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What you don’t know about freeware and free software

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Have you ever downloaded any software from the internet that cost you nothing? If you answered yes to this question, then you might have probably downloaded either a freeware or a free software but how will you know?

A software that is declared “free to use” may have full functional capabilities while some other software can likewise be used and modified.

The term freeware refers to a computer software that is available for an unlimited time of use at no cost or for an optional fee. Example of which are those software available online for free downloading but the publisher or developer may be able to accept donations (donationware) voluntarily from the user or downloader in place of a newsletter, alerts on software update, or in support to the product itself which is contrary to shareware (a software-type that is of limited use for trial versions and normally requires a license to be fully functional in exchange of a one-time fee or subscription).

Freeware allows authors to contribute something to the society, retains the code source and track the software’s future development potential.

An important distinction should be made, depending on how the software is used and on vendor policies. Usage of the software for commercial use, personal, and educational is to be considered. Personal use refers to product usage that is non-income generating, commercial use is likewise the opposite while a special case called educational use refers to the ways the software is utilized in the academe.

In some cases, software vendors give discounts for educational use to generate revenue for the software’s distributor and at times consider education use being commercial. This is because most software vendors make an application freeware for personal use and at the same time require a fee to be paid for commercial use. That is why some freeware may contain adware, also known as adware supported freeware programs or advertising-supported software.

A free software, otherwise known as software libre, refer to software that can be used, studied, and modified without restriction, and which can be copied and redistributed in modified or unmodified form either without restriction, or with minimal restrictions only to ensure that further recipients can also do these things and to prevent consumer-facing hardware manufacturers from preventing user modifications.

In order to distribute a software as free software, the human-readable form of the program (the source code) must be made available to the recipient along with a notice granting the free software permissions. This notice is a “free software license“, or a notice saying that the source code is released into the public domain.

Therefore, a free software may be used at no cost for both personal and commercial purposes. However, if a person or company creates a derived software product by modifying the original source code and wishes to distribute the result, it must be done under the same free software terms, including the source code modifications.

Having stated all of these, you definitely know the difference between a freeware and a free software. So the next time you do your search for a free software download on the internet, you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Based on current trends, a freeware with full functionality is a rare—find. Some features are not available or is missing on the freeware version advising a user to purchase a licensed commercial version of the freeware.

Some freeware can be potentially harmful to your computer so be careful in choosing the freeware you want to download. While a free software is free, it’s always hard to find. But there’s always a reward for those who value patience.

The Fight Against Spam

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Most of the time whenever I open my email, I usually come across some unsolicited messages flooding in my inbox folder. I sometimes try to open at least one of them out of curiosity but what exactly fascinates me is how did these emails penetrate the spam filter when in fact, it had already been it setup.

A spam is an electronic message that is indiscriminately sent and normally comes in bulk. The act of doing it is called spamming which can be attributed in many forms of media while a spammer refers to a person or an entity doing the act.

According to some advertisers, spamming is economically viable in enhancing their marketing campaigns, reduce cost and enhance profitability. No wonder why most spams include advertisements of all sort but unknowingly driving potential customers away.

The advent of anti-spam software in the market made it convenient for email users to manage their messages.

Some software can track more than 98% of incoming spam mails with the use of Link Filters that tracks incoming bulk mails from spam sites with the aid of a DCC-Filter which connects with the DCC-Network to recognize unsolicited bulk mail. It supports the most common POP3 and IMAP accounts and is securely connected with SSL/TLS.

Email client, such as Outlook2000/XP/2003/Express, Eudora, Mozilla Thunderbird among others are supported.

The added function of an anti-spam software is its user-friendly interface allowing users to organize contacts listing.

True enough, we can fight spam as software developers keep on updating their products and developing software in their hope to beat spam.

Screen Capture Software: A Global Trend in Media Presentation Optimization

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The term “media” generally refers to various means of communication. Television, radio, and the newspaper for instance are its different types. It can also be used as a collective noun for the press and news reporting agencies. In computer terminology, this term refers to the different types of data storage options.

Computer media includes hard drives, removable drives, CD-ROM or CD-R discs, DVDs, flash memory, USB drives and floppy disks.

On a daily basis, in so many ways, these media forms are part of our lives. When you read the newspaper, you utilize the print media. Watch tv, listen to the radio with your favorite music station, surf the net and watch videos on YouTube, among many others.

Now, how do these types of media affect you? There just are countless of ways which may also include deciding to subscribe or not to this blog.

On bigger perspective, this has a lot to do with information dissemination. Information coming from an enormous source across the different channels. It’s like choosing between tootsie roll and m&m but before you even do so, you might still find yourself eating a bar of Butterfinger in the end.

It’s a competitive world out there, much to talk about but in return, we all go down to how such an information affect us, (our choices, beliefs, etc.) and how did these information reach us that made us decide or do some things. Makes sense?

Now, going back to the previous example cited above, how did you (lets just say for instance) end up eating a bar of Butterfinger instead of choosing between m&m and tootsie roll?

The bottom line is that you have been affected by an effective advertisement that came from a certain source, of which the majority include visual media – print, tv, internet, etc. All eye-catching forms since how can you appreciate a chocolate by listening to an ad on the radio without even knowing what it looks like.

Visual media are those that focus on vision centric information. Large businesses cater to visual media in advertising. What else is more catchy?

Media presentation is an intangible part that plays the trick in successful media marketing and information dissemination. An effective media campaign can boost any type of business in so many ways that is certainly unimaginable. With the advent of the web driven world, accessibility to information is most likely a thing of the past.

Information is created and passed on in so many ways but more than anything, a computer does most of the job. Media presentation can be constructed using certain types of software to create a visually creative media more than a solid content.

When Microsoft Powerpoint was born, most media presentation were made using this application.

Now, a certain trend in visual media presentation came into place. Software developers and publishers came up with Screen Capture Softwares.

A Screen Capture Software is a type of software used to capture any part of your screen from your desktop, the image taken from which is known as a screenshot. Captured images can be sent to the software’s own editor or through a graphic editor, clipboard, file, printer, fax, email and even through instant messaging applications like ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger and MSN. Images can be inserted or used to make Word or Powerpoint documents and can be uploaded to a website using a built-in FTP upload tool.

Images can also be edited in some similar type of software. Annotations, watermarks, shadow effects, frames, arrows, shapes, and other objects can be added to create professional looking presentations that can be used for online tutorials, promotional materials, and many other forms of documents. Prior to editing, images can be saved in various graphic formats such as JPG, JPEG 2000, GIF, TIFF, PNG, PCX, WFF, ICO, TGA and BMP while some can even capture those hard-to-grab DirectX, Direct 3D, 3dfx Glide mode games. Parsing a list of URLs and automatically saving webpages in the graphic formats mentioned above is also possible.

Some advanced type of software can even capture scrolling windows and web pages more than just static screenshots which means it can record desktop activity functioning as a video screen recorder. Recordings can be saved as an AVI video, MPEG1/2/4(DVD, VCD, SVCD), SWF clip(Flash clips) for web publishing or as standalone(.exe) player also known as projector exe file type that is readily playable. Conversions among of those formats can be mabe depending on what is supported by the software. Some software allow creation of java based software demos that can be played through a browser and to complete the total media experience, audio sound can also be integrated.

Given the features mentioned show us the various ways, information on a visual media perspertive, our capability of doing just about anything. With the right tools and knowledge, impossible is nothing.

No wonder why this type of software is widely used and is constantly gaining attention to various end-users worldwide. If your not yet familiar with this, try to surf YouTube. You’ll see.

Software overview:
“Screen Capture Software, in deed, has caught the eye of many users. There are various types of similar software available in the market yet all there is to know leads us to the fact that not most of us are accustomed nor have ever tried using this type of software. It all leads us to the importance of user interface, or plainly easy to use. Functionality comes second since we’re looking for something that can be used for its purpose. Lastly, the cost. Who would want something expensive when an affordable one functions the same?

If you are just about thinking of adopting this software, I would recommend that you try first those easy-to-use ones. Grab the trial version first, and see if it suits you. Based on my thorough research, (although I’m not really paid to do it, I just love sharing information) just a handful of these software types are easy to use and not too complicated, of course, unless you get used to it. The choice is yours.”

In line with this post, I have included my own projection exe file (readily playable, no need to install) and all you have to do is download and open it.

It talks about “How to setup Undisclosed email recipients in Yahoo!Mail”.

This serves as my gift to everyone. Happy holidays!

Cloning: The PC Way

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Cloning, in plain terms, is the creation of an identical entity. Various field of studies are attributed to this term mostly biological in nature. In the past, controversies regarding its application in humans made a head turn making this term widely known.

Through the years, this term never cease its popularity, until computer experts started to use this terminology describing specific computer software and applications.

In particular, a Virtual Clone Drive, was born bringing new leaps in the computing world.

For the PC expert, a Virtual CloneDrive is a disk image emulator. It is specially designed to mount images created by disk image emulator software, although it can mount many other disk image formats as well.

It emulates your computer’s CD/DVD-ROM drive allowing you to run CD/DVD applications from the hard disk without the need for physical CD/DVD drives or the actual CD/DVD media.

In plain terms, it can play your favorite CD/DVD movie without CD/DVD drivers built into your computer and you can play games and run CD/DVD applications without the need of mounting physical discs at a faster speed.

Virtual Clone Drive convert your CDs and unprotected DVDs into “virtual CDs” — disc images that run directly on your hard drive, replacing physical discs and saving wear and tear on your CD-ROM drive. Along with this, sharing virtual CDs over a network is possible, and access rates are multiple times faster than physical CDs, boosting the performance of PC games, photo CDs, and disc-based applications.

A Virtual Clone Drive is the emulated drive derivative or simply the copycat drive. Normally, a virtual drive is created whenever a drive is emulated in some fashion. The drive being emulated could be a hard drive, floppy drive, CD/DVD or a network share among others. A virtual hard drive can be created from RAM for fast read/write access.

see fig. below:

[fig. shows DVD-RAM Drive (D:) and DVD-Drive (E:)]Here, DVD-Drive (E:) serves as a virtual DVD Drive since before I even installed a Virtual Clone Drive Software, it used to have only the (D:), I have a DVD Rewriter installed but had not installed its DVD driver disc in order to play a DVD movie not until I used a Virtual Clone Drive Software.]

Notice that whenever you click DVD-Drive (E:), in case you have one, it asks for the DVD to be mounted on the tray.

Virtual DVDs are often mounted as disk images via disk image emulator software. This allows the content of a CD or DVD to be read from the disk image on a hard drive, rather than a disc drive. This may also allow users to run software that requires a CD or a DVD, without the need of having a registered copy in the disc drive.

Virtual hard disks are most commonly used in on the fly disk encryption OTFE software such as FreeOTFE and BestCrypt, where an encrypted “image” of a disk is stored on the PC. When you enter the disks password, the disk image is “mounted”, and made available as a new drive letter on your PC. Files written to this virtual drive are written to the encrypted image, and never stored in clear text.

The process of making such an encrypted disk available for use is called mounting, the process of removing it is called dismounting.

Network shares mounted as local drives:

  • FTP and SFTP can be also mapped as a virtual drive with a software called ‘netdrive’ or ‘sftpdrive’.
  • VMware emulated PCs use unencrypted disk images which may be mounted on a PC outside VMware as an emulated disk.
  • Webdav – which does not exactly act like a physical disk.

As mentioned above, a disk image emulator is computer software designed to mount a disk image, usually of a CD or DVD, from a local hard drive or USB flash drive. The mounting is usually done by creating a virtual drive on the system, that to the operating system looks like an ordinary disk drive, in other words disc reading hardware is substituted with disc images.

Some OS have this functionality while others such as Microsoft Windows require additional software.

Uses of a Disk Image Emulator includes:

  • Enables users to avoid constantly switching out discs.
  • Helps prevent scratching, which can cause permanent damage to a disc.
  • Speeds up access times as hard drives are faster than optical drives
  • Provides a backup copy of a disc, in case the original becomes damaged, lost, or stolen.
  • Enables users to carry large disc libraries without the physical burden of the discs.
  • Emulates multiple disks, which is useful for installing or using software that shipped on multiple disks.
  • Can make a disc accessible to users on a network, which is very practical when it is impossible to distribute the discs to all of the users on a network.
  • Allows programs that can normally only work with optical discs (like some DVD-Video applications) to access data on a hard drive. For often-used CD and DVD discs, where simply copying the disc to a hard drive won’t work.
  • A CD/DVD master used to burn physical discs.
  • Make disc accessible to machines without disc drive.
  • Save power by turning off disc drive, for instance on laptops span.
  • Makes the computer quieter, many removable disc drives are noisier than hard disks.

Security disk images can be encrypted, and decrypted only when accessed
Some emulator software, such as FreeOTFE and Sentry 2020 are designed to emulate a hard drive, and encrypt the disk image stored. This provides an easy to use, and secure, means of encrypting files in bulk by simply storing files on the virtual drive which is created when the disk image is mounted.
This form of disk emulation is often referred to as “OTFE” (on-the-fly encryption). After the spread of broadband, CD and DVD disk images became a common medium for Linux distributions. Online data and bootable recovery CD images are provided for customers of certain commercial software companies.

“Having installed a Virtual Clone Drive Software on my PC helped primarily in saving hard disk space, but most of all, the functionality of this software makes it easier to play CD/DVD without the need of installing the DVD driver CD since it is already taken care of by the disk image emulator. Truly, this software is definitely worth having!”

Firefox Add-on: Hoax or Outdated?

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In my search to maximize posting of this weblog, I came across an add-on from Firefox known as Submit’emNow 2.0. Submit’emNow 2.0’s Lead developer, Alexei A. Sergeev and Alexei A. Korolev, its Project manager made it accessible to the public on the 25th of October in 2006.

Submit’emNow is a freeware directory submitter that allows you to submit your site or blog to various internet search engines and directories in a half automatic mode (like manual submission, but much faster).

Submit’emNow allows you to considerably reduce the time and simplify the process of site submission preserving the quality of manual submission at the same time. Firefox, as it writes on its website, “You can submit your blog to 100 blog and rss directories!” (for further info, visit

Features include,

  • Reduce Submission. TimeSubmit’emNow takes care of small details thus allowing you to reduce the time necessary to promote your resources in search engines.
  • Support of Vary Directories. Fully automatic site submission software can neither correctly select the category for your site nor enter numbers displayed in images that resources display in order to prevent search spam.
  • IntelliBackLink. The revolutionary IntelliBackLink technology allows you to submit your site to resources that require a backlink as fast as if they would not require a backlink at all.
  • Manual Quality Submission. Submt’em Now allows you to completely control the process of submitting your site thus guaranteeing 100% quality.
  • No Reasons for Ban. The user controls Submit’emNow so it is not an automatic search spam program that can harm the promotion of your site in search engines and even result in it being banned. (features info taken from

Given these features, this Firefox add-on can really drive a weblog content writer to use it. But what if this piece of heaven is just an icing on a cake? I tried using this software last night but before I could even use it I had to setup Firefox since I didn’t have one. I’ve had one before but I unistalled it due to bugs, it just keep on crashing and I couldn’t even get a good help from Firefox’s IRC channel, #firefox, that is if you use mIRC.

I was using Firefox 3.0.3 at that time. I prefer not to elaborate the technical support experience but to give you a hint, I’ve contacted them five times yet could not get enough of what I needed so I just decided to remove it. Anyway, after I redownloaded Firefox, which now has a new version, Firefox 3.0.4. I continued to download this Submit’emNow 2.0 add-on. Hopeful that I am, it is just surprising what I got in return. I’ve had compatibility issue regarding the use of Firefox3.0.4, which was their latest version of the browser, with this add-on.
Take a look at the screenshot I’ve attached below:

Meaning, it cannot be used with the latest version of Firefox. According to their webpage,

“Be Careful With Old Versions. These versions are displayed for reference and testing purposes. You should always use the latest version of an add-on.”

Here’s Submit’emNow Version History with Changelogs: — October 25, 2006 — 90 KB Works with: Firefox: 1.5 – 2.0.0.* Minor bugs fixed
Version 27.09.2006 — September 27, 2006 — 120 KB Works with: Firefox: 1.5 – 2.0.0.* Submit’emNow 2.0 was the same version they have on their website

Firefox knows that this version is outdated but how could they keep such add-on be posted if it’s not working? Well, it might work with the older versions of Firefox but who knows if there are still some end-users using Firefox1.5-2.0.2 when in fact, based on experience, whenever Firefox releases a newer version, some of the changes are not be applicable with the older version so tendencies are high for an end-user to update their browser.

If Firefox says that older versions of add-ons like this are for reference and testing purposes only, it only means that Firefox keeps a lineup of add-ons just to show that at some point in time, these add-ons existed. However, Firefox still advise its users to always use the current version of an add-on.

For user reviews regarding this add-on, please refer to this link:

PDF Reader Smaller Than Adobe?

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Software users nowadays are looking for smaller pieces of applications that has the same functionality as its counterparts that are bigger in sizes.

For certain documents extensions such as .pdf, it is widely known that in the past, you’ve had to download a huge PDF reader from another software company, go through a lengthy installation process and wait for an annoying splash window to disappear just to open a PDF document.

Moreover, if you want to annotate a PDF document, you have to pay a large amount to buy certain software.

End-users then has to undownload with no choice but to allocate high HDD memory just install one piece of software.

Today, a certain PDF document viewer has been released. Some may not have known that this tiny piece of software can view PDF files breezingly fast with rich feature set and supports most Windows versions. Its core function is compatible with PDF Standard 1.7.

Now you don’t have to endure such pain any more. The following is a list of compelling advantages of this tiny piece of software I came to know as Foxit Reader.

Incredibly small: The download size of Foxit Reader is just a fraction of Acrobat Reader 20 M size.

Breezing-fast: When you run Foxit Reader, it launches instantly without any delay. You are not forced to view an annoying splash window displaying company logo, author names, etc.

Annotation tool: Have you ever wished to annotate (or comment on) a PDF document when you are reading it? Foxit Reader allows you to draw graphics, highlight text, type text and make notes on a PDF document and then print out or save the annotated document.

Text converter: You may convert the whole PDF document into a simple text file.

High security and privacy: Foxit Reader highly respects the security and privacy of users and will never connect to the Internet without users’ permission. While other PDF readers often silently connect to the Internet in the background. Foxit PDF Reader does not contain any spyware.

Foxit Reader itself is free. You can use the following functions for free:
View or print PDF document, add or edit bookmarks in a PDF file if the security settings allow basic PDF form operations i.e. filling out PDF forms and printing them out. Advanced PDF form operations, such as saving filled-out forms and import/export forms, free for personal and non-personal usage. View PDF as text, add-ons such as UI language package, JPEG2000/JBIG decoder, CJK package, GDI+ for early Windows version, plus some advanced add-ons can be added for reasonable cost.

Software review:

“I personally use this software and have not encountered any setbacks so far. Very efficient, lightweight and functional. I highly recommend this wonderful piece of software to all end-users.”

Kudos to the software developers in sharing this functional PDF reader.

For further details regarding this amazing software, visit their website through this link:

Tom Jones Isn't Dead

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Tom Jones has been one of the most popular vocalist of his time and has undoubtedly outshined his British counterparts since his first appearance in the mid-60s. Multi-talented he was, there’s just no genre of music he could not sing from pop, rock, show tunes, country, dance, and techno. His style of singing is incomparable and has never changed upto this present music scene.One stage, Jones effortlessly captures his audience with an alluring sex appeal; manly demeanor and unfading x-factor driving millions of ladies obsessed with his magical charm turning them into lifelong devoted fans including men who can’t keep on thinking why he’s so much adored by women, loved, and envied by many.

Jones had established himself as one of the elite musical icons of this generation. Most of us might have grown up listening to his songs as we hear it from our parents, relatives, from people who had been exposed to his songs that up until now never fades in the limelight.
With all these being said, it would be amazing to hear again those songs he has popularized, sing along with it, and reminisce those happy thoughts that came across your mind while hearing those songs over again.

For Tom Jones fanatics, his greatness as a singer will surely remain timeless. Music evolves, after sometime its gone then afterwards it becomes remakes or revivals but the first thing we always remember are the ones who sang it first and the ones who made it memorable for us.

To date, Tom Jones and his music still lives on. You even can catch him performing in Vegas sometimes. His songs always stay in the airwaves, one after the other.
It’s just amazing that for years, people have always at least in one stanza or two can sing a note from any of his songs.
Turn back in time, recall his songs’ lyrics and sing along as you play them for here’s one of his greatest musical collections, and a personal favorite, that you can get right here for free.
Songs that moved everyone in so many ways indescribable like My Way, Unchained Melody, and She’s A Lady among others.

CCleaner Cleans!

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Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

Tired of expensive and inefficient PC Optimization tools?

Try CCleaner. CCleaner is a freeware PC optimization tool. It combines a system cleaner that removes unused and temporary files from your system and also a fully featured registry cleaner! CCleaner allows Windows to run faster, more efficiently and gives you more hard disk space. The best part is that it’s Small, Fast and Free!

This amazing program cleans the following Windows components:
Internet Explorer – Temporary File Cache, URL History, Cookies, Hidden Index.dat files, Last download file location
Firefox – Temporary File Cache, URL History, Cookies, Download manager
Google Chrome
Recycle Bin
Windows Temporary files
Windows Log files
Recent Documents (on the Start Menu)
Run history (on the Start Menu)
Windows XP Search Assistant history
Windows XP old Prefetch data
Windows memory dumps after crashes
Chkdsk file fragments

Its Advanced Options allow cleaning of:
Menu Order cache
Tray Notifications Cache
Window Size and Location Cache
User Assist history
IIS Log Files
Custom Folders

As well as cleaning up old files and settings left by standard Windows components, CCleaner also cleans temporary files and recent file lists for many applications. Including:
Firefox, Opera, Safari, Media Player, eMule, Kazaa, Google Toolbar, Netscape, Microsoft Office, Nero, Adobe Acrobat Reader, WinRAR, WinAce, WinZip and more…

CCleaner uses an advanced Registry Cleaner to check for problems and inconsistencies. It can check the following:
File Extensions
ActiveX Controls
Shared DLLs
Help File references
Application Paths
Invalid Shortcuts and more…

CCleaner was designed from the ground to be safe and secure to use. It has multiple levels of checks in place to ensure that it cannot delete any useful information or documents you may still need. We also certify that it contains no Spyware or Adware.

For the super cautious users we also offer secure file erasing. By overwriting the files before deleting them, making it impossible to recover the data.

CCleaner is available in 35 different languages: English, Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech/Slovak, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Serbian Cyrillic, Serbian Latin, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

Software review:

“With the advent of global financial crises, it is necessary that we keep ourselves from unnecessary expenditures and think highly of saving while making the most out of our money’s worth, so why buy something that doesn’t meet all your needs if there is something available that is for free and can do all the job more than half of what a purchased software can?

Software developers should be thinking of better ways to make their products competitive not just advanced in ways that it would be more than being affordable and efficient.”

Y! Multi Messenger: Multiple problems?

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Reading time: 4 – 6 minutes

Y! Multi Messenger with versions 8.x and 9.x according to some freeware download sites is more than just a free and useful utility that allows you to run multiple instances of Yahoo! Messenger instead of only keeping one open.

Yahoo Multi-messenger

Yahoo Multi-messenger

A certain website quoted,

“This is perfect for those who run under several names. There are others out like this…but have an “update prompt”, this does NOT have that!

Which means, it doesn’t work well with older versions of Yahoo! Messenger, you should be running at least Yahoo!Messenger v8 or v9. Currently, there is no compatible version of Y! Multi Messenger for the newest Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista!

It works best for its intended use at first. But, the second time I use it, it didn’t work and had caused ACTIVEX errors on my pc as detected by my registry error cleaner. Despite several attempts to open my Yahoo! Messenger, this so called useful utility did not respond and failed to prove its claims.


Y!Multi v8 and v9 Instructions:

The version 8 patching program is NOT version specific, it will work with all versions of YM 8! All you need to do is launch the Y!Multi Messenger.exe file and then you can select to enable or disable the polygamy patch. Once its patched (either way) it will remain that way until changed again. The only time you will now use the Y!Multi Messenger.exe file is to change the real patching, otherwise, you will now use the normal Yahoo Messenger icons.

Installation Instructions:

Before installing, please read ALL included documentation! Run the installation setup program to install Y!Multi Messenger. This will automatically install to C:Program FilesYahoo!Messenger. (based on the attached instructions file in word format that goes together with the application’s folder: This is NO LONGER an installer. This has been converted to a manual patched for easier use!)

“On my end, the first time I downloaded it, the zip file was located in my completed downloads folder since I use a download manager. I installed the patcher (the Y!Multi Messenger) from my completed downloads folder then I executed a test run of the patcher afterwards and it worked. But after its first use, it already failed.”

Sequence of action taken after file download:

file location C: my completed downloads from same location, opened folder Y! Multi Messenger, run installation.

If you have installed Yahoo Messenger to a different folder, make sure to follow the correct path in the Y!Multi Messenger setup wizard. Failure to have it install to the Yahoo Messenger program files folder will likely result in dll (driver file) errors.

Up/Downgrading Instructions:

Should you upgrade or downgrade versions of Yahoo Messenger, please delete the Y!Multi Messenger.exe file from the Yahoo program files folder first, then uninstall/upgrade Yahoo Messenger. Then if you are wanting to install Multi, make sure you have the same version of it and install it. It is important to delete the Y!Multi Messenger.exe file before up/down grading it as sometimes it may not get overwritten and can cause errors!

“After the errors I’ve met, I tried to re-download the patch, as usual, sent it to my completed downloads folder. Please take note that I actually moved the extracted zip file’s folder(the Y!Multi Messenger patch) to my program files folder and had it pasted into my Yahoo! files folder (C: Program files Yahoo!) and had it installed from there. It worked. I opened two yahoo IDs or two instances, closed the other and had one ID logged-in to my Yahoo! Messenger mobile. Again, I tried to open two yahoo IDs and what I’ve had are two opened Yahoo! Messenger.”

Sequence of action taken after file download:

file location C: my completed downloads (depends if user has download manager but could be anywhere)
from same location, moved folder Y! Multi Messenger to Program files folder
moving folder location C:Program FilesYahoo! then pasted Y! Multi Messenger folder, then run installation/executed actual patching (clicking Y! Multi Messenger PS Soft Icon)

Right now, I’m still running some tests about how this Y! Multi Messenger would respond after few instances of usage. I hope that after sometime, I wouldn’t get any pc error.

Follow up: So far,Yahoo! Multi Messenger has performed well and I should say that this is a must have for people who have multiple accounts.

Update 09 September 2009: I’m no longer using this program however I really do find this useful, I just wanted to add that if you are to use this, be careful not to click the Yahoo icon luncher several times as this can cause multiple Yahoo messenger windows to open and may freeze your computer and crash the application.

Unmasking webpages

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If you’re frustrated that a website has unselectable text or if you need to view some HTML that’s been encrypted then you just might need an HTML text extractor. HTML or webpage extraction tools are the simplest and easiest way to view and save the HTML and Text from any webpage.

Extraction of HTML from webpages that have “View Source” disabled is possible. For similar softwares can easily cut through pages that have been protected or encrypted with HTML locking programs. Like most programs online, shareware versions are readily available for end-user testing purposes. Not to mention limited trial period.

Since most web designers increasingly protect their web pages by disabling the right click menu and using javascript to hide their text and HTML code. HTML text extraction technolgy has been tested against applications that claim to produce secure HTML, and every time these extraction softwares are run, it unmasks the unseen.

For further details regarding this types of softwares, a message to the author is most welcome.

If you’re frustrated that a website has unselectable text or if you need to view some HTML that’s been encrypted then you just might need an HTML text extractor. HTML or webpage extraction tools are the simplest and easiest way to view and save the HTML and Text from any webpage.

Extraction of HTML from webpages that have “View Source” disabled is possible. For similar softwares can easily cut through pages that have been protected or encrypted with HTML locking programs. Like most programs online, shareware versions are readily available for end-user testing purposes. Not to mention limited trial period.

Since most web designers increasingly protect their web pages by disabling the right click menu and using javascript to hide their text and HTML code. HTML text extraction technolgy has been tested against applications that claim to produce secure HTML, and every time these extraction softwares are run, it unmasks the unseen.

If you’re frustrated that a website has unselectable text or if you need to view some HTML that’s been encrypted then you just might need an HTML text extractor. HTML or webpage extraction tools are the simplest and easiest way to view and save the HTML and Text from any webpage.

Extraction of HTML from webpages that have “View Source” disabled is possible. For similar softwares can easily cut through pages that have been protected or encrypted with HTML locking programs. Like most programs online, shareware versions are readily available for end-user testing purposes. Not to mention limited trial period.

Since most web designers increasingly protect their web pages by disabling the right click menu and using javascript to hide their text and HTML code. HTML text extraction technolgy has been tested against applications that claim to produce secure HTML, and every time these extraction softwares are run, it unmasks the unseen.

For further details regarding this types of softwares, a message to the author is most welcome.

Data Extraction needs?

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Do you have a group of files that contains important data that you can’t get to? Using data extraction software, you can simply extract any information from any files on your computer or from html web pages. Data extraction technology allows website screen scraping to simply extract email addresses or URLs, or extract your own information using advanced techniques.

Some data extraction software features include the following:
1. Easily extract Email addresses or URLS from text files or the web
2. Extract as you surf pages using Internet Explorer
3. Automatically follow links to extract from entire domains
4. Extract whatever you want from webpages with our NEW powerful javascript enabled rules
5. Search multiple files, URLs and directories
6. Drag and drop files for extraction
7. Export results directly to Microsoft Excel
8. Use fuzzy matching to find information when you’re unsure of exact data
9. Specify wildcards or use advanced regular expressions to match any pattern
10. Copy, Save and Print at the touch of a button.

Some similar software include limited trial versions. Most of which runs on all Windows systems: 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP.

If you ever come across the need to extract email addresses, or any other data from a group of emails that you have in Outlook, Outlook Express or any other email client then, a reliable data extraction software might just be the one you’re looking for.

For more information regarding these types of softwares, feel free to leave a message.

Dreamgirls OST

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After its successful release in 2006, Dreamgirls has captured every musical film lovers worldwide. This had been a phenomenon and to date still moves every music lover in every corners of the globe.

Now, brace yourselves, ‘coz fin’lly the long wait is over.

You can download the Deluxe version of the soundtrack right here free. Simply ask the author for the download politely.

Jennifer Hudson: Killed

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Recently launched self-titled debut album of Jennifer Hudson, American Idol finalist, Dreamgirls, Sex and the City and The Secret Life of Bees star, helds high on top of the album selling charts killing record sales on its release as compared to other artists. Her carrier single, “Spotlight” landed on top of the Billboards Top 100 and has captured millions of fans not only in the US but worldwide.

David Archuleta: Addictive!

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David ArchuletaCan’t get enough of David Archuleta?
Here are some of the songs he sang during AI recorded live. Songs include When You Believe, Sweet Caroline, and Smokey Mountain Memories among others. (script based on old blog). These videos are embed from YouTube from his AOL performance sessions.

Battle of the Davids Musical Compilation

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Still have the aftermath of the Idol Fever? Well, it’s sometimes good to backtrack musical pieces they had sung during AI7 especially if these all came from live recordings, right?

The compilation features songs like Billie Jean, Hello, When You Believe, Sweet Caroline and many others.

Well, if you’re into reminiscin’ the previous AI7 from both the Davids-Archuleta and Cook, this one is for you.

File hosting websites, which is better?

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Are you tired of looking for a better file hosting website that gives you faster download and upload service? A bigger or even unlimited file storage and is free? Plus, it allows you to earn bucks?

If you said yes to all of these, then I highly recommend Filefactory. From their website, below are the substantial benefits each member can get:

  • Free and simple file hosting service. Allows you to host files up to 300MB for free (means 300MB maximum per file). You need to register to avail of the service and you have the option to download FileFactory Turbo Application which allows faster file uploading without having to visit the site, multiple threads, and resume download. All you need to do is open the software and voila! Uploading is just a breeze. And also, you can download your own files limitlessly.
  • Upload any type of file. You can upload movies, music, documents, images, zip files or technically, files with different file extensions. 
  • Access your files anywhere. Files can be downloaded from any computer with internet access. No need for any special software installed to be able to download your files. Creating a free account and organizing files into folders is quick and easy.
  • Share your files with anyone. You can decide who you want to share your files with. You can Keep your files private, or send your download links only to friends or family. Alternatively, you can choose to share your download links on blogs, forums and social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.
  • Handy file sharing tools. Use our handy flash widget to embed your folders or music on your blog or profile.
  • Create and share slideshows with FileFactory Slides. Share your photos with family and friends using an advanced slideshow editor. Create cool effects, add text, and resize and rotate images which can be embed in your website or blog.
  • Earn cash for hosting your popular files. FileFactory Rewards boasts to be one of the most generous programs online that claims to pay consistently for all types of traffic and pay for each successful download. 

Updates on FileFactory: 

FileFactory Rewards can earn you $20 per 10,000 downloads and pay for all file sizes above 20MB. To get a free account, simply click Filefactory signup.

Notes: I’ve been using this online file sharing website for almost a year and I find it satisfying because of its fast server downloads and uploads. However, the monetary rewards that come along the service is somewhat too good to be true but if you can manage to get 10,000 downloads then it would be much better.