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Get the look and feel of Apple Safari and Google Chrome with QtWeb Internet Browser!

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As I was researching for an alternative web browser that has strong privacy browsing capabilities which enables not to leave any tracks–cookies, cache, and browsing history among other things(although I know that Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 now has it and IE has it too), I have discovered a browser that is capable of doing the functions I primarily had been looking for. But more than that, it embodies the look and feel of Apple Safari and Google Chrome. It’s no wonder why I’ve tried this browser.

What I’m talking about is QtWeb, an open source web browser having some unique UI and privacy features, is compact and secure. Having built based on Qt framework and Apple’s WebKit rendering engine (which is being used in Apple and Google Chrome), it’s not surprising why this browser has embodied some of the features of Apple Safari and Google Chrome browers.

It has highly customizable user interface features that allow users to change application styles, navigate easily within frames, and customize web search engines with ease and a whole lot more.

As what I’ve been looking for, this internet browsing tool is capable of private browsing which has a full reset feature clearing all caches and restores all local settings after installation, and is SSL supported to enable access to secure sites.  What also makes this internet browser functional is its portability. You can store it on a USB, CD or DVD, and use it wherever you go, no ddls or configuration files are required. QtWeb is space saving having as little as 5MB with only one file needed–QtWeb.exe.

QtWeb Internet browser is a powerful and uniquely designed browser that gives so much functionality despite being small. Its friendly user interface makes it adaptable, its security and privacy features are a plus, portability and speed makes it a one-of-a-kind web browser. A definitely “must-have” software on anybody’s list.

For more information regarding this software, you may visit

5 Helpful Tips Before Upgrading to Firefox 3.1 Beta 3

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Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

While many internet browsers continue to battle between who’s the fastest and the most efficient of them all, Firefox has just recently released Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 which is the fifth development milestone and third beta release of Firefox 3.1, the next version of the Firefox web browser. Even though such released version is considered stable, developers and members of the testing community are still expected to provide feedbacks from its evaluation.

Firefox advises users of the latest released version not to expect that all of their add-ons will work properly with this beta. That is why Software Critics come in, after some research, to come up with these helpful tips on what you need to know in advance before you decide to upgrade to Firefox 3.1 Beta 3.

First tip: Back up you information. It is necessary that you do so in case something went wrong after the upgrade and you wish to go back to the version you previously use. Visit backing up files in Firefox for more information.

Second tip: Remember that some extension, and plugins may not work properly unless they had been updated to run on the new Firefox 3.1 Beta 3. Bookmarks are expected to remain intact. If you are using some extensions at the moment, better think twice before doing the upgrade.

Third tip: Themes are extremely likely not to work on the Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 version. Unless, you are willing to give up those themes just to try the new Beta 3.

Fourth tip: If you ever decided to downgrade, passwords will “go out of sync.” Why? Because the format changed and is only imported the “first” time you upgrade to Beta 3 unless you trigger it manually. So, if you downgrade Beta 3, you will not see passwords added after you upgraded (because they’re only in the file in the new format) and if you then upgrade a second time, you won’t see passwords you added while you were downgraded (because those were added to the old file, which isn’t imported a second time).

Fifth and last tip: If you’re unsure, don’t upgrade. Subscribe to us and wait for Firefox 3.5 Final as Software Critics delivers this information straight to your RSS feed readers.

Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 Release Notes state that release is considered to be stable. It has been QAd though but issues are still expected to come out.

Insider tech buzz:
Firefox 3.5 is coming soon. Firefox 3.5 is a branch off the trunk that will lead to a release, the trunk is for hardcore development. Firefox 3.1 Beta3 is what is out now. There has been a re-versioning which means the next release will be called 3.5 Beta 4, then there will be 3.5 RC1, then maybe more release candidates, then a final Firefox 3.5 release.

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Free Twitter Software Craze, Are You Joining?

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I‘ve been on Twitter for only a few months and it’s quite surprising how Twitter tremendously exhibits so much influence on people in all facets of microblogging. Tweets changing real time like almost every second.

But in all honesty, this social media platform doesn’t really give much traffic to this blog than what I have expected. In fact, in the last few weeks that I’ve tweeted, just a tiny fraction of my weekly visitors come from
Tweeter and majority of those are not from my followers. Meaning, I only get those few traffic when I do some Twitter-searching for people needing some help in some special topics.

I couldn’t find a compelling reason I should admire getting a lot of followers. If those “followers” are quality followers and could become future clients, then why not. Thanks for the follow, that’s all I can say. It simply makes me
happy when somebody follows my updates even though I really don’t tweet a lot. It somehow gives me an idea that I’m making some sense. My Twitter presence is also a test if Twitter, like some people say is really a powerful social media platform. I know what you’re thinking. Twitter fanatics would say, that I still have a lot to learn to make the most of my Twitter presence. Perhaps.

But one other reason why I brought up this topic is this “Free Twitter Software” craze going on now. Left and right re-tweeting of this fancy software. My question is this, why do I have to use this software? Can somebody tell me? Maybe I’m not really interested but let me tell you my reason.

Most of you might have known the Twitter phishing attacks that happened weeks back when prominent personalities like Britney Spears and Barack Obama’s accounts among others got hacked. I’m not going to dig into details but this adds to my case.

Secondly, there was one time when I’ve read some updates from the people I follow. I came across this re-tweet that mentioned about a “Free Twitter Software” and to my curiosity, I’ve opened the link and it brought me to a page where there is this guy (not the one shown on the screen shot) talking on the video and is bragging about the power of getting thousands of followers in just one Tweet. Yes. One click of a button and it spreads like virus!

Free Twitter Software

Free Twitter Software

Sounds amazing? But, here’s the catch. The guy on the said video requires that anybody wanting to have that special piece of software (the Free Twitter software) must type-in their username and password and follow these guys claiming themselves to be its inventor. Well, wait a minute. I would have to give my username and password and follow these guys just to get this software? I thought it was “free”. If I were you, would you give these information just to get that software?

My Software Critics Community Toolbar is free, safe, private and is duly certified by TRUSTe and doesn’t need you to give any information about yourself not even your email!

It’s too risky and I’m not going to jeopardize my security in place of a software that doesn’t prove any claims. Free software is freely distributable although some websites may ask for an email address to give you the download link but this Free Twitter Software goes beyond that! An account username and password in exchange? Woah! Let me give it a second thought.

I never downloaded this software at all for fear of my account security. I’m not a big personality. Just a minute unidentifiable, and almost invisible dot on a map but this is me. If you are reading this and have downloaded the software, you might want to share to me and to everyone else your experience. You might as well want to shed light on this. The comment section below is open.

The guy on the video screen shot is not the same guy I am referring to in the post. This is the second time I saw this kind of video. There are some similarities though with the format of the sign-up form on its page and the terms used by the speaker in referring to this free software. The older versions of the video that I’ve seen a few weeks ago(not the same guy shown from the screen shot above) states the idea behind the software differently in a quite alarming manner. The older video ( I was referring to) doesn’t show on the page of

There might be some differences with the way the idea is conveyed behind the software but why do they have to require some sensitive information when in fact most of the other free Tweeter tools available on the internet is freely downloadable? Releases Its Own Community Toolbar, download now!

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It’s a brand new day with something great to look forward to. That’s how I see it because today marks the launching of my very own customized and fully functional toolbar better known as Software Critics Community Toolbar.

This exclusive toolbar is designed for the increasing number of Software Critics readership all over the world. This community toolbar will enhance connectivity and interaction between the site and its fellow readers.

So, Why should you download Software Critics Community Toolbar?

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This toolbar includes uninstaller, compatible with Internet Explorer 5.0+(Windows Vista/XP/2000), which also includes a detailed download instruction for Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Software Critics toolbar is free, secure and the best thing is its solid privacy policy certified by

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Download Unlimited Free Music from Social Music Sites

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Reading time: 3 – 4 minutes

If you’re a certified music lover, you must have probably been a member of a social music service like Imeem™,™, Pandora™, MySpace, eSnips™, Mog™, iJigg™ and™ just to mention a few widely known social music services.

The fact that these social music sites focus more on music as its media in connecting to a worldwide audience, have you ever thought of grabbing other members musical collection to listen to it offline via your favorite gadget like iPod or MP4 without having to pay anything?

If you haven’t, then, this post is something to look forward to. As social media continues to become a mainstream in today’s ever changing world wide web, the power of social interaction and its dynamism creates trends that drive people towards it. In line with this, music has always been a truly moving force behind it. Now, what do you think will you do if you can grab your favorite music online using a software and basically don’t need to pay anything. Isn’t that great?

With the use of Free Muzic Zilla, anybody can grab and download their favorite songs from their most loved social music sites. Free Music Zilla is a freeware that can download streams of music in flash video file format(otherwise known as .flv) without limit, supports the most widely known browsers, doesn’t have adware or spyware and is absolutely free.

In order for you to download any streaming music, you have to open the program first before you press to play the music or playlist at the background. The downloaded music file is then saved to your desired location of choice. In order for you to play the downloaded file, a file converter is needed to make it playable on your mp3, iPod or mp4. However, you may also wish to just leave it as an FLV file provided you have an FLV player.

Responsibility and legality have always been the main concern regarding these kinds of tips. Here in Software Critics, we always remain on the side of what is just and legal as we do not encourage, as much as we condemn, nor we tolerate violation of any license agreements or copyright infringements.

Everyone should understand that the purpose of this is just to provide information. As this information is somehow can be found and is never new on the web, any person who plans of making money out of these or any similar activities must consult or ask for permission from the copyright owners for business related activities.

Having the freedom to free information is not wrong but due responsibility and compliance with the law must be always kept in mind.

Anyone can use this software for its purpose but again, use it for your
own personal entertainment and at your own risk. And anything that goes beyond this scope especially dealing with monetizing or selling copyrighted materials without the necessary permit, license or even piracy is deemed illegal.

So, if you wanted to enjoy your freedom and access to free information, do it
legally. In relation to this how-to post, we have created a video that will show you how exactly downloading streaming audio can be done using Free Music Zilla.

Internet Browsing Made Smarter and Faster–Interclue

March 17, 2009 | By | 1 Reply More

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Surfing the internet nowadays can be both confusing and dangerous. The information out there is totally massive, search engine results can provide as many as millions or even billions for every keyword search.

The alarming part of it is that all of us are susceptible to high risks of security-threat incorporated in these web pages that we view and are hidden in these links on every web page.

An example here that we could site was based on our previous post entitled, “Israel-Hamas Malware is in your spam!” which tells us about a link incorporated in an email which claims to be from CNN. The link when clicked
on asks a user to download a fake Flash player but then downloads a malware instead.  More information regarding this story and related posts can be found here.

Having mentioned the fact that these security threats are incorporated into links, I came across this Firefox add-on that can actually see what is behind a link, provides ample clues via a snapshot as you hover the mouse pointer to the link before you even click it. This extension is better known as Interclue which based on its name alone, provides a clue on what’s inside a link. Very self-explanatory. To know more how this Firefox add-on works, Software Critics has created a video demo so you can see it in action.

Note: Version of this extension is not yet available for browsers such as Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

Highly Effective Ways to Optimize PC Speed Made Simple

March 15, 2009 | By | 2 Replies More

Reading time: 4 – 6 minutes

Here in Software Critics, we don’t only care about software but we make sure that your PC is highly optimized to perform your software’s full potential. And how are we going to do this? Simple.

Software Critics came up with these highly effective ways to optimize your PC speed that would not compromise your Windows registry. Again, we have always emphasized this,

“save money during this economic recession or just simply make the most of our money’s worth.”

So, these helpful tips will prevent you from spending just to upgrade your system in order to boost PC speed as these safe tweaks would not cause you any trouble and is guaranteed to make your computer run faster.

Here’s how:

Speed up Windows Explorer

Go to Windows Explorer, click on the Tools menu, then click on Folder Options, click on the View tab, find Automatically search for network folders and printers check box and uncheck it
click Apply, then click OK and reboot your PC.

These steps eventually will make you Windows Explorer run faster as Windows will no longer automatically search for network files, shared folders, and devices in the network.

Optimize Appearance Settings

Go to Start then Settings and select Control Panel, in the Control Panel, click System and then Advanced tab. In the Performance Options window select Adjust for best performance and click OK to confirm and close the window.

If you’re running on Windows XP, setting it optimized for best performance will free up RAM thereby reducing the effects in the graphical user interface.

Uninstall No Longer Used Device Drivers

Be extra careful in unistalling these device drivers in your PC. Make sure that even though these may be unused for the meantime, it must be something that you will no longer be using not even in the significant future because you don’t want these drivers to malfunction in case you might thought of using it somehow.

Remove Unnecessary Software

One of the easiest approach to do this is by clicking on Start, then Settings, select Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs.

You can also use an unistaller software do to the job but make sure that this unistaller would not remove any registry component. After removing the software, activate your computer’s registry cleaner or registry repair software to make sure that no unwanted components are left. Don’t forget to back up your registry as well. When the computer asks you something about removing “related components”, just don’t remove it. It’s better left in there as it would not harm your computer.

Disable Indexing Services

This is not really necessary as it utilizes large space of RAM. To disable this, go to Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs, click Add/Remove Windows Components, uncheck Indexing Service and click Next and then click Finish.

Defrag Windows frequently

Defragging the Windows registry removes gaps which can improve system performance where fragmented files are put together thus maximizes your system speed. For further information, read our post on “How to improve system performance by defragmentation”.

For optimum performance, you might want to consider using an internet speed optimizer software. What more could be as pleasing as having a fast internet access and a highly responsive system? Right?

Now, to make more impact, why not view these tips on video? Watch and learn. Remember, you don’t always have to spend in order to get the best out of your resources. You only need some tweaks and some helpful tips.

Powerpoint format

| Get your Presentation Pack

Yahoo! Mail Outage Announced

March 13, 2009 | By | Reply More

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

If you haven’t got the email from Yahoo, then this information would have you informed that Yahoo! has announced that they will be undertaking an extensive maintenance this coming weekend beginning the evening of Friday, March 13 PDT to give way for their ongoing efforts to provide its users the best possible mailing service they can. So, expect that some account access issues will be experienced unless your account will be directly affected. But Yahoo assured that everything should be back to normal by midday on Saturday March 14th PDT.

Yahoo Mail Scheduled maintenance email

Yahoo Mail Scheduled maintenance email

Yahoo in its letter, apologized in advance for any inconvenience this moved may cause. In fairness to Yahoo!, they informed us of this action and didn’t caught us by surprise. After this, we would all be looking forward for a better Yahoo! mail experience.

Follow up: March 14, 2009

Today, I wasn’t able to access my account. Yahoo! Mail scheduled maintenance is on going. View the screen shot here.

Yahoo Mail scheduled maintenance web page screen shot

Yahoo Mail scheduled maintenance web page screen shot

Yahoo! Mail “Undisclosed Recipients” Made Easy

March 13, 2009 | By | 2 Replies More

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Software Critics has once posted an article regarding setting up
undisclosed recipients in Yahoo! Mail a couple of months back and it became so phenomenal. So, I decided to put it back in circulation but now in a more convenient way as I put it in video for a more appealing and more comprehensible approach as viewing makes it easier to understand.

Most people who uses free email services like Yahoo often find themselves in question if there’s a way that they can hide their recipients’ email addresses so neither of the recipients would know who else received the same message. But now, this is just a thing of the past and be in the know! Watch the video on How to set up undisclosed recipients in Yahoo! Mail.

Stay tuned to this blog as more how-to videos and useful tips will be posted in the coming weeks. If you loved the video, consider yourself subscribing here.