 – 10 minutes

For the past several months, I’ve been very transparent with my unspeakable web hosting experience in belief that it would somehow help those of you who are still on the verge of looking for a better web hosting provider.

My web hosting saga never ends here although at present, I’m happy with the way things are going, it’ll give more justice if I’d be able to share with you few players in the web hosting industry today that I had been a part of for sometime but was never pleased.

I started self-hosting this blog when I purchased this domain from sometime in February of this year and was free hosted by Byethost. Byethost free hosting was very attractive and somebody who’s just starting up will find them very useful.

However, free sometimes has its downside. Ticketing system takes a day to be resolved, no support for scripting issues especially for free subscribers. I could have been happier but when my blog was hacked, it became the turning point of testing them out on how they would respond to challenging support issues. I never got a straight response instead I was a offered an upgrade to premium because according to them, I would be assisted if I did.

The upgrade alone became a hurdle. I’ve paid via Paypal but never got a confirmation and login details to cPanel and I can’t wait for an entire day for it so I brought up the issue via Paypal dispute and the headache was over.

Weakest points: Payment system isn’t organized. Response system for new registrations and upgrade are not immediate. Email system is atrocious and unprofessional. Premium plans are rather cheap but chances of getting headaches are very high because downtime (although not sporadic) takes days and not hours.

One dollar web hosting can always attract the thrift seeker. You can be blinded by this offer especially if bandwidth and disk space is what you’re after but imagine how this one dollar can screw up your site and lose revenue more than the amount you ever want to save?

I have learned my lesson the hard way over the tacky one dollar web hosting at Don’t fall for this trap because you just don’t know what you’re getting into.

Pitfalls: Rude and incompetent chat agents, inconsistent support, bridge of privacy—they access your customer account and deletes your support tickets anytime they want (without your consent) even if the issues are not resolved, blocks your access to chat system if they don’t like you or hate you for complaining even if it’s not too much.

They don’t give a damn whether you’ve upgraded or not because at anytime, you’re site can go down and they don’t know what to do. Chat support will attempt to help but instead of helping your site go back online, they’ll screw it up further until you’re helpless.

They don’t refund your entire money even though you’ve paid for their screwed up service for a year. If you upgraded service, they’ll refund the amount you paid to upgrade but the amount you’ve paid for the entire year before you upgraded will remain on their pockets.

Sporadic outages occur at least one or two days within a week in long hours, not minutes. There’s no avenue for voicing out your complain or suggestions. If you’re hosting a site with them at this very moment, backup your site and leave otherwise if you complain and get refunded, your access to your cPanel would be gone immediately like lightning speed. It’s a dead end over there so save yourself from stress.

Web hosting awards and web hosting review tack ratings and testimonials can do much favor for a web hosting provider to look trustworthy and reliable but always beware because you never know if those awards are legitimate.

Let’s base it on the fact that portrays such a savvy image with their homepage flaunting every single badge they can to make themselves stunning. But behind those heavily posted badges is a troublesome service.

Drawbacks: is just another faulty web hosting service you wouldn’t want your site hosted on. Like any disgusting web hosting providers, their chat agents are ultimately rude above all others plus they could ban you on their chat system forever if they wanted to. Complainers don’t have a door for them and they’ll keep you shut when they can.

If you ever run into some errors with your site, they’ll blame you or your plugin if you’re a WordPress user instead of helping you out. If you ever ask for a refund, they’ll give it to you right away but remember to back up before they totally close their doors to you and lose your site forever. It happened to me but I was able to save my files before they did it.

They’re a bunch of crooks that don’t deserve your business. Your $3.95 or $4.95 can do better for you elsewhere.

This Goes Out To. . .

At present, this blog is hosted by through a relative’s recommendation (who’s a blogger from Kansas City). Word-of-mouth recommendation really works and for bloggers who have been through all the ups-and-downs of web hosting knows it reasonably.

I’m not blatantly recommending Bluehost as the best hosting provider but they have saved this blog when I transferred from Justhost. The loss of revenue from the Justhost scenario was very awful and Bluehost came just in time when Google made the Pagerank update a couple of weeks ago and I was thankful that Software Critics went up to from PR2 to PR4 in just a few months. This blog haven’t turned one year yet but having such an accomplishment after the roller coaster ride is something to be thankful for.

You guys made it possible and with the help of Bluehost for relatively bringing the site up all day and night is worth every single cent. Bluehost may have some blunders but overall, the uptime is pretty reliable and the chat agents are pretty helpful and awesome.

Tony S. of Bluehost chat went the extra mile assisting me on the first few days of the transition. It was smooth indeed. Bluehost email technical support may not be that perfect because they don’t have dedicated email agents per email support case however this issue can be addressed if you’ll specify on the email that you only wanted one specific agent to handle your concern. The chat support however is probably the best that you can get more than any web hosting company today.

Changing host like I said on my previous posts is a tedious task but if it’s for the better then do it. Don’t let crappy web hosting pull you down and your efforts to go waste.

Note: The Namecheap and Bluehost links on this post are my affiliate links which means I get a handful in return you when sign up under me which I’d really appreciate because it will help sustain this blog. Regarding the photo above, if you find it too offensive, please let me know. I wasn’t able to find an emotionally stronger photo so I tried putting that in.

Online Resource for the Car Savvy

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Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

I would like to make way for something a little bit off topic this time however this would be something helpful for those of you who were fond of cars and are looking for valuable online resource for tips and reviews which would help you get some ideas and thoughts about the latest car trends today.

Among the fanciest cars nowadays include lexus es which showcases the conservative look of the 2008 model; the cadillac escalade which still remains to be one of the flashiest SUVs on the road; and not to forget 2010’s bmw m3 for it’s pretty savvy exterior design.

Most car review sites include car insurance provider options, a classified ads section for those people who are selling their cars or searching for something to buy, financial assistance for those on a tight budget but are eager to spend, car care tips for the road user and access to the latest industry news and releases.

Car review websites like not only offers reviews but also news, photos and car shows which of course motoring enthusiasts will definitely love.

If buying a car is something that you’d considering doing next time, then the help of a car review site is a great avenue to look at.

Have you considered visiting car review sites before? Do you find them helpful?

Site Speed Matters in 2010, More Caffeine from Google

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Google Engineer Matt Cutts has revealed to WebProNews in Vegas where Google is heading and believe it or not, he said that the Algorithm update or Caffeine will go live after the end of the holidays so as not to upset webmasters from any changes in the algorithm but one thing is for sure, Pagerank updates will happen by January 2010 and Caffeine will run in full blast however one of Google’s data centers will be rolling out the update but users wouldn’t notice the shift because it will happen gradually.

The other piece of information that struck me the most is when Google starts considering site speed as a ranking factor come 2010. Matt Cutts providing advice to webmasters about how to make a website faster is forthrightly showing some signs of a change. It may or may not happen but there’s a huge possibility.

Are you even prepared for the big change?

What impact can it bring to blogs and small websites on shared hosting? Or sites with too many affiliate banners hoping for clicks and commissions when in fact these monetization schemes actually slow down page load due to so many HTTP requests? Once this happens, we may also be saying goodbye to widgets, I think. How can a cheaply hosted site compete with sites on dedicated hosting and those powered by CDN (Content Delivery Network)?

Have you already thought of a plan when this becomes standard?

Windows 7 Desktop Guide for Newbies

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

If you ever made the big switch to Windows 7 sometime last month or are willing to take a plunge into this brand new OS from Microsoft, then I’m sure you’ve been looking for something that would help you become familiar with the various workarounds with much ease.

Windows in a Box is a desktop tool that will guide you through Windows 7 from theme selections to Parental controls to accessing existing functions and settings all in one complete user interface.

Windows 7 in a Box

Windows 7 in a Box

The software is spyware, adware, malware free with the need to install and mobile which means it can run from a flash drive, sleek and light because it doesn’t consume your computer’s resources. Updates about the software will be made available soon.

Just a quick reminder guys, I haven’t used this software yet because at the moment, I still don’t have Windows 7 unless somebody would be willing to donate. I’d appreciate it. I’m not really sure if the software is free because based on the software publisher’s site, it doesn’t say so.

If you find this software interesting to download, you may do so here. If you ever find out whether the software is free or not, please let me know. Thanks!

Mobile Connection Management Unleashed

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Everything in the world today is becoming mobile from 3G to 4G WWAN wireless networks. Businesses gear-up to these demands of the times in order to survive today’s rapidly changing environment that are largely controlled by mediums that transmit and support information access across various channels.

Mobile connection management tools play a large part in making great things possible such as mobile connectivity and security management for workforce requirements that provide IT management with the aid of a mobile VPN plus added security and authenticated sessions.

Aside from managing diverse mobile devices which include PDAs, Smartphones and other advanced next-generation phones, users also have the ability to customize their experience with personalized services, apps and menus that suits their needs. Some applications even allow calls to be seamlessly switched between cellular networks and WiFi in real-time through VoIP, Instant messaging or IM, Presence, Multimedia exchange and SMS.

Mobile connection management software also provides image compression on camera enabled phones without sacrificing quality as well as special application software with aesthetic and advanced creation tools for developers of 3D animation, games, and digital arts.

Rarely that these information are discussed on blogs and I do at some point find myself overwhelmed but for those of you who may have the idea and want to learn more, you may visit this mobile connection manager website for further information on options which I believe could help further mobilize your business.

Some of the robust solutions highlighted include enterprise options, specialized tools for cable and mobile operators, device and computer manufacturer applications, and amazing tools for small businesses and commercial software for savvy end-users.

Seamless management of multiple wireless networks has been a complete challenge for businesses catering to the mobile market but innovative developers will always find a way to remain competitive and the best move is to entrust your business’ success to those with exclusively granted patents and proven track record. Change is inevitable but those who always find a way to improve will always remain on top of their game.

Google Go Programming Language Release

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Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

Programmers have recently taken Google’s Go into spotlight as this new experimental language takes the center stage as a dynamic language similar to Python with the performance and safety comparable with C or C++. This open source programming language can compile large binaries in just a matter of seconds and runs instantaneously close to C language.

Go is a promising language for systems programming with multi-processing support, friendly object-oriented design plus value-added features. To know more about Go, visit

The Power That Has Bing?

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Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

I have been taking a constant look at how Bing has been trying to improve its algorithm and performance. In fact, the recent blog post by Chris Crum even noted some features that are pretty much savvy and to come up with a tasked-focused version, interactive Instant Answer, and more localized search and their use of the Wolfram Alpha’s algorithms which will power the novice search engine’s results for nutritional information and math searches is an intelligent move.

These all sound very fascinating but my stance on Bing’s power is less superior to Google. I rarely use Bing and what’s unsavory about this search engine is that webmasters are required to have an account with Hotmail, MSN or Live in order to submit a sitemap. While that may sound fair since Google does the same thing, problems signing up with a free Live, MSN or Hotmail account has long been unresolved. It’s like nobody’s even there to answer support tickets and the horrible system has failed me to do so countless of times.

I don’t know for a reason why I cannot signup for a Hotmail account when in fact I’ve done all possible means and it freaks me out that their knowledgebase and ticketing system is full of trash.

Testing Bing using Software Critics as the search term, it did show up a very unfavorable result with a Twitter user using Software_Critic as username appearing on top of the list. Mine landed fourth not with the homepage but showing a certain post which is disgusting (see screenshot below).

Bing results for Software Critics

Bing results for Software Critics

Bing results are comparatively mediocre than with Google (shown below) or Yahoo. If they really wanted to be relatively satisfying and relevant, search results should be improved and the same time to find out ways wherein webmasters can submit their sitemap fairly with ease.

Google results for Software Critics

Google results for Software Critics

Do you find Bing search relevant and helpful? Or useless and awful?

Have You Ever Spied on Someone Else’s Computer?

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Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

It’s not that I’m inviting you to do something unethical as the title may imply but what if you do have the chance to do so? Well, this may sound very disrespectful to someone else’s privacy if you put up a computer spy on someone’s property but then again if it’s for a good reason then would you?

Several computer programs came out with the massive use of internet and concerned parents have dealt with many pains in securing their computer is always child-friendly. However, there are cases wherein due to today’s readily accessible cyber space, kids can just runaway from those security parameters through powerful proxies and manage to break-in without leaving a trace. In this case, there’s no evidence and as a parent, you cannot penalize your kids for no offense.

However, if installing a computer spy can caught them in the act of visiting prohibited sites, would you use it? If your answer is yes, then you need the help of a computer spy, a software designed to watch closely every single keystroke, web pages, images, chat messages and all other activities within a PC.

Industries also adopt this technology to detect employees goofing off during work hours and for detecting any suspicious activity.

If you think employing this mechanism on a computer is unethical then you can always show your disapproval on the comment’s section.

Phishing Scam Links from Twitter Direct Messages

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

This post may come to you as something that isn’t new however I just thought that it may serve as a reminder whenever you get direct messages on Twitter and tempted to click on the links.

It’s not once or twice that I have received DMs with links pointing to phishing sites and this inspired to write how-to posts on setting up Firefox and Google Chrome for secured browsing because having the right settings has indeed saved the day for me.

SXSWi 2009: Sketchnotes: Scam SchoolIf you get to encounter this link on one of your DMs, don’t click it. If you ever clicked this unknowingly, you’ll be prompted anyway if you have the right browser settings. Usually, when these bad guys send me links like these, I broadcast them on Twitter and unfollow them right away. I let people know that they are sending out links to phishing sites so people who don’t know will definitely avoid them.

Once and for all, these schemes should be stopped for good if not minimized. If you ever get encounter such fake web pages hidden on shortened links on Twitter, do something about it and always keep your browsers secured.

For Internet Explorer 8, you can set up secured browsing via Safety tab and make sure that the SmartScreen Filter isn’t turned off. This way, you’ll be safe while browsing the internet and be always alerted whenever you come across a suspicious attack site.

Dropbox Releases Iphone App, Moves To a New Home

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

If you want to make sure that your files completely secured and backed up, you probably might have heard of Dropbox, a file backup solutions provider that sync your files through your computer and the Dropbox website.

Dropbox have an easy to use interface although it can be confusing at times. It comes with downloadable software that will sync your files across your chosen networks and can be easily accessible anytime.



Recently, then have released their iPhone app which is available for free from the App Store and is 3.0 compatible. You may also expect that future update would include optional passcode locking, better images handling and loads of value added additions. For non-iPhone users, you can also hope for mobile apps soon.

Before I even forget, then have moved to their new home, it’s now Just to set expectations, their service is free only for 2G storage accounts so expect an additional cost for excess usage.

I’m not really a big fan of Dropbox because the first time I used it was last year and unfortunately it doesn’t suit my taste. If you’re planning on synching files especially large folders, you can’t always expect that it will always be fast because still, it all depends on your internet connection speed.

Link Building Strategies That Work

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Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

Link building is probably the first among any campaign strategy for boosting online presence especially for search engine optimization. Who wouldn’t want your website not to appear on searches?

Getting links from related niches especially blogs do help especially on dofollow blogs where you can leave your links and the bots will follow it thus sharing link juice. However, be cautious of doing this because not all blogs easily give out link juice and allow keywords in the namefield.

Social Media interaction and bookmarking your content will provide more widespread distribution of your online content thus increasing your online visibility. Press releases can also play a vital part in disseminating your business information or content however you must consider spending in return.

Directory submission can also help increase your links but you may have to choose which one to go after just like choosing to acquire assistance from link building services which needs thorough decision making and research so that even if you spend a dime, you can be assured that your money, effort and time doesn’t go to waste.

Have you acquired assistance from link building services before or you solely did it yourself? Do share your techniques at the comment’s section.

HOW TO: Setup Google Chrome for Secured Browsing

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Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

The last time, I have posted about setting up Firefox for secured browsing. This time, I’ll be showing how to do it for Chrome users which are largely increasing overtime.

With no further a do, here’s how you’d do it.

First, open your Chrome browser. Click on the wrench icon on the top right and choose from the drop down menu Options.

From there, click the Under the Hood tab. There are a few options there but the significant one that will keep you protected from phishing attack sites while you surf the Internet would be to Enable phishing and malware protection as you can see from the figure below.

Google Chrome Secured Browsing option

Google Chrome Secured Browsing option

If you ever come across a malware infected site or a fake webpage, you will be shown the page below and again like my previous post about setting Firefox for secured browsing, it will ask you if you’d want to continue viewing the page or not. Again, this is for identification of false positives and if you feel that the site is trustworthy and was mislabeled as fake or a phishing site, then this option is the best way to do it.

suspected phishing site on Google Chrome

suspected phishing site on Google Chrome

If you have further question, please don’t hesitate to address it at the comment’s section.

Ten Commandments of Human Relations (Blogger Edition)

November 11, 2009 | By | 8 Replies More

Reading time: 4 – 6 minutes

For almost a year that I’ve been blogging, I’ve been observing the way bloggers behave and the traits each one project online. The truth is, I may not like everyone and so do you but having tried to please fellow bloggers in my own little way is also worth it.

I have gained friends along the way and I’m thankful that having a bunch would still increase so I thought of maybe coming up with my own version of the Ten Commandments of Human Relations for bloggers. Here’s what I’m able to come up with and I hope you’d enjoy it.

1. Speak to People. Mingle with fellow bloggers. Speak to them online by leaving comments on their blogs or emailing them. Develop the habit of speaking up online because these are the avenues where you can engage in a conversation. Try to network with fellow bloggers offline by attending WordCamps and blogging events. Just don’t forget those business cards, speak up and smile.Aheram, Meet Ron Paul2. Smile at People. Science as documented that you use 72 facial muscles when you frown but only 14 whenever you smile so don’t strain your facial muscles on unhealthy activities instead smile while your writing a post and do it consistently, I’m sure you’ll reap positive results.

3. Call People by Name. It would be rude not to call people by name. On this blog, keywords are not allowed on the comments name field mainly because I would want to be more personal with my approach on every commentator. It’s also showing some respect. So, if you leave a blog with a keyword instead of your name, it simply shows rudeness and disrespect on the blogger.

4. Be Friendly and Helpful. This can be very self-explanatory but oftentimes simple gestures of kindness are not always evident on some bloggers. For some bloggers, you may flaunt it or not that you are well-known, do show some appreciation whenever someone comments on your blog. Join the conversation. I know that some of you write great content and get plenty of visitors and comments but what bothers me is that some of you don’t even reply on the comments thread. It seems that you’re just bragging the numbers and these small promising bloggers don’t even get it. You’re voicing out an opinion without being acknowledged which seems like you’re taking to the hand. Wake up people! These big guys are only after your IP visits and are busy counting your clicks. If they can’t even respond to a comment, that simply means on thing. They don’t care.

5. Be Cordial. It simply means to be polite and sincere while being yourself.

6. Be genuinely interested in People. You can’t please everyone but at least you’ve tried.

7. Be generous with Praise, Cautious with Criticism. Be tactful. Appreciate someone’s writing. You may not like all the blogger’s posts but at least try to impart what you know and share it to the blog post because that is what the comment’s section is intended for.

8. Be Considerate of the Feelings of Others. Hot topics on blogs can spur different feelings and reactions but be mindful of what you’ll say and consider the feelings of those who will read it. If you’re commenting on a controversial topic, watch your words closely so you don’t offend people. You can always have your say but if you feel like it would be a little harsh just post it on your own blog if you have one because there, you can rant all you want.

9. Be Thoughtful of the Opinions of Others. Commenting on blogs is a two-way street. It’s either you end up presenting yourself well or break your online reputation. Your comments are public and whatever people read tells something about you.

10. Be Alert to Give Service. Be always ready to help. Bloggers who offers their advice and shares what they know without asking for anything in return really value relationships. On this blog, I support open source and freeware and I’m open to bloggers who needs help and advice. I even review and feature bloggers for free and I think that’s the best deed that I could do in my own little way.

If you have something to add to the list or just wanted to share your thoughts, please do share it. I’d appreciate it.

Challenges of Satellite Internet Access

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Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

Certain locations where terrestrial internet access is not available normally utilize satellite internet services including those people who are always on the go. Geostationary satellites then provide what most of us use nowadays—Broadband Internet. In some areas on high altitude depend largely on Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites.

In order to use the most appropriate service, end-users must understand the types of satellite communication systems mentioned above in order to make intelligent decisions.

One of the technical aspects that need to be considered is signal latency or the amount of time it takes a packet of data to reach from one specific point to another. Satellite communications are challenged by environmental factors wherein moisture and precipitation can largely affect clear signal rendering in relation to line of sight between dish and satellite.

Considering these factors above, Clear Broadband Internet access boasts relatively increased productivity that would save much of your time whenever you access the Internet. Clear internet offered by offers options where you can have Internet speeds four times faster than 3G.

Whatever internet provider you may wish to choose in the future or wish to transfer service in, the best way to succeed is by doing your research.

HOW TO: Set Firefox For Secured Browsing

November 10, 2009 | By | 3 Replies More

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Internet security has always been a hot topic and while cyberspace continues to become congested as thousands of websites are created online every single day, this has become an avenue for criminals trying to take advantage of this ever growing virtual world through illegal schemes and fraudulent activities.

As long as there are people that remains uninformed, there will always be victims, thus information dissemination is the key.

Phishing attacks can be prevented if we know how to safeguard ourselves using our browser’s functionality which most of us may have overlooked.

On this post, we’ll focus on Firefox’s security settings option. Firefox security settings are developed for safe Internet browsing. You can set this by following these steps:

From the Tools tab on your browser, select Options. Then, it will open a pop-up dialogue box wherein it will give you the option to tick the corresponding boxes that will define your browser’s security (see image below).

Firefox Security Settings

Firefox Security Settings

The most important box to choose it the option “Tell me if the site I’m visiting is a suspected attack site and forgery.” These options when activated alert you whenever you come across such web pages and ask if you would like to continue viewing the web page. The latter option is provided to ensure that false positives are taken into account that somehow, they could also be wrong that’s why open source software depend largely on community involvement and participation through bug report submissions, performance issues and other related concerns.

Since you already know how to setup your browser for security, why not report or send them crash reports, suggestions, and all things which you believe can help improve browser user experience.

If you want to get involved with Mozilla, follow this link.

Most Outrageous Web Hosting Support Answer

November 9, 2009 | By | 7 Replies More

Reading time: 4 – 6 minutes

A few days ago, this blog was offline due to web hosting problems which means I’ve transferred again to a different service provider after some unresolved service issues that includes chat agent rudeness, incapacity to answer support tickets via email and sporadic outages that takes hours to merely half-a-day before being rectified.

It’s really a pain in the neck and a horrible experience. Loosing revenue alone each day kills my chances of paying the rent. Well, these are just one of the many web hosting issues I got over with and will have to take into account as they are inevitable but when the going gets tough, the tough gets going (reminds me of Joseph P. Kennedy, the father of (U.S.) President John F. Kennedy immortalized by Billie Ocean’s song).

Changing web hosts is probably one of the most dreaded task webmasters or bloggers could get into but having to do it four times in less than a year of blogging, I’ve already learned a lot of things. Learning is an endless process anyway.

One of the craziest things that I have ever come across during my web hosting journey was getting an unlikely answer which I could hardly describe. I’m not really good at writing farce or sarcasm and neither that I’m into it but a certain response that I got from a support ticket made me jump off my seat.

Out of nowhere the answer was like,

“Hey, I’m from Pluto and you’re from Earth. How would I know?”

Alright, let me get this straightened out. Here’s what the story is all about.

I recently transferred hosting and I was setting up the RSS Feed for this site. I was trying to find the FeedBurner FeedSmith Plugin but I couldn’t find it the WordPress plugins repository so I checked all over the web but to no avail (I was able to find it after some days).

I then thought of maybe placing a conditional redirect from to, as you can see, the only difference is this “-“(hyphen/dash).

My previous host did it for me so I was expecting that my current host would do so. I asked for assistance via chat but was advised to address the issue via their email ticketing support.

I guess you already know what my question would be. So, here’s the first answer I get.

Email Support Agent A said:

“In your account under the domain section you can setup a redirect with the redirect tool in the cPanel.”

While this seems quite reasonable, I don’t get the idea why this answer came out. Does he know it’s a domain?

Email Support Agent B said:

“You can set up a .htaccess redirect.”

This sounds reasonable which I think what my previous host did but to think that I was asking them to do it for me, common sense isn’t that very common? What’s disappointing about this response is that I was given like facts from their knowledgebase which most web forums and help pages provide but I’ve already been there and that’s not what I’m asking.

Finally, here’s the answer that has blown me away so hold on to your seat,

Email Support Agent C said:

“Your previous host still has the domain name pointing to it:
Created on…………..: 2003-12-01.
Expires on…………..: 2014-12-01.
Record last updated on..: 2009-09-04.

Domain servers in listed order:

these are google’s nameservers, not ours. We can’t create a redirect for a domain name which we don’t host. If you would like to add this domain to your account, and point it to our nameservers, then a redirect would take effect.”

What?! Does this guy even know that Google owns and I don’t? I wish I do because if so, then I’d be rich!

See attached email below:

Outrageous Web Hosting Support Response

Outrageous Web Hosting Support Response

What an out-of-this-world answer could this be! I never would have expected this coming from a web hosting provider.

This is so outrageous!

FacesIf you have your fair share of crazy web hosting responses, do share it below.

P.S. I had it resolved somehow, email ticket never got resolved. I’ll let you know on my succeeding posts what I did.

Win Five Grand On “You Gotta See This” Video Contest!

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Having laser vision correction nowadays can be very expensive but the result can be pretty much favorable. People should not undertake this eye treatment procedure unless advised by an eye specialist. For those of you who had undergone an iLASIK® operation, you might be interested to read the rest of this post.

Just recently, Abbott Medical Optics Inc. (AMO), one of the global leaders in laser vision correction has launched the “You Gotta See This” Video Contest that aims to know how better vision played an important role in people’s lives.

If you are one of those guys who once had an iLasik operation, consider sharing your experience and how it changed your life by making a video and get a chance to bring home $5,000 for the Grand Prize once your entry is chosen plus consolation prizes of HDTV packages worth $2,500 and a Flip UltraHD™ camcorder for each winning category.

Unleash your creativity by joining the iLASIK Video Contest which not only encourages you from sharing your thoughts and experiences but also shows you the importance of keeping your eyesight healthy while staying informed.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this opportunity! Have your videocam ready, shoot that winning video and upload it on


Seesmic Web Integrates Twitter List

November 8, 2009 | By | 3 Replies More

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

This comes as no surprise that desktop apps will be jumping into this Twitter list craze which I really don’t fancy. It’s like we’re getting into a phase where people stopped being mature and tend to be more like a show off than a professional. Twitter list for me is like a teenager bragging on Myspace or Facebook about how many friends he has to satisfy his ego.

There’s really no sense of doing so and making it public is pretty much alienating and off taste. Even social media’s big man Chris Brogan is uncomfortable with the idea because it can make people feel of being left out (if you’re not even on anyone’s lists) with him being an exemption for being well-known but I admire his humility for his view. From this moment on, I’m switching my lists private so nobody I missed would feel bad. Well, desktop apps can segregate Tweeters depending on whose tweets you’re following.

The idea is such pointless and instead of focusing on their security efforts to prevent their site from DDOS attacks which have happened countless times, they instead kept on stuffing their service with useless functionalities that makes it more congested.

They could have imitated Yahoo Meme’s interface which is sleek and clean.

Going back to this post’s title, yes, Seesmic has integrated Twitter list on its web-based app where users can see their lists on the sidebar. You can view the video below on how it looks like on full run.

Few days ago, they’ve integrated it on Seesmic Desktop. While these improvements can make some of their fans raving, you can read here on why I discontinued using Seesmic Desktop.

I’m not pretty sure if TweetDeck have already joined the fad, I’ll find out anyway. For whatever reason you find Twitter list to your advantage, give me a constructive idea on the comment’s section.

Barcode Software 101

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Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Did you know that the first product to be scanned with a barcode was a 10 pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit gum?

This fact may sound a bit too elementary for you but this is where my post will evolve. June 1974 marks the first use of a bar coding scanning equipment first seen in Marsh’s supermarket in Troy, Ohio although it wasn’t that much adopted for commercial use.

You may want to ask, who ate the gum afterward? Tell you what, to this date, the pack of gum remains on display at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History.

Looking back at the history of barcodes which was basically intended for labeling railroad cars, its adoption by the United States Department of Defense using Code 39 symbology (or the mapping between messages and barcodes) to mark all products sold to the US military started the widespread adoption of barcoding in industries.

At present, almost every item from supermarkets and grocery stores has a UPC (Universal Product Code) barcode. Generally, barcoding helps in tracking huge amount of items, inventory and sales for retailers and an added security as well for consumers in terms of returns. It’s also used extensively for membership cards on big retail chains, document management, shipped items for currier and freight forwarders, and boarding passes for travelers are just among its countless uses.

Barcode Scanners (also known as Barcode Readers) are electronic devices used to read printed barcodes using a light source, lens and a light sensor that decodes image data to the scanner’s output. Industries utilizing the barcoding technology on a larger scale utilize barcode software which can be used with MSWord or MSExcel for creating invoices or other documents with barcodes. In fact, some companies adopt Inventory Control Software for managing large amounts of inventory and better tracking.

Nowadays, employers make use of Time and Attendance Software for tracking attendance records which may include biometric (fingerprint scan), RFID (ID badges) or barcode time clock. This way, employers can track who were tardy, absent, over break or anybody who’s sleeping during work hours.

Barcoding has rapidly evolved and is not going anywhere as far as I know but imitating the Hitman (a guy with a barcode tattoo on his shaved head) movie idea isn’t clever.

Does Google Pagerank Convert Money?

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Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

The day before Halloween, Google caught webmasters by surprise by secretly updating Pagerank. Google Pagerank is probably the metric most webmasters go crazy for and mostly advertisers run after to plot their link building strategies.

The importance of this metric has been a long hot debate in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) industry. I may run out of space on this blog if I would tackle how this metric has changed the web in countless facets.

Start up businesses especially those focusing to get into the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) are gunning after blogs in particular for their link building strategies. In fact, some venture into paid links in exchange of a link or two with their desired anchor text in return for some meager amount.

Google dollarsBlog advertising marketplaces have avenues for advertisers wishing to get the buzz for their product and/or links to their site. This practice has been long controversial because as some say, it makes Google mad thus penalize the sites engaged in this activity. Again, this topic may hold perhaps an entire blog to scrutinize the facts.

Google had recently removed the Pagerank metric in the Webmaster Tools because they don’t want webmasters thinking and focusing about Pagerank which they find silly so omitting such details may sway its implication of having importance.

Lots of reactions came out after such move but for me, search engine rankings and getting found in the SERPs is what matters to me. But the question is, does your Pagerank convert money? How does your website or blog’s pagerank help you generate online income?

If website traffic monetization is possible through Google Adsense, what role do you think does Pagerank play in terms of monetization with the exemption of paid links?

Why Do You Need To Host Your Own Blog?

November 2, 2009 | By | 8 Replies More

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

Blogging in its nature is dynamic which means its pages are most of the time being updated to it keep it fresh thus requires a lot of time for content creation compared to static web pages that can simply show several pages for a longer period.

Given this information, blogs in order to become successful needs constant updating and if you’re a blogger that has done it for a while, then you certainly have attached yourself to your blog.

Creating content is no joke because it requires a lot of effort than just merely writing anything that comes to mind. Niche blogs are often the most challenging ones because it requires time and research to come up with good posts worthy of a reader’s praise.

Why do I mention these things when in fact my question is about the importance of hosting one’s blog? Simple, if you love what you do and you’re dead serious about making something out of it like creating a personal portfolio or brand, expanding your business or for whatever personal reasons that made you keep it, isn’t it clear that it’s a possession you hold so dear?

You don’t want to lose your cherished possessions like anyone else, do you? In blogging, writing a blog on a free hosted blogging platform is cheap really cheap because you don’t pay for web hosting in the first place and most of the time, it’s on a free domain extension e.g. or For hobbyists, this can be enough but for those who wish to create their own personal brand and if you’re building a portfolio, hosting your own blog and owning your own domain is crucial to your success because it sends a message that you are professional and trustworthy.

Your content is your cherished possession, and having full control of everything which self-hosted blogs provide is very important because there’s always this pride of having something that you can claim as your own, that’s if you understand what I mean.

Hosting a blog is very cheap nowadays, most of the time shared hosting is the best option for starters. Once you’re able to build an audience and loyal readership, you can then upgrade but it would be advantageous if you’ll seek the help of trusted web hosting review sites for vps hosting or if you’re willing to get a dedicated server in order to cater your website traffic.

Success in blogging is a long and winding road. If you’re up for the challenge at least you must have this passion and it shows when you give importance to things that matters. If you can’t even host your own blog or buy a cheap domain, I doubt if people could trust you.

Gizmodo Scareware Fiasco and My Two Cents

November 1, 2009 | By | 4 Replies More

Reading time: 4 – 6 minutes

It seems like everyday, thousands of online users are falling into the hands of crooks either by becoming a victim of online fraud, identity theft, phishing, hacking, and viruses.

Gizmodo iPhone & iPod Touch WebclipRecently, cyber criminals had once again proven that nobody on the web is safe particularly internet users. Gizmodo, a popular gadget blog became the host to scareware spread out that affected most of their readers (without them initially knowing it) through an initiated alert from an advert encouraging users to download fake software otherwise known as Scareware or Rogueware.

Scareware operates using tricks by inflicting fear through deceit convincing users that their system has been infected with a virus and that they need to download the software for protection.

Once you fall into this trap, the malware will then be executed on your computer thus creating system trouble. Some malware can be very intrusive and the possibility of hacking personally identifiable information on one’s system cannot be discounted. Keystrokes can be recorded in an instant by some forms of malware that can lead to the latter case or normally termed Identity Theft.

I’m a reader of Gizmodo, in fact, I’m a subscriber but I only read their posts via RSS and since they do publish a lot of articles on a given day, I really can’t cope up with it so I just simply skim through the headlines. The day the scareware went out, I wasn’t there but If I was, I wouldn’t even bother downloading something from their site even if it’s a well-known technology blog. For me, it’s not an exemption.

I had my fair share of experience and had tasted Conficker during its course, well the main reason why my system had acquired it is because I deactivated the Antivirus for several days and failed to download Microsoft’s Security Update but other than careless mistake, so far, I’m good.

Tell you what? I’m going to share some simple tips which would definitely save you from any Scareware plot.

  1. If you’re on a website that is offering software downloads and is not basically the software’s official distribution site (e.g.,, etc.), don’t download anything. Although there are software download sites that have been around for some time which have already gained your trust, it doesn’t hurt to visit the software developer’s site where the software originates. Once you have tracked the software’s whereabouts similar to knowing a person’s background, you’ll surely get the hint. If the software has not long been updated, then better think again before you download because you might be harvesting some rotten eggs.
  2. Avoid clicking banners and popups that invite you for a free scan because this is where most malware hide. Fight your trigger happy click tendencies.
  3. Hover on links and look into your browser’s status bar before you click them. This way, you’ll get an idea whether the link will redirect to some URL that is somewhat suspicious. This simple no-brainy trick has helped me get rid of a Paypal Phishing attack on my email some weeks ago.
  4. The are cases wherein you may have already downloaded the software and your browser has not detected it as malicious, before you even run the file, make sure that you have scanned the file with your Antivirus software because sometimes, there are executable files that are left undetected by browsers but they seem to appear normal yet the moment you run them, you’ll already infected. This step holds true for all types of files you download online.
  5. Don’t run downloads directly from your browsers especially executable files or .exe files or binary. Save them instead on a separate folder on your computer then scan it before you execute the file.
  6. Get rid of unfamiliar file extensions unless you have researched on it before you download.
  7. Have your browsers and Antivirus software regularly updated.
  8. Scan your system regularly.
  9. Keep abreast of the latest news on Internet and Computer security by visiting your Antivirus software provider’s website or by subscribing to their RSS feeds, related sites, blogs and forums.
  10. Always be in the know. You may not remember all of these in one sitting so it pays to bookmark and spread the word so that someone can remind you if you’ve missed out on something.

These are my two cents on how we can prevent ourselves from becoming a victim of scareware and cyber criminals. These are all based on my personal experience. If you have something to share, please do so at the comment’s section.