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What do Controlpad, Launchy and Fingertips all have in common?

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Launching applications from our computer can sometimes become an issue of productivity. While most of us settle in just choosing the app from the start menu, it can be unwieldy for some users who are actually more attached to using the keyboard.

There’s really no need to go any farther because I already came across some valuable softwares that would do such job. Controlpad, Launchy and Fingertips can easily launch applications using numerical keypads. With Controlpad, a user only needs to hold down the * (asterisk) button on the numerical keyboard then enter the corresponding code assigned to launch a specific program or web address. It also allows functionality to laptop users via the Laptop Mode using F12 instead of the asterisk key. The only drawback I can think of in using this software is the user’s ability to memorize the code corresponding to the application or program being used but I can’t find any problem with it unless the codes correspond to those softwares that are frequently used.

Controlpad launching applications on Windows via the numerical keyboard

Controlpad launching applications on Windows via the numerical keyboard

Launchy, on the other hand, functions almost the same however it doesn’t use codes (no memorization needed) instead it functions like a search form which provides results depending on the search query term or command used.

 Launchy - launches applications on Windows via a search form query

Launchy - launches applications on Windows via a search form query

Fingertips, however functions similarly to Launchy but the only difference is that it cannot launch softwares or applications which means both Fingertips and Launchy must work hand-in-hand to achieve good results. Fingertips works well with Outlook because it can be used to quickly create new appointments, emails, or display different parts of Outlook such as notes and inboxes.

As quick launcher programs become increasingly popular, there’s just no perfect software however, I can only advise that you have to choose which one really suits your needs and preference.

Which one do you think is the best? Are you willing to try any one of these?

Turn PCs into Green Computers and Save Money

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Worldwide concerns have been focused on reducing the environmental impact of computing particularly on carbon footprints. Carbon Footprints refers to the total set of GHG (Green House Gas) emissions caused by entities directly or indirectly which can be related to various forms of heat generated per kWh of electricity. Most of us may not be aware of this but imagine how a simple tweak can help you take part in saving the environment and taking control of your hard earned cash.

For most computer users, turning it off while not in use can be a hassle when you’re in a hurry and had to turn it on to use it but imagine how much unconsumed heat it releases and the power consumption it carries when you leave it on standby for hours. Do you think that the best way to save money and turn your PC into a Green computer is to just turn it off and unplug it when not in use? What do you think?

If you’re not into this idea, you can still reduce the amount of power your computer consumes when it’s idle by applying optimization steps or tweaks into your Windows power-saving settings.

Windows XP Power Options Properties

Windows XP Power Options Properties

XP users can find this via Control Panel> Performance and Maintenance> Power Options> with Power Schemes normally on default depending on the type of machine you’re using. You only have to set the settings you prefer. I really don’t use the settings much because I only prefer shutting down and unplugging my PC when I’m not using it. How about you? Do you have any power saving tips, tweaks or best practices you’d like to share?

Take Your NFL Experience to the Next Level with WaiverWire

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The NFL Season is heating up and Football fans are just as fired up like their favorite teams competing for the great sporting event. Inline with its massive appeal and crowd hungry attraction, die hard fans are relentless in their search for any significant source of information either online or offline just to be in the know not discounting the fact of being involved in the fantasy sports arena.

The Redskins QuarterbacksThis time around, avid fantasy sports fans and gamers like you don’t need to go far because WaiverWire offers a free tool called the Stimulus Package which provides fantasy research tools and real time fantasy player news including free access to the fantasy experts Fantasy Forum.

Signing up for the package allows you to network with other serious fantasy players and participate in WaiverWire’s propriety Guru Challenge Game. News, Stats, and Advice plus the ability to interact with other members are among the many perks of becoming a member.

My top picks among the Quarterbacks are Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints, Tom Brady of New England Patriots, and Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts round up my finest bets which I believe most fantasy players would agree. I’m not really a hard-core fan of the sport though I admire how the website has actually come up with such a humungous resource of tools, specific player research reports with stats, as well as news and analysis all rolled into one gigantic fantasy sports gaming site that any sports fanatic will surely love.

A Look into the Future of Viruses and Online Security Threats

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Most of us may not care so much about online security as long as we have an antivirus software installed on our computers at home but this talk from Computeractive and David Emm from Kaspersky Labs share how the types of threats facing home users are changing overtime.

Among the highlights of the interview discusses the dangers of the internet—the types of dangers we encounter, how vulnerable we can be to those dangers and how we can go about protecting ourselves from such threats online including some tips on how we can safely secure our kids from unsolicited online information.

Here are some of the salient points covered.

The dangers of being on the internet and all the risks that are out there for computer users are not over hyped simply because online or offline, we are vulnerable of exposing ourselves from any risks if we will not take some necessary precaution.

Why should people pay for anti-virus software? According to David of Kaspersky, a whole range of technologies sets apart paid versions from free ones which only focus on the traditional antivirus and technology much wider than that can be obtained from paid products along with dedicated customer support. While free antivirus software may not offer free customer support however there are forums which can help users. I certainly do not agree that paid products are generally superior, some of them may be advanced in some ways but there are a lot of free antivirus softwares that really does a good job in providing computer security.

The biggest threat that we have online are Trojan horse programs—launches undesirable harmful operation when run which can normally harvest user identifiable information like email addresses, credit card numbers with most of them having key loggers built-in that monitors keyboard actions as we type.

And how do we counter Trojan programs than pretend to be security softwares? It’s important to know what your chosen security product is and if something comes up online that purport to be offering you protection, resist the temptation of downloading them. I couldn’t site anything more appropriate as an example for this than my post, “Is Free Antivirus Software No Good” which focuses on the utterly infomercial blog post generalizing that free antivirus softwares are crap with the blog author blaming it on free products.

What are false positives? False positives are cases when an antivirus software pick up and provide warning signs about a website or files which you know are safe. David said that these false positives cannot be eliminated perfectly. He advises that whenever you encounter such, send it in to the lab.

How do you protect your kids from unsolicited online information? Users should rely on technology and common sense. Assign user specific rights and password or take as far as using tamper proof solutions such as specialized software.

There are pretty much thousands of ways to protect ourselves from the threats of the web but vigilance is the key to everything. Watch the video for the complete details of the talk and share in the comments your ways of protecting yourself from online threats.

Integrate Free Audio for Websites with AudioPal

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It has been a trend for most business sites and affiliate landing pages right now to integrate talking characters. While most of it is animated, some are actually adopting real human face characters.

Some studies show that incorporating this application on web pages actually increases sales. As most business were not yet ready to embrace this simple technology, SitePal, one of the prime providers of this website enhancement have come up with another must sought after application known as AudioPal but this time, it’s free.



AudioPal, now on its beta release is a simple and easy-to-use FREE widget that generates recorded media via embed online audio that you can integrate in your website, blog or social network page without any cost.

Creation of audio recording can come from different ways—phone call, text-to-speech, mic, and uploaded file. Once the audio has been recorded, you can easily play the audio to check the output to your liking allowing re-recording when you like.

Once you’re satisfied with the recorded audio, simply send it to your email and a link to get your audio file or code with then be emailed to you and that’s it, you only have to copy-paste the html code to your web page and you’re done. Simple isn’t it?

According to SitePal, the makers of AudioPal, the widget app is free for the time being and once it becomes a hit, definitely, an enhanced paid version of the product will be offered.

Is AudioPal really necessary or the goodol’ SitePal does the job already? What do you think? Have you ever tried SitePal at all?

How to change your homepage with—The Page

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I was checking out my emails when I suddenly came across this unique and visually engaging webpage known as The Page—a project developed by Ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG.

The Page is simply a webpage that functions as a default homepage containing a search box similar to the search pages of Bing, Google, and Yahoo. The only difference is it allows you to use your name to personalize it using an amazing collection of themes to choose from that will certainly catch your mood and will maximize the experience.

You can play around with the available themes and change it anytime you want with much ease. I even prepared a video of it for you to see it in action using Firefox.

What are you waiting for? Try it and enjoy!

Windows Marketplace Final Notice: Digital Locker Service Set to Close

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Most of you who may not be familiar with Windows Marketplace or may have visited the site in the past but just couldn’t recall; they had transitioned from an e-commerce site to a reference site last 20 November 2008. Windows Marketplace formerly houses the links pointing to Microsoft Store, Windows Vista® Compatibility Center, and other destinations with compatible software, hardware and devices that support Microsoft platforms.

As part of this transition, the Digital Locker Service which was then affiliated with Windows Marketplace will be closed on August 31, 2009 giving way to the all new Microsoft Store. If you haven’t got the email from Microsoft, below is a sample of the email they sent.

Windows Marketplace Final Notice on Digital Locker Service Closing

Windows Marketplace Final Notice on Digital Locker Service Closing

In case you’ve made a purchase on Windows Marketplace, you certainly have acquired a digital locker account that allowed you to make the purchase, download and install products which also contains information about you, the software you purchased, including license information and the pieces of conversation you’ve had with resellers.

Make sure that you back up the contents of your digital locker account before they are permanently deleted and you only have a few more days left. And how do you make a back up?

  1. Print a copy of the software information from your account.
  2. Create a CD back up by following the instructions on FAQ #3.

Please note that BitLocker and EFS recovery keys will no longer be available after the closing. So what are you waiting for? Head on to Windows Marketplace and save those important files now! Do you have any memories to share about Windows Marketplace?

Capture the Moment and Win the Singapore F1 Season Video Contest

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The highly anticipated event of the year and one of the much awaited gathering of the finest Formula 1 Racers across Asia and the Pacific finally invaded the “Lion City” for an exhilarating and heart-thumping event—the 2009 Singapore Grand Prix.

Experience breath-taking speed as the city comes alive during the Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix, the only Formula One night race. Be there as it happens! Capture the events highlights right before your eyes and share in the video why this season is so good then submit your video entry to the Singapore F1 Season Video Contest – “City of the Night” on or before August 31, 2009.

Singapore F1The Singapore Tourism Board promotes a variety of events organized during the F1 season which can be found through the Singapore F1 Events Information showcasing not just unparalleled night racing at the heart of the city but also a culmination of top-caliber, lifestyle experiences with an Asian ambiance.

Plus, the must-attend F1 Rocks? Singapore, the 3-day open air concert at Fort Canning Park where confirmed acts like Jacky Cheung, Beyonce, The Black Eyed Peas, Simple Minds, ZZ Top and a lot more will embrace the occasion and perform live.

Overseas visitors can expect value-added perks such as exclusive offers from participating retailers plus enormous savings on purchases with tax-free shopping while F1 ticket holders and EZ-Link cardholders will get free admission to the National Heritage Board museums.

The Singapore Grand Prix Season 2009 is definitely a marvelous and exciting event every friends and family should not miss!

Weapon Closet: The Anti-Stress Software on the Planet!

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Most of you may have yet encountered real anti-stress software. Well, I’m not talking about gaming softwares like Solitaire, Minesweeper, or anything that can be found on your computer that comes with Windows.

I’m talking about the real deal anti-stress software that I have long been using which was indeed stress relieving.

Weapon Closet Anti-Stress Software

Weapon Closet Anti-Stress Software

The Weapon Closet is pretty light executable software that requires no installation. All you need to do is run the software and voila…instant stress relief. Highly recommended for working people who are normally in front of their computers and finds no outlet to expel those unhealthy emotions.

What is this software all about? It only contains these pretty destructive tools such as Hammer, Chainsaw, Machine Gun, Laser, Termites, Rubber Stamp, Water Gun, Color Splatter, and a Flame Thrower. Once you open up the program, all you have to do is select which among those tools you are going to use to mess up your desktop screen. Seriously, yes! you’ll be messing up your desktop screen like it was never your office’s equipment and like you don’t care at all.

messed up desktop screen using Weapon Closet Anti-stress software

messed up desktop screen using Weapon Closet Anti-stress software

The best thing about this though is after having a blast destroying your company’s property is you won’t be liable for it. Can’t believe it? You should because all you ever did was made in a virtual screen. It’s an executable file developed using a visual programming tool called Peter developed by and is copyrighted by Ing. Miroslav Nemecek. The software is a freeware, primarily a desktop game but not your typical desktop game that requires you to think because this one just makes you do whatever you want. Strictly, no rules.

If you’re excited about using this software, then head on to this link to download. Enjoy and share your experience!

Last updated: 30 March 2011

The Best Baseball Equipment Deals Discovered!

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As the major league baseball kicks-off, players and avid fans all gear up to their fanciest attires and sportiest looks. While most fans prefer wearing their hearts out with their own state team inspired get-up, there are those who still want to be extra neutral with the clothes their wearing.

My search has actually brought me into discovering the best places to buy baseball equipment online and it was really fun skimming through the coolest collections of some sites while others remain a bit traditional and conservative yet remain attractive and manly.

Being on a baseball get-up while watching a live game is a wonderful experience and like most people do, they have all the bunch of paraphernalia with their families together watching the games and at the same time screaming at the top of their lungs whenever their team strikes a home run.

While it’s not a requirement to actually dress up to the occasion considering the recession however a little bit of research and vigilance on the budget can go a long way.

Effectively Combat Comment Spam on Blogs with WP-SpamFree

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My blogging streak kicked-off as you all know from and when I finally migrated into WordPress, I primarily used Akismet to combat comment spam. Akismet was useful although there are times when it seems like I’m doing much of the work filtering spam from legitimate comments and getting rid of splogs (spam blogs).

I have used Akismet for quite sometime until I discovered an alternative. WP-SpamFree is an amazingly powerful anti-spam protection plugin for WordPress including trackback and pingback spam.

WP-SpamFree provides much ease of skimming through comments for approval and since it was very effective, majority of those comments filtered by it are legitimate. I must say that it was better than Akismet. Ever since I started using WP-Spam Free, I no longer encounter pharmaceutical terms and splogs whenever I moderate comments at the backend.

A minute percentage of splogs leaving comments can still get through however; it has never been a struggle considering that my blog is “dofollow,” and while most “dofollow” blogs are scrambling in filtering comments, WP-SpamFree has never turned me down.

Commenting on blogs that are WP-SpamFree enabled has never been so easy because there are no more captchas to fill-out. Aside from its powerful anti-spam protection capability, it comes with a built-in configurable contact form which can easily be displayed within your site’s pages and sidebars with the same amount of protection since it also fight email spam.

It’s a 2-in-1 plugin for me—eliminating Akismet and Contact Form7. A definite must-have plugin for WordPress users.

Is your plugin worth blogging for? Leave your comments.

Highly Affordable Laptop Power Supply Cables

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One of the things that most of you may not think about when buying a new laptop is getting into the scenario of losing your AC adapters. It may sound silly but it can easily be misplaced.

Considering the fact that buying a replacement could mean cash going out of your pocket can be a headache especially when you’re saving your hard earned cash on something else when this disaster came along. Of course, you’re left with no other option but to buy another one.

The best solution just in case you’ll ever encounter this scenario, forbid not, is to know where to find cheap laptop power supply cable online if you’re on a tight budget. You can also buy a spare just to be sure if something untoward comes up.

Although laptop battery chargers are available in stores, it can be more expensive so the best way to deal with it is to purchase it online which not only saves you money but time as well.

Can Buzzom Desktop take the place of TweetDeck and Seesmic?

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I was browsing through Blippr when I came across Buzzom being one of the top apps on the site. It amuses me since this app ranks higher than TweetDeck and Seesmic in terms of the number of blips so I decided to give it a try and these are my observations. I’ll be focusing more on the desktop app than the web interface because I’m pretty much satisfied with it—it provides a nifty unfollow, follow and reciprocal following option not other similar sites can deliver.

Buzzom Beta Log-in Interface

Buzzom Beta Log-in Interface

Buzzom Desktop interface provides an easy (RT) retweet button, a (DM) direct messaging, an @reply, add to buddies or grouping of tweeters option, and allows to hide tweets from selected people you are following without having to unfollow them.

The sidebar on default though shows some suggested groupings of interesting Tweeters you may or may not be following. These “Other Groups” sidebar links are customizable through the settings option. It could be annoying at first if you don’t know how to customize this through the settings but you don’t have to be lost as you simply have to find the “gears” icon in order to change the settings.

The search form on the app can be used to search for Twitter users, terms or keywords, location, and user-specific information and bio however, the search box did not retrieve any information when I tried to search for a particular user that I follow, it could be a bug that needs some fixing. The application can also be used to manage multiple Twitter accounts all at the same time while Tweet streams can be set to auto-refresh or done manually if desired. Tweeters’ names are not clickable which means you may have to type-in their usernames on the “search box” or “find box” for you to see their profile (a big hassle!).

Lastly, it eats up API request real fast just by using it for a few minutes. Not really good since I haven’t received any direct message nor tweeted anything within the few minute timeframe I’ve used it (less than 10 mins). API requests are limited so too many of it may lead to prevent you from following anyone when you’ve reached your limit and may require you to wait for sometime until your next API allotment refreshes.

Buzzom Desktop has a friendly user-interface that is good for those who want to take Tweeting a little bit slow since the status streams cannot be refreshed unless you do so but design-wise, I find it lacking aesthetically compared to TweetDeck. It was definitely a promising Twitter desktop app, though it does require a lot of development for it to take the place of TweetDeck and Seesmic.

What’s your take on the Buzzom Desktop app? Have you tried using it?

Online Resources for Drug Abuse Treatment

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It may sound unusual for this blog to talk about this topic however; I certainly find this to be very helpful for local government units and organizations working against drug abuse by actively pushing awareness campaigns and rehabilitation programs.

While drug abuse can be attributed to excessive intake of non-medical and non-therapeutic drugs, it can also be linked to prescription drugs that are being taken longer than prescribed. As drugs continue to be abused, it alters a person’s behavior thereby produces psychological imbalance which are likely to cause behavioral changes and adverse physiological effects.

Although the government can be the primary source of help, individuals can also take advantage of online resources for a more personalized approach and private rehabilitation treatment. Families of drug abuse patients and the community must find treatment for drug abuse in no time in order to save these people’s lives and their future. It is not right to judge these people because they’re just victims of circumstances; they instead need our deepest understanding, guidance and support in order for them to start a new life full of hope and inspiration.

Ten Most Admired Websites To Watch Online Movies For Free

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Most of us are not fond of watching online movies like I do but for those who are, this comes as a big surprise. I have come up with my list of the ten (10) most admired websites to watch online movies for free. I’ve visited these sites and some of which I even had memberships with. When I’m not writing, I’m just chilling out in one of these sites to watch movies.

Movies and Popcorn

Movies and Popcorn

I seldom go to theaters so I’d rather stay home, eat popcorn while lying down my bed watching movies online. It’s pretty cool considering that you’re saving time, effort and cash and the best part is you can watch as many movies as you can. You can even take a journey into time and watch those movies that you’ve grown up watching. The only drawback I think is you may have to wait for some movies to show first in theaters before it becomes available online however there are some sites that shows the current movies several days after its first showing in theaters which was also good.

I’m not advocating that you stop watching movies in theaters, of course, the big screen is still the best. Who would ever want to miss first day of screening or even advanced screenings then brag them to your friends that you’ve watched the movie firsthand and spoiling some parts of the movie to others.

I’ve made this list merely for entertainment reasons, nothing advertorial. Watch at your own discretion. Enjoy the list. If there’s anything I’ve missed or some sites you may want to include, just leave it at the comments section. is great source of the latest and not-so-distant-past movies with links to various video sharing sites where you can watch the movies in full or segmented parts. Does not need signing-up for an account to watch movies but is necessary for help requests, suggestions and comments. has a huge archive of movie titles from different genres and decades. No sign-up required and anyone can leave comments after each movie viewed. Update: No more free movies available for viewing. boasts a great collection of movie titles however, it’s very limited to a few selections of mostly newly shown movies and those within the last ten years. Good enough for those who missed some movies shown within the year of which they have many. is a movie lovers’ social network which allows free movie downloads, watch movies, and be updated on the latest full episodes of your favorite TV shows, and other entertainment related information. Requires signing up to rate films, contact other members or movie fans, and add streaming links. Update: No longer free. No more streaming links! is also a great resource of free online movies but may not please some who are shopping for movies to watch since there is no movie categorization where you can select movie titles and genres. Page numbers and tags are the only navigation options within the site and the only way to find movies on this site is through a search form but their huge movie collection is a definite killer. Update: No more streaming links. is also a good source of great movies categorized into different genres with a blog-looking design. Update: No more streaming links. is a resource for movies, TV shows, cartoons, documentaries, live sport, and music videos. is a great site for those who are looking for variety. The website features movie selections from different genres with movies as late as the 50s. was one of the best online resources with an extensive collection of movie titles. This site is easy to navigate with an organized catalog of genres. Allows viewing of movies without an account but requires registration to leave comments and join the forums. has a great choice of movies including some highly acclaimed indie films. The website though is quite confusing at times to navigate and there’s no movie categorization with links to them however taking the time to search for a good movie will be worth it. Update: Still has streaming links but useless due to many obtrusive ads.

Last Edited: 29 August 2011

Are Speed Reading Softwares for Real?

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It was really intriguing to actually find softwares promising increased reading speed. I’m pretty sure that there were some existing techniques that can be learned on how to do this, the idea of buying software just for it doesn’t make sense to me.

Speed Reading Software

Speed Reading Software

While most Speed Reading Software publishers claim that using their programs can tremendously increase reading rate, like how many of these people who had bought and used these softwares really achieved positive results?

As we all know, practice makes perfect. I agree with that. In all our endeavors, we strive to meet our specific goals by pushing ourselves to be better in what we do. Athletes train rigorously for sporting events, teachers undergo training to upgrade their skills, students study hard to get good grades while bloggers write and read more to produce better posts.

This idea of increased reading speed can be attained through frequent reading, correct? Try to experiment on yourself by lessening your reading habits for about a week or month then go back to your usual routine. What do you observe? Of course you’ll notice some differences.

Its plain simple, using these speed reading softwares will subject you to exercises that require reading and these are all introduced within the software’s functionality. The only difference is these programs have built-in timers for your reading sessions. So, why spend a dime when you can just practice reading everyday at your own pace. I’m pretty sure that you will get increased speed and comprehension in no time.

I came across some Speed Reading Softwares online—Speed Reader X, Reading Genius, Freader, AceReader, and EyeQ that you can use at your own discretion. I’m not endorsing any of them so don’t think that I’ll get any affiliate commission. This Speed Reading Software idea is just plain ridiculous for me.

If you really want to practice on increasing your reading speed, I’d suggest reading more often and play with different types of reading materials. Have some variety in your reading. Don’t just read those you’re familiar with but try reading obscure and even vague or jargonized written media. It will expose you to different levels of reading difficulty and build your vocabulary.

I may also want to share “The Speed Reading Monster Course” for your reading pleasure but since the author disclaims any warranty (expressed or implied) about the ebook, neither do I, so just read the ebook’s Warranty and Terms of Use Agreement. You can download the ebook here.

If you have anything to share about how you improved your reading rate or if you ever used any Speed Reading Software or just about anything related to this topic, please feel free to do so at the comment’s section.

A Lesson for Satellite Internet Providers

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There are so many internet providers around and most of them like web hosting companies come and go. The determining factor behind successful satellite internet providers is their ability to consistently deliver high service levels. More than just providing quality services, state-of-the-art technology with satellite coverage stretching across different continents make an outstanding provider.

Embracing innovation with technical excellence coupled with corporate responsibility can make or break internet businesses. Responsiveness to the new challenges of the times sets apart the leaders from followers. As I was browsing the internet, I came across these significant observations and find something viable for a post.

BusinessCom, a broadband Satellite Internet, VSAT and Voice over IP services provider for homes, offices and businesses specializing in the Africa and Middle East markets marked an impression.

Among its many salient services feature a complete range of Satellite Internet services from 64 kbit/s based on the most advanced VSAT platforms such as LinkStar, turn-key Satellite Backbone Connectivity Solutions for GSPs, and Satellite Earth Station Licensing and Maintenance Assistance.

In these trying times, businesses must have a solid vision and ambitious goal. Satellite internet providers however must step up their game and remain unrelenting in their efforts to deliver quality services worth every customers’ penny in order to achieve a decent market share and sustainable revenue.

Kiss Those Cookies Goodbye with Cookienator

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Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Whenever the word “cookie” comes to my mind, I always think of those tasty little flat-baked treats I used to eat along with a glass of milk. But when I got older and became exposed to the world of computing, it brought a new meaning that I sometimes thought as an invasion of privacy.

If the cookie monster eats “cookies” on Sesame Street, the other “cookie” otherwise known as HTTP cookie eats your privacy as you go online whether you like it or not. An HTTP cookie is small piece of text stored by an internet browser to the user’s computer for session authentication and online usage tracking statistics.

While cookies are advantageous for easy online browsing and logging-in sessions, it can however create a matter of privacy concerns. As online security nowadays are becoming more vulnerable, presence of cookies in your computer can make you less comfortable because you’ll never know if you’re being watched.

Most browsers have the option to delete cookies for every internet session you’ve had however, some cookies are so sticky that they even last for months on your PC even if you tried removing them. Some cookies are closely detected by most antivirus software being malware or spyware. There are some websites that work only when the internet browser’s cookies are enabled.



Until recently, I’ve discovered the Cookienator—a light-weight executable program designed to keep users hidden from search engines such as Google and other notorious web-usage trackers by providing a simple and easy to use menu that is also configurable. The Cookienator software is designed to remove potentially harmful cookies stored in your computer for so long.

I’ve just started using the software and from the looks of it, it was pretty cool and worth trying out. It’s hard disk friendly and free to download and use. Go ahead and try the Cookienator and let me know what you have to say.

Get Rid of Multiple Household Remotes with Yamaha neoHD

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Ever get confused of which remote to use when switching channels on your TV? Well, I couldn’t say that I’m an exception because there was one time when I was rushing to switch the channel on the TV to view my favorite program; I mistakenly grabbed the DVD Player’s remote instead of the TV’s because the design and format of its keypads are very similar.

Like how many people among us became victims of confusion due to the overwhelming presence of entertainment system remotes in our household. How many of these remotes do you recognize and still use? If you maintain a fair number of entertainment system having remotes all being used at the same time, it could be very confusing. Instead of enjoying the fun, it could instead be annoying and that is something we don’t want to happen.

However, there’s already an answer to this scenario, Yamaha neoHD is a robust media component that can seamlessly control multiple number of components. Gone are the days when most of us used to have numerous remotes to bombard us with options. Yamaha neoHD makes a great deal for a hassle-free, fun and easy user experience. It makes easier switching commands or tasks of up to six resources all at the same time.

Would you like to own a neoHD for yourself? If so, all you have to do is log-in to your Twitter account if you have one and Tweet: “I just entered to win a #neoHD b/c I have too many remotes, visit ( to enter” or enter via It’s definitely a great gadget worth having! Tell me the reason why you should win the Yamaha neoHD by leaving a comment below. Don’t forget to find Yamaha neoHD Sweepstakes rules on Facebook for further information! Goodluck!

Blog Revamp: Embracing Thesis Theme for WordPress

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A few days ago, I’ve been busy checking some stats of my blog when I figured out that there was a quite big bounce rate going on. Maybe because of the header ticker’s size that it consumes so much bandwidth that it really takes time to load and considering that majority of readers online have very low patience and doesn’t have the entire day to wait for a certain web page to load, they wouldn’t care at all but given this situation, I do.

As a result, I’ve decided to find other ways to reduce my blog’s bounce rate and hopefully find a better theme to use on my blog until I came across the highly talked about Thesis Theme for WordPress. It was nifty, clean, and SEO friendly according to most webmasters’ feedback.

I certainly was skeptical at first so I run a test drive of the theme on my other blog and it was stunningly beautiful. What else can you ask for from a great WordPress Theme that almost has it all? It’s very easy to use, light-weight, and highly customizable.

Like most new users, I’m still trying to learn the tweaks and hacks of the theme so I can get the most out of it especially since somebody just gave it to me and I don’t have access to DIYThemes support forum, so it’s really a hurdle but I’ll give it a go anyway.

For the meantime, I’m pretty satisfied with the theme and hopefully I could do more changes in the next few days when I get the chance. Are you happy with your current blog theme or has recently switched themes like I do?

Could Switzerland be the Greenest place on Earth?

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Who would ever think that a rich country like Switzerland could be one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world? A landlocked mountainous country like Switzerland may have tons of reasons to be one green vast land of fantasy but it never was an excuse for them not to nurture its beauty.

Over the years, Switzerland has remained unrelenting against its stance on environmental issues which placed them on top of the 2008 Environmental Scorecard at the World Economic Forum.

In deed, the ambitious environmental policies that are consistently supported by substantial government funding, proactive approach, and active awareness campaign paved the way for a sustainable Switzerland that boosts highly accessible railway system, Green friendly hotels and resorts, abundance of organic products and bike friendly citizenry.

Given the chance to travel in Switzerland, I would pursue visiting the Appenzell countryside where I would stay in an Appenzell Innerrhoden and enjoy the stunning view of green hills below the purple-headed mountains where I will also spend time hiking.

Truly, the marvelous beauty of this land can leave anyone awestruck and certainly would bring promise and a renewed hope that achieving environmental pursuits is attainable with strong conviction and will.

WordCamp Philippines 2009 Slated

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In conjunction with my previous post about upcoming WordCamps worldwide, one significant event is about to unfold next month. The second WordPress WordCamp here in the Philippines was scheduled on 19 September 2009 at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati City.

WordCamp Philippines

WordCamp Philippines

WordCamp Philippines 2009 is expected to be graced by most Filipino WordPress users (majority of which are bloggers) and developers all over the country. A WordCamp is a great venue for WordPress enthusiasts to come together and showcase their love for the world’s leading blogging platform and at the same time serves as an avenue to encourage awareness of its enormously overwhelming capability not only as an effective blogging tool but as a Content Management System as well.

This time around, will be participating in the event for the first time since it was first held in September of 2008. A few days ago, yours truly signed up for the early-bird registration for the conference and in fact, this blog was one of the featured WordPress-powered sites on display.

It was really a great event worth looking forward to attending and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a Filipino in order to attend; you can be from anywhere else. (Except from outer space! :)) If you love WordPress or willing to learn WordPress, then you’re absolutely welcome. See you there!

Update: 18 August 2009

WCP Store officially opens for exclusive WordCamp Philippines 2009 merchandise purchases online for with T-shirts (available in 3 different colors), stickers, and pop buttons.

Upcoming WordCamps: Have you registered?

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WordCamps are weekend conferences organized by local communities to talk about all things WordPress. It’s a gathering of like-minded WordPress bloggers, enthusiasts and power users held globally. It serves as an avenue for bloggers to reach out to fellow bloggers and developers and to enhance social network coverage.

WordCamps also serve a great deal of finding out from users through their feedback any developments that may be necessary or suggested that may be included in the core.

Though I haven’t attended any WordCamp event here in the Philippines, I’m certain that WordCamps are worth attending. If you’re a WordPress blogger, there’s just no excuse not to attend WordPress WordCamp. And to find out more, read the “Upcoming WordCamps” scheduled for the next few months.

Beat the Web Hosting Drama: Reliable Web Hosting Rating and Review Site for Webmasters

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Choosing the best website hosting solution can be crucial to your website’s success. Be it a blog, an ecommerce or a business site, it is nowadays an intangible part of a webmaster’s requirement to have a reliable internet partner.

Web hosting providers play a vital part of a website’s internet presence mainly because a website needs to live and viewable on the Internet 24/7. Try to imagine an ecommerce site, if the web server goes down, how much revenue do you think might be lost if for example your site generates one thousand unique visitors a day? How many potential and repeat customers you may have lost because of the outage?

While there are so many web hosting providers and plans that cater individual needs of site owners, it all goes down to who can deliver 100% or even close when it comes to uptime. Sporadic outages are bad signs of web hosting reliability and everyone who had experience with hosting companies knows this unlike newbie site owners or webmasters.

Attractive prices and promotions are lurking the internet and new web hosting providers are sprouting like mushrooms so it’s advisable not to focus mainly on price but do a little research on your part. Normally, word-of-mouth recommendations work best. Try visiting for an extensive resource of web hosting rating and review information that will guide you in choosing the web hosting solution that will fit your needs.

Site uptime is the most important performance metric of web hosting excellence however we should not discount that there are also some factors that need to be considered like disk space, bandwidth, and data transfer allotment among others especially when choosing a web host.

If you’re wondering how much disk space you may need to require in case you’re starting up a site, the article “How Much Disk Space Do You Really Need?” can help a great deal.

Google Chrome gets Persona-fied with new beta release

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I‘m not talking literally here about Google Chrome’s new beta release personifying an entity or individual but instead personalizing its look and feel making it customizable to fit your taste and artistic inclination.

While many of us are aware especially Firefox fans in particular that the latter allows customization capabilities through Mozilla Labs experiment known as Personas. Personas allows Firefox users to dress up the browser by installing the extension and selecting from a wide array of design options. You can even design your own for personal use or choose to make it publicly available.

Personas boasts a personalized touch on what you can do with your browser and how you want it to look like. Making a Personas design is very easy and fun to do, all you need is a little bit of imagination and creativity.

As the browser market share competition gets tougher, Firefox just recently lunched Firefox 3.5 which they dubbed as the fastest browser ever which I utterly oppose although I’m Firefox user myself for years and was followed by a sneak peek of the Chrome-like Firefox 4.0. We cannot deny that Google Chrome is a one tough competitor in the open source arena aside from its plan of getting a piece of the pie from the OS market, they are simply raising the bar of competition when they came up with Google Chrome Beta.

Google Chrome Beta was really promising and a bit faster than what I’ve expected compared to its stable version. What’s really remarkable about the new beta release was its resemblance with Firefox’s Personas. Although Chrome Themes are few, they’re irresistibly attractive, sleek, and fast and dressing up the browser doesn’t eat up load time and resources unlike Personas on Firefox.

Chrome has a long way to go in terms of incorporating browser extensions particularly customization options but it seems that they’re heading to that direction slowly. Chrome Themes is Google’s response to most users challenge to instill add-ons but I hope that they’ll keep the extensions minimal as this may not be helpful when it becomes overwhelming.

Google Chrome Beta Grass Theme Add a Caption Save CaptionCancel edit Delete caption

Google Chrome Beta Grass Theme

At the moment, Chrome Themes Gallery doesn’t have many selections and doesn’t have an option for a user to create one’s own but to think its Google, it’s not surprising that sooner or later, they’ll embody Personas features. What do you think?

Goodbye, Welcome Olark!

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You might be wondering why the title of this post seemed like I was conveying a certain message to someone. In deed, I was trying to bid farewell and welcoming something new but it’s not a person but a name of a particular service, a chat service to be exact.

A few days ago, I came across this chat service known as allows your website visitors to chat with you without any extra chat software. As your website visitors chat with you via the instant messenger interface embedded within your site, you can read their messages through your favorite instant messaging application like Yahoo Messenger, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, AIM and many others . Olark is easy for webmasters or bloggers to set up and is very user-friendly to your visitors and web browsers alike. just recently switched it name to Olark a few days ago before I even had a problem with my ISP that’s why this post was delayed. chat now known as Olark chat retains all its features especially the free version. The free version of Olark Beta is utilized on this blog as you can see on the bottom left corner. The glassy black tint of the chat window is non-obtrusive and highly customizable. You’ll be amazed with how this chat service can deliver real time information whenever someone visits your site. I personally used this along with Pidgin which was an open source chat client capable of working on multiple chat or instant messenger accounts within an easy to use interface on a single operating application, compact and tiny free software yet very powerful and useful. changed its name to Olark due to issues with SEO and SERPS since they can’t rank well with the Spanish term “habla” (which means “language” in English) not even with (pronounced H-A-B-DOT-L-A) which was at first quite strange having an unusual domain extension and since getting the domain name could cost them a fortune, they decided to just change the name to however it’s still unknown why they chose Olark.

If you would like to try this chat service, better watch the video below and see for yourself.

Blogs with chat service differentiates “Takers” from “Givers”

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Communication channels within a blog don’t end within the comments or web forms. An interactive medium such as a chat service or widget adds value as it allows openness in communication.

Unlike most prominent blogs, I often question why there’s so much people trying to be noticed by the blog author through the comments section when in fact its owner is just simply concerned about his/her own stats and ad sense earnings.

Like how many of these so called “Probloggers” are actually taking time to comment or even visit their readers’ blogs? Come on, don’t be naïve. Some of these guys might be too busy counting their revenues to think that their time is more preciously spent on other things than visiting nameless blogs.

With that being said, opening channels of communication through embedded chat scripts exudes a blogger’s more personal approach. It’s as simple as giving back to readers what they deserve—their valued time and not those silly contest pieces!

I admire bloggers who open their lines of communication to interact with their readers through these avenues as this shows gratitude. How many among us have received at least a comment from the authors whose blogs we often read? When you give, don’t expect something in return but when you give too much and never got anything back, you’ve created a monster and you’re a fool for doing that. Do you agree or disagree? Have your say.

This post preludes an upcoming review of a web chat tool that is simple and easy to use, can be integrated within a site and connected to your favorite instant messaging program.

Create Synchronicity: Synching Files Harmoniously

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It’s inevitable for us to undertake some tasks simultaneously that we even expect this to work on our advantage while working on our computers. While there was much software available online that does the task of synchronizing files and folders as we work on them, there were only a few ones that could deliver great results at a short amount of time.

Look, we all want our lives to be easier and as much as possible do simple tasks with ease and speed so getting some software to work on our advantage is a good deal. An open source software readily available online could save the day so I went ahead and tested Create Synchronicity, an open source application used to synchronize files and folders across different locations developed in VB.NET platform.

Synchronization process using Create Synchronicity is a breeze. Aside from being highly customizable, it’s light-weight having 80kB file size when zipped and 170kB when extracted saving so much disk space to spare. Behind its tiny size, the application is big in performance. I never imagined this software capable of handling bulk files and efficiently transferring them to another directory or folder to my liking. Suppose you are dealing with MP3 files while listening to it but at the same time doing some changes like tagging, you can sync—copy, transfer or duplicate such files without interrupting your listening pleasure.

All you need to do is set your desired folder to where the files should go and the jobs gets done in no time as it completely eliminated copy pasting tasks. The only caution here is to set the correct synchronization method you’ll be using as this could be confusing at first and if you messed up at deleting files just restore them via the Recycle Bin. User-interface is friendly however a “Help” link is not readily integrated within the software’s navigation which means you may have to open your browser and search whenever possible the apps home page in case you missed the “About” link at the top left window which would take you to the app’s home page. Create Synchronicity is completely portable; no installation required so to speak and supports multiple profile creation.

This free software is redistributable and/or modifiable under the terms of the GNU (General Public License). The post is featured by request of CFP, publisher of Create Synchronicity—which can be downloaded from repository who contacted us via email and in response the post was written in gratis.