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Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome: A Quick Take on the Faster Browser Theory

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While most browsers are going up against one another in quest for “who’s the faster browser?”, I have come up with findings based on personal and keen observation and daily usage some information which I think would shed light on some issues, although others may contradict the way I assert this facts, I would stand still by my observations but I do not discount that these findings could change overtime since updates and improvements are inevitable. For the mean time, this is what I have observed and come up with.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google recently announced a new version of its browser Chrome with the company claiming that it is “faster than ever.” With privacy issues being thrown at Google Chrome, I still could not find any probable cause why Google would steal somebody’s privacy as some of the commenters accuse on Google Launches New, Faster Chrome by Chris Crum of WebProNews.

In fairness to Chrome, I’ve used it for quite sometime and I find it stable and very lightweight. Web page loading is fast, has a neat looking bookmarks bar with a user-friendly interface. The best value out of using Chrome is its lightness which opens faster compared to IE and Firefox at start.

Based on tests I’ve done personally, Google Chrome loads faster even with imported bookmarks from other browsers compared to IE and Firefox because the more you have add-ons and bookmarks (which both latter  browsers have), the more it becomes less responsive or slow, stucks up when scrolling over flash based web pages, or pages with so many ads or much worse, it even crashes. I’ve tried IE8, Firefox3.0.10 and Chrome all having the same bookmarks, the only difference is that Firefox have add-ons while both IE8 and Firefox have toolbars and the results are pretty much clear that Chrome establishes a more wholesome browsing experience.

Firefox is a notch higher in terms of functionality but again, its performance can be highly affected by the number of add-ons, themes or extensions, toolbars and bookmarks which means the less add-on, the better.

In terms of Internet Explorer, I’ve tested IE8 which seems to be slower than Firefox, so I’ve chosen it to be a back up but not as a default browser. Mozilla Minefield however can top the speed of Chrome but since this Mozilla trunk build is still a work in progress, majority of Firefox add-ons doesn’t work with it or is not compatible with it yet, so I’d rather trust a more stable browser.

On the other hand, Chrome satisfies the eyes because it is neat looking, and its the only browser I use that I did not have any issues with in terms of writing my post in my blog admin nor in viewing and posting tweets in Twitter. In fact, I highly recommend using Chrome for viewing videos online because I’ve tried it countless times which makes my online movie viewing a worthwhile experience.

However, not all online movie sites work on Chrome so some will likely recommend a different browser to play the video. Chrome I think can largely be preferred by minimalist who do not like too many add-on or does not like using toolbars especially on limited sized screens. Chrome has a long way to go in terms of add-on options and functionality but in terms of performance, stability and speed, I can vouch that they are on the right track for I am content with it, and I will be looking forward to a more improved Chrome.

Mozilla Minefield Continues to Hit the Internet By Storm, Other Browsers Must Step Up Their Game

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One of the fastest known internet browser to date is the Minefield, a “trunk build” developed by Mozilla which was now under test drive. As puts it, and I quote,

“Warning: This is NOT A FINAL OR PRE-RELEASE VERSION. This program is provided without any guarantees of stability, so please use it at your own risk.”

about:minefieldGenerally, Mozilla does not guarantee that this nightly build is 100% stable. Mozilla warns users to back up their profile religiously as bugs might corrupt it at anytime.

Mozilla, however, remains very transparent to its users like most other open source software developers that strongly urge its users to report bugs, browser crashes, and openly solicit for feedback. They also included some tools to help Minefield testers get the most out of their testing experience and the ability to get involved with their Mozilla QA team through discussions clearly shows that they are really serious in developing this robust internet browser.

So far, ever since I’ve downloaded Mozilla Minefield and has been religiously using it in place of Mozilla Firefox, I have not reported any crash error or bug. The most amazing part of using this browser is its responsiveness in loading webpages fast enough compared to Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer or even with its counterpart, Mozilla Firefox. Test drive this browser and see it for yourself.

Blogging About Cancer: The Risk Associated with Asbestos Exposure Revealed

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Software, computers, malware and other tech related issues are majority of the topics I write about. However, writing for a health-related post that is worthy of discussion is definitely a challenge because I believe that the relevance of this information would be able to shed light on most unknown facts and also help those people who were uninformed.

Asbestos is fire resistant and its unique physical quality to withstand heat makes it highly in demand for electrical insulation and in buildings for its flame-retardant and insulating property, chemical resistance, tensile strength and flexibility.

On the contrary, the silicate mineral has its downside. It can be traced back to the early first century A.D. when Greeks and Romans have observed that most of their slaves’ death was caused by lung illnesses acquired by those involved in weaving of asbestos cloth. Asbestos is technically dangerous because its fibers are 50 to 200 times thinner than a human hair making it suspensive in the atmosphere and inhalation into the lungs utterly risky.

At present, nearly 2,000 new cases of mesothelioma are diagnosed in the United States each year. Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that develops in the mesothelium (a protective membrane surrounding many internal organs) resulting from prolonged exposure to asbestos. Inhalation or ingestion of asbestos fibers that are trapped in the mesothelium causes damage thereby creating conditions that trigger the growth of cancerous cells. According to studies, about 80% of people who contract mesothelioma have been exposed or has worked around asbestos for long periods of time. Although victims are often estimated to survive in less than a year; those who are diagnosed in the early stages of the disease with the aid of medical treatments are likely to have higher chances of survival.

If you may not know, Asbestos manufacturers knew about its dangers long before they revealed it to the public and this fact makes you aware that you have rights to fight for. If you, a loved one or somebody that you may know has been diagnosed with asbestosis or have developed mesothelioma, the legal right to be granted with financial compensation or entitlement can be claimed with the help of an experienced Mesothelioma Lawyer that would assist to file the appropriate lawsuit. To face an emotional distress and financial set back is the worst scenario that anybody could ever run into. Now is the right time to know your legal rights, not tomorrow.

Updated 09 September 2009: This was one of those previously sponsored post I had written. I did not take this down knowing that the information is still relevant and may still be able to provide information. As you all know, I wanted this blog to remain transparent to its readers at all times and disclosing alone is the way to being honest and sincere.

Reliable data recovery softwares that bring files back to life

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Based on my previous post entitled, “Conficker can damage MP3 players not just USB drives: AVG Antivirus Software detects and removes Conficker from my ZEN Stone MP3 Player“, I have mentioned that I’ve lost all my MP3 files along side the Conficker worm that infected my Zen Stone Mp3 player.

While it’s not a good thing to lose all those things that you’ve worked hard downloading and searching on the net, I’ve figured out a solution to beat this issue. Why not try to recover the lost files instead of re-downloading and re-searching them online? Sounds good, right?

Yes, it was a fact and indeed the best thing to do when you badly want those things you’ve lost back to life. It’s a matter of resourcefulness and thinking out of the box. So, did I succeed in recovering my corrupted MP3 files? Of course, I wouldn’t be writing about it if I haven’t. Want to know what I did?Well, I just simply researched on some software that would help recover data or files. A data or file recovery software or tool allows users to recover data from all popular file systems in situations from accidental file deletion, formatted hard drives, damaged or deleted partitions, to total erasure by a virus wherein the latter of which applies to my MP3 Player’s files.

One of the best data recovery software so far that I’ve used is the PC INSPECTOR Smart Recovery Software developed by CONVAR Germany. PC INSPECTOR Smart Recovery is the only data-recovery program for Flash Card, Smart Media, SONY Memory Stick, IBM Micro Drive, Multimedia Card and Secure Digital Card.

If you have accidentally deleted pictures, videos or audio files from your media, formatted the media or have removed the media during the write process, the software can single handedly reconstruct the corresponding data.

I’ve tried and tested this software on a recently burned data CD that contains photo and video files that are corrupted (due to an incompetent burning software I happen to have experimented) and this worked amazingly well. It was able to recover most of the video files although the time spent was a bit longer that what I’ve expected though generally I could say this is far better than most commercial data recovery softwares pretending to be excellent when in fact the trial versions cannot even deliver. So, this one is a standout.

The other file recovery software that I use was the MultiStage Recovery software which was developed by Enplase Research. Now, this data recovery software is the main reason why my MP3 files had been saved from total deletion due to the Conficker worm infection that invaded my Zen Stone MP3 player. Multistage Recovery software

is fast and highly efficient whose functions speak enough for its purpose. A really powerful tool that I never had expected to do wonders but it’s all worth it. The software may not be free but considering the usefulness of this software is worth investing.

Understanding file extension THB

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Most people wouldn’t know and neither do I have any idea what’s a File Extension THB is all about until I came across some researches on file extensions. So, don’t be amazed if this blog tacles file extensions in some of its posts as these are fundamentals necessary in broadening data extension know-how.

Going back to .thb files, these file extensions are generally attributed to only two programs– KinuPix and Hijack Clipart. The former is used to create multimedia slideshows with images (pictures, drawings, etc.) which can also be incorporated with sound effects and provide multiple media file format outputs in .exe or auto executable file, .avi, or .html among others. It also associates the .thb extension for its skin files.  The latter is a photo editor, a converter and an enhancer in-one that renders .thb files for its generated thumbnails.

In relation to the File Extension THB with files associated only with both programs mentioned, files of the said extension or .thb file formats can likewise be opened using the XnViewer which is a graphics viewing program that supports or recognizes the .thb format along side Graphic Converter 2003. XnViewer is mainly a utility for viewing and converting graphic files while the Graphic Converter 2003 is a useful tool for converting, processing and viewing graphics.

The nature of .thb file extension is a rare find on the web and Wikipedia doesn’t even have any information regarding this file’s whereabouts however,  a much detailed discussion on can be found.

Add-on features that make up a great uninstaller program

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This post serves as an installment from my previous article entitled, “Tips in finding a better uninstaller program“. As tackled from the latter, there are add-on features that make up a merchantable and an invaluable uninstaller program. While the use of built-in uninstaller within programs are a bit trivial, in this post, you will certainly know why a third-party uninstaller software is a must use.

Going back to uninstaller merchantability, a logger is necessary to watches any significant change that is made to the system during installation. Thereby, a system restore point is created prior to uninstalltion which determine change logs. The intangible part of third-party uninstallers is the Uninstaller itself which is used to reverse changes in the log. In this way, the applications can be uninstalled because all changes that were made at the time of installation are reversed.

Effective uninstallers include an Analyzer which is used to uninstall programs of which installation is not logged by the uninstaller. It analyzes the program and finds all related files and registry entries and deletes it should the user decided to uninstall the program.

Some uninstallers include a Watcher. A Watcher determines if there are running programs for installation programs such as SETUP.EXE, INSTALL.EXE, etc. It normally offers to start the logger when such programs are detected.

The add-ons are additional features that makes an uninstaller program merchantable and invaluable. These are certain applications that comes along with the software so you don’t have to get individual softwares to do certain tasks.

It’s rarely that you can find an uninstaller program with a built-in Autorun Manager, so this means that you can easily manage programs automatically running on Windows startup. Enabling or disabling certain programs is just a breeze.

Quick one click access to certain Windows Tools. This is definitely a one-of-a-kind. 

A Junk Files Cleaner is definitely a must have as this cleans up the hard drive from unnecessary files that may slow down you PC and free up disk space relatively.

A Browser Cleaner, Microsoft Office Cleaner, and a Windows Cleaner are simply an add-on worth having that comes along with a great uninstaller program.

One of the nifty features that I admire is getting an Evidence Remover along side the uninstaller I use regularly for years. Emptying the Recycle Bin doesn’t physically erase files and folders deleted because they are just left over in your hard drive. Eats up hard disk space and can easily be recovered by powerful data recovery softwares. Having this Evidence Remover deletes the data from your hard drive impossible enough to recover. I’ve tried this many times that even a hundred-dollar data recovery tool isn’t able to do its job.

One more thing is having an Unrecoverable Delete option within the program which makes deleting files securely and makes your disk space more spacious than ever. Like the former add-on, it deletes the files right from the hard disk making it unrecoverable.

So, do you want a slice of this piece of cake? You can actually get it from and the best part…it’s free.

File Extension DWG in Action

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During my college years in Engineering, I’ve learned about AutoCAD wherein we use AutoCAD R14 version and that was way back in 2001. It was a quite difficult subject dealing with 3D drawings, design, spatial views, etc. but it’s all worth knowing. Little then that I know about file extensions until recently when it came into my recollection the File Extension DWG which denotes drawing formats used for storing two and three dimensional design data and meta data.

DWG which stands for “drawing” and its .dwg filename extension was a native file format for the interact CAD package developed by  Mike Riddle in the late 1970s which was licensed by Autodesk in 1982 as the basis for AutoCAD.

Opening DWG Files

DWG files have at least 6 way(s) to be opened. The DWG programs which open DWG files include: AutoCAD Drawing Database, 2D Graphic, BravoDRAFT, Detailer, Drafix Drawing, Older Generic CADD Drawing Format, and Pro/ENGINEER Drawing.

Resolving DWG Errors

Fixing File Extension DWG errors can be tricky, the inability to properly open these files by using the File / Open dialogue in AutoCAD software can be found on however if you are on the look out of finding ways to recover damaged drawing files, you may visit Autodesk’s website knowledge base for a more detailed resolution.

DWG File Quick Fix

If you’re still having problems opening DWG files after going through some relatively procedural steps, these errors could be due to file association errors attributed most of the time in registry errors in the system, so better do some scanning for registry fixes for optimal results.

Conficker Can Damage MP3 Players Not Just USB Drives: AVG Antivirus Software Detects and Removes Conficker From My ZEN Stone MP3 Player

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When I featured the post “What is Conficker and how to avoid it from infecting your computer?“, if you can recall, I have mentioned the preventive measures to avoid Conficker from infecting your PC and one of those is number 4 which reads, “Conficker can spread itself through removable drives like USB drives so be vigilant.”

Yes, this is so true. Now, how is this related to this post? Well, If you happen to own an MP3 player, an MP4, an iPod or whatever gadget you use that utilizes the USB cable, here’s the time to better think about its vulnerability to the Conficker worm because it can severely damage your player like what happened to mine.

First, let me tell you this. I have an MP3 player that I normally use as usual, play songs and transfer files from my PC to the device. Even before Conficker infected my PC (which of course is now Conficker-free based on this post, “How AVG Anti-Virus Software removed Conficker and saved my PC!“), I have had a problem with my MP3 player because it suddenly stopped working. It doesn’t recharge its battery, doesn’t play songs, its normal flickering light which is “yellow” when playing turned “red” which normally happens only for low-battery mode but the fact it became non-responsive worries me. Since my ZEN Stone MP3 Player is more than a year old, I assumed that it had been wornout so I didn’t bother fixing it anyway.

Until curiosity just came into me and tried to open the MP3 player again not because I was trying to make it work but hoping that I could recover all MP3 files that’s on the player. My curiosty paid off and was answered with facts. The Spybot Search and Destroy Spyware I use detected it as potentially harmful when opened and the AVG Anti-virus Software Free Edition I use detected it as a removable drive containing a malware which is definitely true.

My proof? I run the AVG Antivirus Software and guess what I’ve discovered? It has been infected with Conficker or Downadup alongside of which are Trojan horse Downloaders. See photo below showing AVG Antivirus Software detecting and removing Conficker from my ZEN Stone MP3 player.

AVG Antivirus software detects and removes Conficker from Zen Stone MP3 player

AVG Antivirus software detects and removes Conficker from Zen Stone MP3 player

You might want to ask what happened to my MP3 files on the device? It’s all gone corrupted. You can’t be thinking about backing-up the files first before running the scan. Why? You might want to avoid spreading Conficker worm in your system don’t you? The MP3 files are gone along with Conficker. Issue resolved. Wait, how about the lost files? Hmmm. Good question! Well, I wouldn’t be a geek if I haven’t recovered the files from the healed MP3, right? That’s for you to find out the next time you read this blog.

How to work with ZDP File Extension Effectively

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If you haven’t heard of files with a .zdp extension like myself, then let me introduce to you the facts behind File Extension ZDP so you’ll have an idea what’s it all about. I’ve learned about this file extension when I was searching for a program that would allow me to design dividers, greeting cards for giveaways on special occasions, t-shirt transfers, and to create professional business cards with so much flexibility.

I’ve discovered that File extension ZDP works with the DesinPro Label Design program which was developed by Avery, one of the industry leaders in label manufacturing. The DesinPro Label Design program has a step-by-step guide that can be used to print. DesignPro also allows users to do mail merges easily for both small or large mailings. It supports the current products from Avery which include Easy peel and Sign products Mailing Labels. Users of the program has the ability to edit text and photos.

Working with the program requires you to have Internet Explorer that has to come with Service Pack two or later subsequent versions(Windows Vista, ME, 2000 and XP). A minimum disk space of 200MB but the recommended disk space is 800MB. The main role that File Extension ZDP plays is to identify all the files of the DesignPro Label Design program. If you want to open files with the ZDP file extension, the Design Pro Software must be pre-installed.

Now, what happens if you’re unable to open zdp files in Windows? Well, this could be a result of registry errors or not having the appropriate application
installed thereby scanning your computer for registry errors is strongly recommended. When working with the program, you should make sure that your system does not have any outdated drivers. These drivers are known to cause slowdowns and errors in computer systems causing them to be slow and to crash. Outdated drivers in the system must be removed using a system scan as mentioned above. These scans optimize CPU usage and memory for a more efficiently working PC. Performance scans also enhance computer performance by cleaning unnecessary clutter in the registry. You may visit for more information on ZDP File Extension and driver updaters to help you get rid of any trouble when working with .zdp files.

Tips in finding a better uninstaller program

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While I’ve been busy for quite sometime, I’ve decided to write about some simple no-brainy tips or pointers in choosing a better uninstaller program for your PC. I’ve been using an uninstaller software for years and I might as well wanted to share with you the reasons why I opted to use one and what I use and how do I go about choosing this great uninstaller program.

First thing to know is what are uninstallers? An uninstaller or deinstaller is a computer program designed to perform removal of all or certain parts of a specific program or application.

While most software vendors include uninstaller within their applications and others claim that uninstallers are just a thing of the past, better think again.

I trust built-in uninstallers within applications or programs but the fact that most of them leave traces and unused junk files within the system where they have been once installed isn’t at all healthy. Why? Because these junk files that come from deleted applications remain permanently on your hard drive if there is an unexpected termination of the application, a system crash, etc. When this happens, it causes reduction of free disk space or may also cause a slower system speed.

With the appearance of various internet security threats such as malwares, viruses, worms, or even tracker spywares, adware or keyloggers, an uninstaller with a logger module could do you a great favor.

A third-party uninstaller is a program used to uninstall a certain application or program other than solely using a built-in uninstaller within an application.

For example, in Windows, you only have to go to the Control Panel and choose Add/Remove Programs to uninstall a software. Also, you may wish to click on Start, choose All programs, then find the uninstall option of the program you wanted to get rid off.

A third-party software does the uninstall by running the software itself. Most uninstallers(third-party) include a logger, uninstaller, analyzer, watcher, and some miscellaneous tools such as junk file cleaner, browser history cleaner and cache cleaner among many others.

So, why do I have to use a third-party uninstaller when in fact, I can just uninstall an application through its built-in uninstaller?

Most complex programs leave traces of third-party components that are sometimes overlooked by software authors thereby having no idea of how to uninstall them. As I have mention earlier, traces of junk files can be prominent. While some programs today are bundled with all kind of add-ons, spyware or not, can be intentionally left on the user’s computer after uninstallation of the main program for tracking purposes made by software manufacturers and distributors which could also be a security issue or can be used by identity thefts or cyber criminals.

The presence of add-ons on some uninstallers today make it merchantable and invaluable. And what are the add-on features that make up a great uninstaller? Well, that’s what I’m going to discuss not until my next post. So better subscribe now and be in the know. Watch out because there are more to come soon!